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It's weird how some tv shows have people sit in front of food and either takes the smallest of bites or doesn't eat it at all

its bc we do like 5 takes per shot with 5 shots per scene and like 3 scenes at the spoon per week and 75 baby taters is TOO MANY

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What kind of relationship do you think Horatio and Ophelia had? They didn't really interact in the play, but I mean they must have had to at some point since they were both pretty involved in Hamlet's life?


Yup, the text barely gives us any info about their relationship. I may have… uh… overshot the point of this ask, but I looked back at the scenes they shared and took some notes. ^ ^;; This is something I’ve been wanting to study for a while, so it could get a bit lengthy. 

Going over the play again, they actually seem more distant than I remember them. (Unless I’m missing some details. Please let me know if I did!)

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I loved your Catwoman post, I didn't even notice! We're there any other neat little things you noticed? I went to a really late showing and think I missed some details.

tbh the only other (mildly hard to notice) things that i noticed were these, but i’m sure there are more!

1. Janus

during Batman’s fight with the parademon at the beginning of the movie, we see the word “Janus” in big, bright, shiny letters on one of the buildings. it’s the company that was run by Roman Sionis, the original Black Mask, one of Gotham’s villains (we actually see him in the current Red Hood and the Outlaws run!)

2. also, that other detective that jim gordon talked to before lighting up the Batsignal?

pretty sure that’s Crispus Allen, aka Spectre. i might be wrong, but who knows?

3. this scene from the trailers, that somehow didn’t make it into the movie (at least i don’t think it did):

it’s cyborg flying, but it looks an awful lot like this scene from tim burton’s batman:

4. and, finally, my actual favorite:

all the camrips that i can find have conveniently cut off the bottom part from this scene, so i had to use the photo from this article (which is also a great source for other easter eggs!). that’s Ace Chemicals at the bottom, the place of origin for both the Joker and Harley Quinn


3x04 | 5x12


“I’m the spawn of Satan, I can’t escape my powers. I’ve always been afraid of facing, or even acknowledging them. But that was wrong. This is me. This is also who I am, Yukio. Until I accept my power, I’ll never be able to make any headway. So Yukio, please also accept my power, ok?”

things I need to see in season 3

1) max and eleven having a badass friendship??? like girls nights and shit give eleven a girl friend I’m here for this duo

2) mike screaming something like “that’s my girlfriend!” Or “my girlfriend’s a badass!” similar to that cliff scene in s1

3) hopper being a protective loving dad to eleven and whenever her and mike hang out he’s like “watch it wheeler”

4) more dad!steve™

5) Joyce and hopper idk

6) justice for jancy

7) mike teaching eleven vocabulary and helping her with school work

8) Billy’s death

9) will to get a fucking break he’s been thru so much

10) Dustin getting the love he deserves

11) more mileven sorry I’m trash