oo28oo requested some eukaryotic algae pictures, so I figured I’d post some of my favorite ones I’ve found over the years! The individual names of the algae will pop up if you click on the photos 

As I mentioned before, many of these algae came from slimy and disgusting clumps of pond scum. They usually smelled pretty horrible, too! It’s only when you look at them under the microscope that you see the true beauty.

Edit: shout out to Pepperofthenickel for identifying the Scenedesmus in the bottom left as Scenedesmus dimorphus!

Algae Asphalt & Fungus Fuel: Progress in Search for Petroleum Replacements

by Michael Keller

Our world is run on the backs of ancient dead things. Like it or not, petroleum is ever present in our lives, and projections show that will continue to be the case until at least 2040. 

Around 36 percent of all energy consumed in the U.S. in 2013 came from burning petroleum, which is the naturally occurring flammable liquid found deep underground that is used to make a range of fuels. The country’s reliance on crude is expected to diminish only slightly to 33 percent by 2040, according to the Energy Information Administration’s 2015 forecast

It’s not just fuel for planes, trains and automobiles that drives our demand for the stuff–it is also the source of chemicals used to make plastics, lubricants and even the binder in asphalt. But getting crude out of the ground can be a messy business that always carries a risk for the environment and human health. And burning it releases long-stored repositories of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur into the atmosphere to wreak havoc on health and climate.

A number of efforts are reporting success at finding sci-fi ways to fuel the future. Learn more about two new projects and see a video and pictures below.

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