scenery and characters

“The twilight view from Alakath’s refuge”

An illustration I finished yesterday, I wanted to exercise on my environmentals and especially cities/buildings, since they’re my weak point. I still have a lot to learn but I liked this exercise!

Also, twilight colors are really fun to paint and put into drawings. 



  • None/very simple BG: FREE
  • Simple scenery BG: +$2


  • Maximum characters per picture is 2 characters for chibi & bust, and 3 characters for waist & fullbody.
  • I use PayPal invoice.
  • For Indonesian you get $1 discount! :D
  • The commission you ordered can be used for your personal use as long as you include credit when used.
  • I would really appreciate if you don’t resale the commission on T-shirt, buttons & such ;w; for a part of your commercial banner is fine tho. Again.. don’t forget to credit!


  1. Contact me on tumblr chat or to discuss your commission .
  2. Write the type of commission you want (ex.Bust), a description of what you want, and any reference images you have for the character(s).
  3. I will send you a paypal invoice for the agreed upon amount OR if you’re an indonesian, you can tranfer via BCA ($1= Rp10.000,-). Once paid, I will work on your commission.
  4. If you want, I could sent you the sketch of the progress, to see if you want any minor change.
  5. Then I’ll finish up your piece, and thank you for commissioning me! ✨
I will open the commission until the end of this week aka on July 16- after that I will close them and raise the price to its original one.. sooo….. get them while they R hot?? I mean on sale X"D

My house is still very much a WIP. 

I’m currently in the process of transforming Spectacle Island into “Companion Island” I’m building all my companions their own house each of them customized to the companions personality and charms. 

“If there’s a Disney animated feature based in Hawaii, I knew I had to be part of it. I’m very proud to be from Hawaii. So there was no question [the role] was mine.

“The whole feeling of the islands is in the scenery, characters and nuances of our voices. Our fingerprints are very much on our characters. The bickering and love you see between Nani and Lilo is what you experience growing up in Hawaii. And I like that the film speaks about the difficulty of living in Hawaii,” 

– Tia Carrere, the voice of Nani in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch

Honestly, the only live-action remake I want from Disney is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I need them to take that stage adaptation and adapt it to film - sad ending and all. I need it to not cater to families. I need them to create a sweeping musical epic. I love the animated feature because of how grand and over-the-top the animation is and how sweeping the score is, but it suffers in how it tries to appeal to families. Hunchback isn’t a story that should be held back in that way. Don’t hold that story back - make it a PG-13 film with the most beautiful scenery and imagery with complex characters, and use Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz’s score.

Like, the finale would be UNREAL if adapted to film. Quasimodo yelling “Sanctuary”, the citizens attacking the guards (”HEAR MEEEEE PEOPLE OF PARISSSSSS”), Quasimodo pouring lava from the towers (”COME ALL YOU SAINTS OF STONE”), Esmeralda’s quiet death, Quasimodo throwing Frollo off the side of Notre Dame. God, it would be EVERYTHING.

Not to mention, the songs that were added for the stage adaptation of Hunchback are realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good. Also, we’d get to pretend like “A Guy Like You” doesn’t exist which I already do so it’s chill. Not to even mention how beautiful and grand Notre Dame would look. “God Help the Outcasts” would be cinematically brilliant and subtle. “Out There” would be sweeping. “Topsy Turvy” would be very fun. “MADE OF STONE” WOULD BE SO GOOD. It would be perfect. Also, release it at the right time, and the entire piece could easily be an Oscars-contender.

In conclusion, Disney needs to greenlight a live-action Hunchback adaptation because it has the potential to be the most beautiful cinematic masterpiece they’ve released in years. Also, I want it real bad.