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If there wasn't anything going on with Jamie and Dakota while filming Darker, do you think they still would've had Jamie suck on Dakota's boob in the shower/red room scene? I feel like that was a bit more intimate than the other sex scenes and it'd be weird to do if Dakota and Jamie weren't together.

Such act certainly is something kind of intimate as you say but is not the first time is shown on films even series and many actors have done them. Given the content and genre of the Trilogy a scene like this is not something unexpected or surprising or weird to be asked by a director to be honest.

I’m sure both J&D are professionals and if asked to do it(even if they weren’t together) they would be game on. Plus both have said that they are ok with such things(considering they do see a valid reason a scene like this to exist) and since day 1 they knew for what they signed for.

But the most important factor in my opinion that makes me certain they’d go for it nevertheless is the trust they obviously have with one another. Friends or couple …trust is trust and respect is respect. They feel comfortable with each other they share humor which also helps them go through moments that might feel a bit awkward.

Went and saw Beauty and the Beast, and I just had to share my experience because it was so pure?

So, like, I get into the theater, find myself a nice spot smack dab midscreen, which is WAY EASIER without thirty people traipsing in behind you in a group, lemme tell you, and I’m just sitting there, by my lonesome, scrolling tumblr and watching whatever weird stuff they’ve got on screen, and a family comes to sit in my row, which was the only empty one not right in front of the screen. Sat down what I thought was a seat away from me until I saw a little girl in an adorable ass red dress climbing over mom and dad to sit next to me. 

Totally fine. I was just off of center and they got to sit right in the middle of the screen, and when she finally gets settled this little girl looks up at me, with a soda half her size in one hand, and somehow both popcorn and candy in her tiny little lap, and she stage whispers to her mom:

“She’s by herself!”

Mom looks embarrassed, but I smile and wave off the apology. 

I go back to my phone, only to realize someone is tugging at my sleeve. Little girl looks up at me, all wide eyes and curiosity, and holds out a napkin filled with popcorn and chocolate. Like, I remember being a kid, and I remember how important candy and popcorn at the theater are, and I think she thought she was saving my life by offering this sustenance.

I almost fucking cried guys, kids are the best.

So I take it and thank her and let her talk my ear off for a few minutes until she needs a drink because she has been talking SO MUCH her mouth is dry. This kid is going places, guys, I’m telling you right now, because she picked up that cup the size of her torso like a champ and angled the straw just right and continued to try to talk to me around her gulps.

While this is happening, on the other side of me another mom and daughter sat down, and, turns out, the girls know each other. I’m guessing, based on the gumption of Red Dress, that they probably met in the lobby before they went into the theater. 

Girl number 2, I’ll call her Princess Dress, because it was a fantastic dress and when I told her so she proceeded to point to every princess along the neck and name them and give me their Stats, proceeds to have a conversation across me with Red Dress.

Both sets of parents were looking like they wanted to bury their heads in their hands, but I was having a blast.

Anyway, eventually lights go down, we get into the movie, and for the most part Red and Princess were content, although every so often Red made sure to pass me a handful of sticky half-melted chocolate. 

Watching a live action version of a movie that I watched for the first time when I was their age was a fuckin’ trip, man. Like. I got super emotional over things I didn’t expect to, and during the wolf scenes I was actually mildly distressed, because Princess was gripping the hand rest so hard on my right I thought she was gonna break it. Any scene I laughed or snorted at got a peal of laughter from my two new best friends, so hopefully no one has to go home and explain why I nearly snorted out my drink during “Be Our Guest” when they went for a visual gag for “After all miss, this is France!”.

During the ballroom scene, Red turned to her mom and whispered “The Beast is handsome!” and it took so much for me not to lean over and whisper back “Girl same.”

But my favorite, MY VERY FAVORITE part of this whole experience was when Gaston shot the Beast - FOR THE THIRD TIME HOLY HELL I KNEW IT WAS DARK BUT GODDAMN THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE ISN’T IT - Red patted my arm because yeah, okay, I was maybe crying a little, look, I know what happens but the movie made me feel things okay. Anyway, she like, pushes herself up in her seat and leans in close and she goes “It’s okay. He’s gonna be okay.”

The point is, children are so pure, and everyone should always watch movies with strangers.


Behind the scenes of the Red Nose Day Love Actually ‘sequel’ short

British charity Comic Relief is getting the Love Actually band back together for a short film that will revisit the characters from Richard Curtis’ 2003 romantic comedy and see what they’re up to in 2017. The short, Red Nose Day Actually, is being made in support of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day fundraiser, which airs March 24 on BBC One.

The cast members returning include Hugh GrantKeira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Andrew Lincoln, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Martine McCutcheonOlivia Olson and Rowan Atkinson.

Tips on Writing Characters Without Faces

so yeah, we all know that facial expressions can tell us a lot about how a character is feeling, but what if that isn’t an option? how can you make someone emote if they don’t really have standard facial features? the answer; body language.

let’s consider how emotions are conveyed on a stage production vs movie with Sweeney Todd. First, the stage play:

Note how Todd’s entire upper body goes into his gestures, how he’s single-mindedly focused on his dreams and ideals; how his hands GRAB for each imaginary ‘man’ with these sharp, aggressive, destructive movements and how that contrasts with Mrs. Lovett’s body language; how her hands linger in the air and gravitate towards Todd even after he’s pulled away, and the slow turn she gives him. It does an excellent, though exaggerated, way of conveying their relationship (her focus is on him and making him happy, his focus is entirely on revenge)

Contrast this to the movie:

Originally posted by curiousitykilledthekat

Same lines in the song, much more subtle. Lovett’s eyes still track towards Todds, which reminds us she’s still more focused on the outside, but all of the emotion is in their faces. Were this not a close-up shot in a movie it’d be very, very hard to read their expressions.

While I do recommend you watch a few stage plays (in person near the back row if you can) to actually study body language for yourself or try out charades with your face covered with friends/watch how cosplayers or mascots emote, here’s a few shorthands to get you started (US-centric so expressions may vary on your region):


  • perfectly still - fear, intense attention, feeling under scrutiny
  • tilted up - recollection, intimidation (looking down nose at threat, aiming to appear taller)
  • tilted down - intense thought, shame (avoiding eye contact), depression/sad feelings
  • turned away - not giving person full attention, avoiding subject/conflict without being combative
  • cocker-spaniel (sideways) tilt - confusion, curiosity, amusement


  • at the forehead - fatigue (wiping away sweat), illness (checking self for fever, feeling a headache), realization/memory (a ‘well duh’ tap)
  • at the eyes - fatigue or headache (shielding eyes from light), distress (blocking out a painful view, concealing tears)
  • at the nose - disgust (a pinch at the nostrils,) irritation (rubbing at sore spot on nose from glasses wear)
  • at the mouth - nausea, surprise, repressing an emotion/stopping self from saying something
  • at the chin - contemplation, tiredness (face resting in hand)
  • rubbing back of neck - a need to relax tension, embarrassment, slight unease/desire to distract self
  • at the chest - surprise, self-protection (reaction to a wounding statement, sometimes used sarcastically), strong emotions (clutching at heart, could be good-strong or bad-strong), need for security (touching necklace/adjusting clothing to conceal more)
  • at the stomach - pain (clutching, pressing), satisfaction after a meal, protectiveness towards fetus when applicable
  • at the hip(s) - confidence, intimidation, nervousness (if grabbing for weapon)
  • at groin - concealment/unease (usually male-coded as protection of genitals), politeness (hands folded in lap)
  • on thighs - exhaustion (bent over, hands on legs supporting tired upper body)
  • formed into fists - holding back an intense emotion, preparing to fight
  • toying with something - restlessness (bored, nervous energy, craving something they can’t touch) or deliberate disrespect of property (playing with personal objects someone holds dear as an intimidation tactic)


  • at sides, relaxed - default posture
  • at sides, tense - unease, restraint (soldier at attention, person holding still to avoid being attacked), fear
  • crossed at chest - disapproval, displaying authority, unease (hugging oneself)
  • crossed at stomach - pain, intense laughter (caused by sore stomach muscles from laughing)
  • up, fingers laced behind head - confidence, relaxation
  • one arm on back of furniture - confidence, invitation for someone join them
  • general rule - the further arms are away from body, the more confident/dominant a person means to appear; exposed torso indicates that they don’t see anyone around as a threat to them


  • square with shoulders - professional, restraint, protective stance
  • wide stance, one foot a little back but planted - defensive stance, expecting to receive blows (knees may be unlocked - seen in swordplay and fencing)
  • weight on one leg - relaxed, tired, may also be leaning on something or pair with one ankle tucked behind the other
  • uneven stance - could indicate old injury
  • foot tapping/bouncing - boredom, nervous energy

Whole Body:

  • stiff and still - fear, unease, standing to attention
  • limp or pliant - relaxed, tired, pleased
  • shoulders back/head up - alert, focused, aggressive
  • shoulders forward, hunched - tired, ashamed
  • leaning towards person - interest, intimidation (looming over them), aggression (usually paired with tense arms or hands in fists,)
  • leaning away from person - relaxation, confidence, disgust (recoiling)
  • smooth/fluid movements - joy, confidence, experience
  • stiff motions - fear (reactive, fight or flight), pain (reluctance to move), anger (either fighting to keep control of emotions or lashing out), cold (conservation of heat by keeping limbs near body)
  • cracking joints/stretching - preparing for a fight, often reading as confidence in abilities
  • general rule - close contact/proximity can read as intimidation (paired with tense body - an invasion of personal space) or affection (paired with relaxaed body language, gentle movement) or passion/attraction while distance can read unease/distaste/fear/dislike.

with those in mind, let’s read this scene from Red vs Blue (a personal fav of mine for body language) featuring agent texas from season 8.

Originally posted by cryingmanlytears

So first of all, very relaxed upper body; limp arms held away from the body, which slowly come back to rest on her hips as she looks at what she’s done. Watch how her lean shifts at the end as her center of gravity shifts, and how she has to move her right leg to restabilize herself when she’s finished pushing it. This reads, in order from the start of the loop; detachment (the least amount of her body is involved in the action as possible), relaxation (smooth movements, the deliberation of those little steps backwards) and confidence (hands on hips.) We can tell a ton about this character just in this gif alone, based on her body language.

in summary! this list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you some ideas for ways of making characters emote in fics when you can’t see their faces.

The possibility of Otayuri becoming canon

So in this post-Welcome to the Madness daze and with the information that has been released today, I would like to do some speculation about the character dynamic between Yurio and Otabek and the possible implications for this ship to become canon. I have already written a bit about this in a comment to another post here, but I would like to elaborate.

Again, this is just me throwing around ideas, with a good dose of wishful thinking.

-          Otabek enters the story quite late as a character. He is there from the beginning but we only get to see him interact with the others from episode 10 onwards. The focal point becomes what his relation is to Yuri. He whisks him away on his motorcycle, takes him to one of the most beautiful vistas in the city and then casually drops how he has admired him for the past five years. Then he offers Yuri his friendship, which has apparently never occurred in Yuri’s life before, they go for a coffee and Mari is stunned to see Yuri normally interact with another human being for a change. It’s up to you to ignore any fond gazes during this scene. What’s worth mentioning is that Yuri seems kind of perplexed by this whole thing. The “eyes of a soldier” line gets to him, because it is probably the first time someone sees him for who he wants to be.

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12x11 | Regarding Dean

Of course Jensen’s performance in the bathroom scene was outstanding, but this was another incredibly fine moment of acting on his part. The richness of expressions that crosses over Dean’s face in just a few seconds even rivals the “Don’t objectify me” scene from Red Sky at Morning. Bravo!

In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name
And do I dream again? For now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind

Here’s ZEN as the Phantom in the Masque of the Red Death scene.

(I imagine Zen hanging this picture in a dark room ala Dorian Gray lol)


You’ve got your dream role! Now go show the universe that you’re the most dashing Phantom the stage has ever seen! 😚😚😚😚



My Favorite Stydia Scenes

Because @argyledpenguin asked and also they were making me emotional. This isn’t remotely all of them, just the ones that make me the most emotional. Enjoy!

Bonus: Lydia remembering that she loves Stiles/the kiss

Part one Part two Part three

and for a more comprehensive experience, here is a link to Lydia’s romantic journey. 

BTS reacts to finding porn on their s/o pc

“I think I have the recipe for that in my search history,” you exclaimed from the kitchen starting to prepare everything for a nice meal with your loved one. Jin brought the pc up on the counter and started to look through your search history. The first thing he noticed was not the recipe, but the name of a porn web side. He stood right up not willing to click at the link and looked you deep in the eyes with his eyebrow slightly raised. “What?” you said not sure of why he looked at you like that. “y/o, have you washed your hands properly?” He asked with a more serious tone than intended to but immediately started to smile teasingly. You looked a bit away and froze in the moment not sure of what to answer.

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

“Next time remember to delete your search history my love~” He said as he held your chin and pressed his lips gently against yours.

You were nowhere to be seen, only a half-closed lap top was laying on the bed with the sheets messed up. Out of curiosity Yoongi stepped closer and opened the pc fully not expecting anything big, but he was wrong. As the screen lightened up to his vison came a porn scene. He firstly didn’t react at all but after some seconds he closed the lap top and slowly walked to the bathroom knowing that he would find you there. His soft lips turned in to a smirk as he opened the door and some seconds after you felt his hands around your hips slowly making their way down to your crotch.

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“Has my kitty had fun without me? ~” He whispers lustfully in to your ear making your whole-body shiver.

He managed to get out early from work this time just for you. As he saw that you were outside on the balcony the urge to go straight to you over took him, but then he noticed the lap top laying on the coffee table in front of the couch. The screen was a bit bowed down but it was clear that some weird motions were visible on it. He slowly opened it and revealed the full image. At first his cheeks heated up at the actions of the couple in the tape, but as he glanced over at you who stood only in his big hoodie and no pants, there was no other thoughts in his brain other that you fully naked on the bed. Your hope made his way to you and grabbed your hands roughly and gently pinned them against the wall in front of himself not wanting to hurt you pressing his lips lovingly against yours.

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“Jagi, to day I’ll make you feel better than you could ever Imagen~” He said bot passionatly and lovingly wanting nothing else but you.

Rap Monster:
“princess~” He shout from the couch with his cocky tone, and the smirk that got you weak each time, on his lips. You peeked out from behind the wall to the living room “yes? ~” You said unsure of why he called you princess so early in the day. “I think we have some new positions to try out~” He said teasingly as you noticed the screen of your lap top which had a couple who fucked on it, the screen from the last porn you watched. Your eyes widened and your cheeks heated up faster than ever, you had no words in your mind other than fuck.

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“Now princess, why don’t you show daddy what you did with those sweet fingers of yours~” He said with his dominant tone

His eyes were locked at the screen that was now playing a passionate sex scene. Jimins cheeks became red and the blush started to spread through the rest of his face. His lips turned in to a smile and not able to control it he started to laugh in embarrassment. Since you were in your bedroom calmly reading a book you didn’t notice it. Sonly you saw Jimin leaning against the door frame to the bedroom door with a smirk on. He gently bited down his lip and his hand made its way through his soft hair.

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“Guess what I’ve just found babe~” He said with a teasing voice and crawled up on the bed beside ypu.

He happily opened your lap top as he was so ready to show you his new cover he’d just finished making. Instead of his beautiful voice the room filled with loud moans along with heavy breathing and whines, and all of that was from your computer. Teahuyung immediately closed the pc and emptily stared at you not sure of how to even react in such situation. But as he thought it through he stood up and sat down up on the counter in front of you.

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“I hope you don’t watch videos like that too often? ~” He said looking you in the eyes.

Since you were taking a shower he decided to play some games, not bothered to take his own pc he simply took yours. Since he first had the opportunity to look through your things he put that to good use. The first thing he did was to of course look through your search history, and without failure he found what he was seeking for, the sweet link to the tape you’ve watched. “Ahhh~ Jagi~” He sighed laughing softly. Only some seconds after he stood behind you compleatly naked in the shower with his hands sliding over your back down to your ass.

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“Want me to fuck you like in that porn you’ve just watched? ~” He said leaning in to Your ear.