“I don’t know any of you but that doesn’t matter does it? My family, the family you demonized and excommunicated, has fought and died through generations for this country. We do this thing for Wallachia and her people. We don’t have to know you all; we do it anyway. And it’s not the dying that frightens us. Its never having stood up and fought for you.

I’m Trevor Belmont of the House of Belmont and dying has never frightened me.”


Our commander on the Kerberos mission is the smartest man I ever met


those eyes (and eyelashes) should be made illegal tbh

things i liked about 6x10
  • malia and peter
  • theo trying to be the good guy
  • melissa x argent kiss
  • theo x liam
  • mason trying to find cory
  • mason trying to save cory
  • malia’s badass fighting 
  • stydia kiss !!!
  • father x son moment
  • the way season 6a ended the same way as season 1 began (with stiles and scott going to the woods)
  • stiles’ humors
  • malia’s cute little werewolf groan
  • lydia not losing hope
  • the good old sciles

gukdoo: “i should have taken you home. i’m sorry. also you pushed me, so what? what are you doing worrying about me? hurry up and go home okay.”