scene: dinner

Plan B Dinner

OOQ for V-Day: since this is their first as a couple Q attempts to cook a nice dinner. Turns out its a complete disaster (a la a comedy of errors along with appliances going haywire) but Bond gets Q to see the humor in the whole thing (and they simply call out for Chinese instead). Fluffy cuteness please but otherwise have fun! –anon


Teehee, today has been all about fluff!




It had all gone wrong.

Q didn’t know what was more humiliating: the fact that the Valentine’s dinner he had planned for hours ago was in shambles, or the fact that he had managed to be foiled by every appliance in their kitchen.

He was Quartermaster of MI6 and he had been bested by a Cuisinart mixer, an oven, and a gas stove.

Honestly, he couldn’t even get the stove working.

So there he was, standing in the middle of kitchen that resembled a nuclear wasteland, covered in what was supposed to be lobster bisque, ready to have an emotional breakdown.

Was it too much to ask for to prepare a romantic dinner for Valentine’s day?

Q let out a dry sob, burying his face in his non-bisque covered hands.


The emotionally compromised Quartermaster looked up from his mess to see James in the doorway of their kitchen, a bouquet of burgundy roses in his hands.

“Oh God, James,” Q tried to wipe his eyes, but only served to smear lobster all over his face, “You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour…”

“I wanted to see you…” James blinked, watching him, “…are you alright?”

Q shook his head, “Dinner…I worked so hard…”

“I can see that.” James nodded, “Though you didn’t have to turn yourself into dinner.”

For a moment, Q could only stare at James. Then he looked down at himself, covered in all of the food he had been trying to fix.

He did look like a buffet.

Q chuckled softly, “This was not what I intended.”

“We’re MI6. Things rarely go according to plan.” James teased, “Why don’t you get washed up while I order some Chinese?”

Honestly, this was not how Q had intended to spend his Valentine’s day. He expected to have a romantic dinner with James over low light, then share a few intimate embraces before heading to bed (and maybe get some sleep after).

But, as he sat curled up with James, eating Chinese food and watching an old movie, Q realized that he had gotten just that, even if is wasn’t Plan A.