Their S/O Leaving Scratches on Their Back - Admin Sonsee




Nervous -Admin Bek

Those Pesky Cabinets -Admin Bek


Strange (Werewolf AU) -Admin Bek


Moonbin Werewolf! AU Headcanon - Admin Jiyuul




Adventures with Yongguk -Admin Sonsee

The One -Admin Sonsee


[D-5] First Rainfall -Admin Kiwi




Ride - Admin Juju


Morning Shenanigans  -Admin Sonsee


Asking you out/confessing to you -Admin Sonsee

Block B



Press Play - Admin Kiwi




SCENE ONE - James Dean and Audrey Hepburn  -Admin Pastel

Love, again. -Admin Pastel

Suga (Yoongi):

Neighbors Pt. 1,2  -Admin Pastel

Felony and Fettuccine

A Spider  -Admin Pastel

Satisfaction  -Admin Pastel

Bite Me  -Admin Pastel

The Fake Couple  -Admin Pastel

Tongue Technology -Admin Sonsee

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

SCENE TWO - Roger Rabbit -Admin Pastel

That’s Mine -Admin Pastel

[D-9] -Admin rayray

J-Hope (Hoseok):

That Special Moment -Admin Pastel

Of Course -Admin Pastel

Princess -Admin Pastel

[D-2] A Very Unexpected Present -Admin Jikwon


Lazy Day Date

I’ll Be Your New Pillow -Admin Aya

Trust No One  -Admin Sonsee

[D-3] Secret Gifts -Admin Aya (with Admin Kiwi)


Operation Bad Puppy  -Admin Bek

Children. -Admin Pastel

Scarred (One Shot) -Admin Pastel

Oh Puddin  -Admin Juju


Twisted Confession 

I Choose You -Admin Pastel

A Cabin In The Woods -Admin Sonsee

[D-11] Christmas Kookie -Admin Juju


Coming Home to You Dancing

You Getting Into Fights - Admin Kiwi

You Dancing ‘How’s This’ - Admin Kiwi

You Struggling with PCS - Admin Kiwi

You Imitating Their Choreo - Admin Kiwi

Waking Up With a Drawn-on Face - Admin Kiwi

You Having Nightmares - Admin Kiwi

You Sleeping Late - Admin Kiwi


You want them to come over and cuddle -Admin Pastel


Namjoon is in Japan and missing you

J-Hope being cheesy -Admin rayray



Precious Little Friend - Ch. 1,2,3 -Admin Bek


[D-1] Christmas Surprise -Admin Mochi


Monkey Suit

(Don’t) Touch Me -Admin Sonsee

Horror Movie -Admin Kiwi

D.O (Kyungsoo):

Sneaking Around

[D-4] For This Christmas and All the Ones After It -Admin Sonsee

Kai (Jongin):

Take A Punch For You -Admin Sonsee


Thirty Days

Plaid Shirt -Admin KenKen

Skinny Jeans -Admin Mochi

A Visit to Mr. Oh’s Office -Admin Sonsee  


To their girlfriend cursing them out in her native language -Admin Sonsee

Their S/O Passed Out on the Floor - Admin Kenken


Minseok (Xiumin) calls you Noona -Admin Sonsee



Theme Park Fun -Admin Bek



Bruises and Frozen Peas  -Admin Lara

The Best Way to Meet Someone  -Admin Lara

Never Let Go -Admin Kiwi

JB (Jaebum):

Symptoms   -Admin Lara

It’s Perfect -Admin Sonsee

Stupid Challenge -Admin Juju

[D-8] Christmas Present? -Admin KenKen


Rumor Has it 

Sweat -Admin Pastel

Just a Little Longer  -Admin Lara

Questions  -Admin Lara

They Expect Us to Show Up -Admin Juju

Rookie Player -Admin Juju


Stupid Jealousy -Admin Sonsee

You Before Me -Admin Sonsee


Three Months: Pt.1,2 -Admin Pastel


To You Being Kinky -Admin Sonsee

To You Sleeping On The Couch -Admin Sonsee


You accidentally send a nude to the wrong GOT7 member -Admin Pastel

Movie Date with JB -Admin rayray

When you laugh at everything Jaebum does -Admin Bek




Goats -Admin Bek


Jiwon the Nurse -Admin Sonsee

Jealousy -Admin rayray

Tea - Admin Juju


His Little Nerd -Admin Sonsee

Test Dummy -Admin Sonsee


Needy -Admin Sonsee


Secrest Crush -Admin Sonsee


Back Home - Admin Juju




Jekyll and Hyde -Admin Kiwi


Relieving Stress -Admin Sonsee

What Future -Admin Sonsee

Make Me -Admin Mia

Always -Admin KenKen


My Hero -Admin Aya

Assumption -Admin Pastel


I.M (Changkyun):

Please -Admin Aya

You’re a What? -Admin Sonsee


To their S/O joining another boy group -Admin Bek

To you making the first move -Admin Sonsee


Shownu’s failed attempt at sexting -Admin Sonsee

Monsta X catch you staring at Hyungwon’s (your crush) butt -Admin Bek


Wonho missing you -Admin rayray

Jooheon and Shownu missing you on tour -Admin rayray




Ice Cream Nights


Bad Boys Love Pt.1 -Admin Mia




I’m Not Jealous  -Admin Lara

Feathers  -Admin Lara


Boardwalks and Boyfriends -Admin Mochi


I’ll Be Gentle -Admin Lara

A Change In Plans -Admin Lara

Checkers -Admin Bek

Remember That One Night -Admin Lara


Nothing But A Mess Up -Admin Lara


[D-7] Coming Home -Admin Pastel


Woozi’s Work Time -Admin Lara

Clingy -Admin Bek


Game On -Admin Mochi


Fuck That Was Amazing  -Admin Lara

You’re Not Going Anywhere  -Admin Lara

[D-10] Mistletoe -Admin Lara


Bad Weather -Admin Lara


Priorities - Admin Sonsee


To You Being Sick (5/13) -Admin Lara

Their S/O Fangirling/Fanboying over SHINee - Admin KenKen




[D-6] Two Turtle Doves -Admin Bek



Bitto Misses You -Admin Sonsee




I Missed You - Admin Jiyuul
A court of wings and ruin playlist by Zara Otto on Apple Music
description of songs on my tumblr @incorrectacomafquotes. Enjoy ✨

OKAY SO, Here is the playlist I made for acowar/acomaf. I’m going to post a link to the playlist on Spotify right after this so if that works better for you check that out as well. This is a list + description of all the songs on the playlist. if you want to, give it a listen. If you want to add anything send me a message I’m always willing.


1. Terrible Love by Birdy: This song reminds me of Feyre when she is living with Tamlin after returning from the mountain. I think it sort of represents how alone she feels, and how intertwined with guilt she is as well.

2. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars: I found this song to be sort of how I imagine Tam to feel towards the end of acowar when he realizes his mistakes, and only wishes Feyre the best.

3. I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd: This just reminds me of how Rhys feels for Feyre.

4. O’Sister by City and Colour: Wow okay this song reminds me of how Nesta and feyre feel towards Elain, how they wish they could help her but are powerless to the demons she holds in her head.

5. Not In That Way by Sam Smith: If you know this song, you know exactly who this is about. Basically how Az loves Mor but knows if he ever said anything, her feelings would not reflect his own.

6. Liability by Lorde: tbh I cried when I first heard this song. I find this song to relate a lot to Feyre and her process of finding self love.

7. Scene Two - Roger Rabbit by SLeeping With Sirens: I added this song bc it reminds me of Rhys’s encouragement towards Feyre to mend her own wounds, and to become her own savior. Kind if how he encourages her to love and forgive herself.

8. HEAVEN (ft. Betty Who) by Troye Sivan: This one is up to you. I find it could fit a lot of our beloved characters. To me, it reminds me of Az.

9. Self Control by Frank Ocean: When I hear this song I often think about how Az feels for Mor, and how haunting it must be to watch her suffer and not understand why she’s in so much pain. Az loves her so much that he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship by admitting his feelings. In short, Az has no self control when it comes to Mor.

10. Eyes Closed by Halsey: Literally all of Halsey’s songs remind me of SJM books so this was difficult to choose from. Honestly Badlands is just 100% SJM books. But this song in particular reminded me of Mor, and how she lost the girl she once loved and lives her life hiding her feelings.

11. 26 by Paramore: This one reminds me of the Inner Circle, and all those who dare to hold onto their dreams.

12. Moonlight by Ariana Grande: This song reminds me of when Feyre first falls in love with Rhys and Velaris in general.

13. Fly With Me by Iration: Well, this song talks about “flying” which is a euphemism of getting high bc its iration, but the lyrics remind me of how Rhys invites Feyre to fly with him, and how freeing the experience is when they all fly together in general.

14. Oh Death by R.I.S.E.: I added this song bc it kind of has a folk vibe which I like. I find it to remind me of the war in general, and how close to death everyone is.

15. Monster Lead Me Home by Sara Hartman: This song was suggested to me, I find it reminds me of when Mor picks Feyre up and brings her home, and how Velaris and the inner circle become home to Feyre.

16. Oceans by Seafret: This song was also suggested to me and ugh wow I love it thank you so much. This one is again, up to you. I think of Az and his feelings for Mor when I hear it.

17. Fallingforyou by The 1975: This songs reminds me of the night of Starfall, and Feyre falling for Rhys in general. But, you could also relate this song to Nesta and Cassian.

18. Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan: (can you tell I love Troye) This song is really innocent, and reminds me of how Elaine and Azriel would be if they ever started to be together, because it would be soft and gentle.

19. Marked Man by Mieka Pauley: Again, this song was suggested to me. This song represents how Nesta promised the King of Hyberyn she would kill him and have her revenge for what he did.

20. Saturn by Sleeping At Last: I love this song so much. The album is great as a whole, but this song really reminds me of Velaris and the inner circle.

21. Just A Game by Birdy: I know this song was made for the thg soundtrack, but, I find it reminds me a lot of how Feyre feels when she first comes to Paryhian. She’s lost and confused, plays Amarantha’s game, and then her feelings for Rhys change when he saves her under the mountain.

22. Bad Intentions by Nikyee Heaton: Okay, this could work for Amren, Mor, or Nesta. It reminds me most of Morrigan though….

23. Haunted by Poe: Another wonderful suggested song, meant to represent Elaine’s gift.

24. Love Is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse: My all time favourite song. I totally think of Mor whenever I hear it.

25. Samurai (feat. Katy Tiz) by Vanic: I just love this song lol, but yeah this sort of reminds me of music that would play when Cassian and Azriel are training Feyre. Badass af.

26. Quit (feat. Ariana Grande) by Cashmere Cat: Reminds me of how Nesta pushes her feelings for Cas away, but she can’t let him go.

27. 99 by Elliot Moss: When I listen to this song I imagine what Rhys feels like when he gives the little goodbye speech before everyone splits up before the war begins.

28. My Baby by Julia Stone: Weirdly this song makes me think of Kallias and Viviane.

29. Bloom by The Paper Kites: This song reminds me a lot of Elaine. Maybe someday if she has growing feeling for Az. It’s just gentle, like she is.

cuddle me please☁️🌙
{a playlist for those nights}

bring me the night//sam tsui ft. kina gr
kiss me slowly//parachute
beside you//5 seconds of summer
18//one direction
starry eyed//you me at six
iris//sleeping with sirens
can’t help falling in love//twenty one pilots
if these sheets were the states//all time low
a daydream away//all time low
blue lips//regina spektor
you found me//the fray
tenerife sea//ed sheeran
somewhere only we know//keane
goodnight moon//go radio
i will follow you into the dark//death cab for cutie
all my heart//sleeping with sirens
sweater weather (acoustic)//the neighbourhood
drop in the ocean//shawn mendes
six feet under the stars (acoustic)//all time low
scene two - roger rabbit//sleeping with sirens
oh, calamity!//all time low
all about us//we is he ft. owl city
fireflies//owl city
you’re beautiful//james blunt
fix you (acoustic)//coldplay
all of the stars//ed sheeran

Party Confessions

Request: Hey! Would you be able to write a Daryl x reader where he becomes jealous when he sees her talking to Spencer at the Alexandria Party and Spencer tries to kiss her but Daryl leaves too soon in anger to see her pull away from him as she only has feelings for Daryl. (but they aren’t together) -Anon

Song: Scene Two - Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens

A/N: My first ever imagine!! Feel free to request any!! :)

You stared at your drink absentmindedly. The party at Alexandria was the last place you wanted to be due to your closed off side of you. Sure, you could be passionate and alive but too much sadness hung above your head to stay that way. You only trusted a handful of people and they were either dead or standing in that very room, socializing with others.
While caught up in your own thoughts, someone made their presence known by clearing their throat. You turned quickly simply out of habit and was met with Daryl. You blushed and looked down at your beat up shoes.
Daryl and you had been close since you joined the group at the farm. You both were alike in many ways. You both were protective of those you loved and would take a bullet or bite for them. He worried about you every time you left his sight and vice versa. You just clicked; you understood each other on a deeper level. And that made you fall in love with him.
Of course, you didn’t tell him. You couldn’t ruin your friendship and if you still had some of your old personality left, you dealt with rejection bad. So you result to keeping it to yourself.
“Uh.. This party’s pretty borin’,” Daryl said to you. You nodded and glanced around you. No one payed attention to either of you but you didn’t mind.
“I didn’t even want to come, honestly,” you sighed. “Maggie made me.” He showed a small smile.
“I kinda wanna leave… Do ya wanna come with me? We can just… Take a walk… Or somethin’ else that isn’t this.”
Your heart fluttered at the offer and nodded with a grin evident on your face.
“I’ll be waitin’ outside.”
You watched as his angel wings disappeared through the crowd. The vest did fit him; he was like an angel. He’s saved you before from walkers and yourself.
You took a last sip of the vodka concoction in your cup and started towards the door but a body prevented you from moving.
“Hey, (Y/N)! I didn’t even see you there.” Spencer was in front of you and looked down at you, looking slightly intoxicated.
“Oh, hey Spencer,” you said awkwardly trying to casually move around him but he caught your elbow.
You gently tugged but he wouldn’t let go. “I want to tell you something,” he said getting closer.
“And that is?”
He licked his lips and looked down at yours. You widened your eyes and stuttered, “S-sorry but I, I have to go.”
“Listen, (Y/N), ever since you came here, I’ve felt something for you. I want you. Let me be with you.” And with that he leaned in, not even lightening his grip on your arm. You froze, completely stunned like a deer in the headlights.
Before his lips touched yours, you broke from your trace and pushed him away. You couldn’t.
“What wrong? I-”
“I don’t feel that way, I’m sorry. I have something for someone else.” You sighed and looked down. You did feel sorry for turning him down but how could you kiss someone when the person you loved was right outside the door?
“Oh,” he stated, sounding defeated. “It’s Daryl, isn’t it? I thought you were dating when you got here but someone told me you two were just friends.” You nodded, feeling extremely uncomfortable.
“I’m sorry, Spencer. There is a girl for you. It’s just not me.” You maneuvered around him and bolted for the door, nausea making its way through your system. You hated rejecting people and the guilt of that simple thing was enough to make you feel sick.
Once you were out of the door, you sighed and leaned against it.
You realized a few minutes later that Daryl wasn’t waiting for you. His bike was gone as well. Maybe you took too long.
Whatever the case was, you decided to find him. His house was most likely the place he retreated to so naturally, you ventured there first.
The door was unlocked and slightly ajar as if he had just come in. “Daryl? It’s me,” you called. No answer. “Fine if you want to be that way..” You muttered under your breath.
Then you heard the shower running and decided to wait for him despite your tomato completion at the thought of seeing him fresh out of the shower. It was unusual for him even wash his face let alone shower. Something must have happened.
You took shelter in his bedroom and laid on his bed, relishing the smell that just radiated him. After a couple minutes, the water stopped running and you heard the bathroom door open in the hall. You covered your eyes in effort to be discrete in case he was indeed naked.
“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” He growled at me and I was shocked. He rarely used that tone with me.
“You left, so I came to find you.”
He scoffed and you heard rustling of clothing meeting skin. He grunted and stood still and you took that as your cue to uncover your irises.
You swear you were close to drooling despite the venom laced in his words. Shirtless, water was still slightly rolling down his toned stomach and to his v-line and the the waistband to his sleeping pants. You had to force yourself to look at his face.
“You found me now go home.”
“What the hell did I do to you?” You questioned standing from your previous position. He crossed his arms, mirroring you. He was glaring but in his eyes you could see something else. Hurt.
“Daryl…” You said reaching out to touch his arm but he yanked himself away.
“Go back to Spencer,” he said harshly through gritted teeth. You were shocked that he even saw that but even more so that he was mad.
“Why the hell are you mad? I didn’t do shit with him!”
“So you call a kiss nothin’?!” He roared.
Your mouth fell into an o-shape. He must have left before you pushed him away.
“Daryl I didn’t kiss him. I pushed him away,” you calmly said.
“Sure as hell didn’t look like it,” he said. You were pissed. You were telling the truth.
“You believe what you want, Daryl,” you yelled, “but I would never kiss him! I have no feelings for him. And I’m goddamn sick of you telling me what happened and what didn’t! Guess what? You weren’t fucking there! If you were, you would have seen me push him away and tell him that I’m in love with you!” You slapped your hand over your mouth and closed your eyes, afraid to look at him and see disgust.
“…What?” He whispered. “Ya… Love me?” You nodded sadly.
“Just forget this happened, I have to go anyways so I’ll see you to-” Before you were able to finish, a pair of soft lips gently caressed yours before pulling away. His arms found their way around you and pulled you to him. Had this not been an extremely serious moment, you would’ve fainted from touching his abs.
“I- I love ya too..” He said quietly, almost inaudible. You smiled the biggest you had in a while. “I want you to be mine. Ya know… My girl.” You nodded looking back at his captivating, blue eyes. “Let me show you what he can’t give you,” Daryl said somewhat aggressively, jealousy taking over once more. You chuckled and nodded, knowing that from now on, you were going to be okay.

Songs For When You Just Wanna Chill

Lost It All- Black Veil Brides
All I Want- Kodaline
Turning Page- Sleeping at Last
Deathbeds- Bring me the Horizon
Scene one: James Dean & Audrey Hepburn- Sleeping with Sirens
Scene two: Roger Rabbit- Sleeping With Sirens
My Immortal- Evanescence
Savin’ Me- Nickelback
I See Fire- Ed Sheeran
Boom Clap- Lennon and Maisy
All Of the Stars- Ed Sheeran
Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine
Done For You- Black Veil Brides
Down- Jason Walker
Be Still- The Fray
Misery- Pioneer
Talking to the Moon- Bruno Mars
One Man Drinking Games- Mayday Parade

Request: “I loved the "Acoustic Tunes” playlist! I was wondering if you could do another with more artists (mainly pop punk)?“ I loved doing these pop punk ones! Also, I added some songs that aren’t pop punk just because they were my favorites, haha.

Listen Here - Spotify: Let’s Get Acoustic. // 8Tracks: Let’s Get Acoustic.


01. Stick Around - State Champs // 02. I Can Feel A Hot One - Manchester Orchestra // 03. A Coming Of Age Story - Dropout Year // 04. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been - Relient K // 05. Don’t Be So Hard - The Audition // 06. Dear You - Man Overboard // 07. Sit Still - Brightwood // 08. Skeletons - Real Friends // 09. Break Out! Break Out! - All Time Low // 10. Seasons - Major League // 11. Playing Favorites - The Starting Line // 12. Heavy Rope - LIGHTS // 13. Drown - Front Porch Step // 14. Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // 15. I Don’t Mine - Defeater // 16. I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade // 17. Please, Head North - Transit // 18. Divine Intervention - Taking Back Sunday // 19. I Think You Were In My Profile Picture - Modern Baseball // 20. Back Home - Yellowcard // 21. Myrtle Ave - Firestarter // 22. The Girl - City And Colour // 23. Jack And Coke - Family Thief // 24. No One Does It Better - You Me At Six // 25. Fairweather Friend - Old Again // 26. The Bridge - Pentimento // 27. Game Freak - Ghost Town // 28. Inside Of You - The Maine // 29. Fate - Our Last Night // 30. Scene Two - Roger Rabbit - Sleeping With Sirens // 31. Over It - Rufio // 32. New American Classic - Taking Back Sunday