The Broken Scene ♡ (Part 1)

Characters: Y/N , Luke Hemmings , Michael Clifford , Ashton Irwin , Calum Hood
Rating: PG (for now)
Part: 1/ -
Words: 2000+

Summary: summer break, time for Y/N to decide whether she wants to go to college or find a job. Problem? Y/N has a dream, and a pretty big one. She wants to be on stage, dive into a screaming crowd and travel the world with her band. “stop dreaming, be realistic” are the words her own mother keeps telling her everyday, hoping she’ll give up on her hopes of becoming a rockstar. But when Y/N’s band decides to post a 5SOS cover on their semi-popular Youtube Channel, they’d never expect to be noticed by Michael Clifford himself. Could a simple tweet change everything?

disclaimer: I have no idea how long this fic is gonna be and I know you guys usually look for OS (and/or smut) but bare with me with that one. I’ve been thinking about that plot for a long time and I hope you’ll give it a chance. All feedbacks are more than welcome ♥




“Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold but you will remember mEeee—“

Reaching for my bedside table, it takes me all the strength in the world to grab my phone and slide my finger to the right to turn off the alarm. Picking a Fall Out Boy song seemed pretty cool a couple months ago but now that summer has started, giving me a chance to actually get some sleep, Patrick’s voice doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. I groan as I watch the clock: 7am. Who wakes up at 7am during Summer holidays? Not me. At least that’s all I’m thinking about as I go back to sleep, wrapping my arms around my pillow and trying to go back to my amazing dream.

Of course my mother has other plans for me.

“Rise and shine sweetheart! The early bird gets the worm!”
That’s one thing about my mother, she always has some stupid motto to shout back at me whenever I’m not doing exactly what she wants me to do. Which is … pretty much all the time, to be honest. Here’s what you need to know about my mother: she’s a beautician and owns her own salon, which means she takes pride in her perfect make-up and tamed blonde hair. I wouldn’t exactly say we don’t get along but our relationship remains in two situations: her complaining about my hair and eyebrows and me complaining about the fact she complains about my hair and eyebrows. Not exactly your perfect family portrait. The thing is, I can never do anything right. My mum is that kind of person who has unrealistic expectations of what her daughter should be like: feminine, polite, punctual, and healthy. Sadly –for her- I am the complete opposite. I like to wear ripped jeans, swear like a dude, usually have cold pizza for breakfast and I am most definitely never on time, except for gigs.

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💘 Top 10 Outlaw Queen Scenes (as voted by my followers) 💘
↳ 4. Scene at Zelena’s Farmhouse (3.15)


right from the start, you were a thief
you stole my heart

64/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


i want your secrets

(yeah well screw off basically uncle why’d you shoot my friend why not just ask politely seriously??? rude much???)