Awwww isn’t it sweet, Sasuke always got sooo little appearance in actual anime or movie despite the trailers or poster or preview 😢
-Note the sarcasm.


*slides across the floor*

who else is here for domestic married victuuri because i’ve been thinking about it for twelve hours and i’m not sure if i can get out of this hole ever again–

scribble bonus! c’mon yurio time is a factor


netflix’s 3%, episode 2 (2016)

it’s a common thing in scifi and fantasy stories to put a disabled character in their narratives or give a physically abled character a (mostly physical) disability for the purpose of offering them the chance to “cure” themselves through the story. of course it’s bc most of these stories are written by people who didn’t experienced some kind of situation like that. in this scene of 3%, fernando is telling michele that he felt his legs again bc he was given an opportunity to taste what the “better” place - the one they’re trying to go to - can offer to you; in other words the opportunity to be physically abled like most of people. usually they don’t put in these characters all the years or months or days that they had to deal with their disability and try to accept it as hard as they can bc that was their reality, that was how their lives would be for the rest of their lifetime. and here you have fernando, a brilliant black boy, who grew up in a poor and fucked up place, dropping truth bombs. it’s something we all should think more about, even more and more if we’re writing similar characters at some point. watch 3%, btw. 

I just can’t get over this scene. So powerful.

I’ve never seen Isak more enamoured than here. His eyes are closed and he’s craving Even’s kiss. He can’t wait to have that deep and intimate connection a kiss means with his love. He looks like he’s in a trance due to Even touching his neck, ear, hair and the back of his head.

Isak is experiencing real ecstasy here. This scene manages to be deeply sexual, intimate and soft at the same time. Two boys in love sharing a beautiful moment. Scenes like this make Skam an exceptional piece of art.