My hair journey

So, from birth, my mother has always done my hair 

When I was 6 step mom thought I should perm my hair

For about 8 years was I relaxed. I was 14 when I found out what “scene” was so I tried the “combover”. Yikes!

Then, Tomboy Delia 

A year later, after I stopped relaxing my hair, I wanted to start all over so I cut it AGAIN (April 22, 2012)

After i stopped rocking the Justin Bieber hair cut, I found out about Box Braids (Senior year)

Took those out 

Put brand new ones

Took them out AGAIN, just in time for Graduation (Class of 2013)

Rock my afro

Then I was brave enough to put yarn braids 

Took them put in December, fast forward to April of 2014 and it makes two years that I’m natural. Yay me!

Becoming natural was must freeing thing I’ve ever done for myself and I’m more than happy that I did it. Natural girls are the fun girls

The Signs as Scene Kid Things
  • Aries: patterned hair extensions
  • Taurus: the cupcake obsession everyone seems to have
  • Gemini: "normal girls vs. scene girls" drawings
  • Cancer: posting depressing song lyrics as your facebook status
  • Leo: dressing up in your best scene clothes and having selfie photoshoots
  • Virgo: spending your Hot Topic hot cash
  • Libra: sharpie tattoos
  • Scorpio: wearing 800 kandii bracelets at a time
  • Sagittarius: googling screamo songs to see what the actual lyrics are
  • Capricorn: erotic band member fanfiction
  • Aquarius: rawr means i love you in dinosaur
  • Pisces: DIY piercings

My kids never need to know I went through the

“rawrrrr ima monster, i like cupcakes and brokeNCYDE, i like tight jeans and band tees and lip rings and I like kitties, meow =^_^=
i love botdf and teasing my hair and wearing lots of belts and I like being random and ILIKETOTYPELIKETHISBECAUSEITMAKESMEFEELCOOL and I like to drink monsters and take pictures with the cans”