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OPEN. — ( plot: soulmates have the same birthmark in the same place. muse a and b are best friends, but have never seen each other in scarce enough clothing to see their birthmarks nor have they talked about it in depth for various reasons. one day, they go swimming and see each other’s birthmark. muse a is amused at their best friend being their soulmate, but muse b is less entertained. could end in platonic soulmates or actually develop into something. fun twist: muse b is dating someone who wanted to be soulmates. )

                   ❝ to be honest, i’m not shocked. ❞ erin had to admit, head tilted as she took a good look at the other’s mark. she had read a lot of articles that soulmates could’ve been anyone, really. the main thing was that they were two souls destined to meet in one life and the next. friend or otherwise, they were just meant to meet. the thought pleased the young woman, as the idea spoke a lot for their friendship, but it was strange how they didn’t seem as happy about everything as she was. ❝ i know it would’ve been more…fun if it was with someone you’re dating, but a lot of people say platonic soulmates exist. ❞ she explained, logical as ever.

4 days down for @aarondingleweek 3 to go and I got so good ideas I am excited for myself hihi but damn it takes fuckn ages to find all the scenes and make the screencaps ggezzz lol

His thin chest rose and fell rapidly as he watched Harry walking slowly nearer, his wand pointing straight at Black’s heart. 

“You killed my parents,” said Harry, his voice shaking slightly, but his wand hand quite steady.       

Black stared up at him out of those sunken eyes.       

“I don’t deny it,” he said very quietly. “But if you knew the whole story…”