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Monsta X Descriptions

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  • .jpg
  • dresses like a college student 
  • rarely talks but whenever he does it’s like very heart touching
  • incredibly awkward
  • is a very precious bunny/pooh bear/ teddy bear like i live for shownu scenes in variety shows
  • LEGIT FATHER not just daddy material but- SERIOUSLY THEY CALL HIM DAD 
  • aBS// NICE BACK yessss


  • breathes ramen
  • abs on abs on abs why do you wear a shirt at all
  • has a tremendous fear of heights 
  • grease af
  • has A LOT A LOT of fluffy hair 
  • shooting aegyo ?? he does this cute pew pew aegyo wow i suck at explaining
  • hyungwon’s biggest fan  no i don’t ship them


  • will not hesitate to fight you 
  • hyperactive puppy
  • loves shownu oops my ship came out again
  • talks talks talks talks t a l k s
  • optimistic af
  • he’s that one guy who still believes in santa even tho he’s an adult


  • is nicknamed ‘tiny’ for a reason
  • loves to babied and praised
  • but is the mom & dances like one too (??)
  • always count on him to make fun of another member 
  • covers his face when he’s embarrassed usually when another member does something embarrassing
  • kihyuni aka gwiyomi replaced with his name
  • don’t be fooled, he’s not all that cute just watch him on stage and he’s a whole different story
  • slight dimples on his cheekbones when he smiles i d k how to explain this one too but it’s rlly adorable


  • “yes i will be a fucking model”
  • “5′11 it’s real” 
  • droopy eyes and a literal panda
  • inhales sleep like he will sleep through a natural disaster 
  • he’s a walking meme 
  • his giggle is contagious 
  • thick luscious lips 
  • fake maknae he’s the golden fountain of youth


  • “joohoney”
  • can lowkey english 
  • aegyo king i recommend the classic kuku kaka one
  • don’t get intimidated by him, he’s a huge squish ball
  • definition of a scaredy cat 
  • thighs fo’ dayzz
  • spits fire i’d buy his mixtape 
  • is the son of shownu


  • real maknae like he’s the actual youngest
  • can english pretty well
  • he’s the manliest guy within this group monsta x is the screamiest group ever
  • pls don’t make this guy do aegyo it’s rlly sad
  • spits fire too
  • is very quiet but once you get him going, he will not stop WILL NOT STOP
  • is married to jooheon gdi my ships keep spilling
  • “i.m winner foolish boys”
  • “i am what i am man”
Creepypasta #1070: Build-A-Bear

Length: Short

It’s late where I am. I’m online looking up information about build-a-bear. They do fix their bears, thank God. They even call it the build-a-bear hospital.

I was up late gaming, watching football replays, and so-on. I shut things down about an hour ago and headed upstairs. In the foyer, at the bottom of the stairs is where the kids’ school backpacks should be, but my youngest daughter’s wasn’t there. I searched the living room, no dice. I was tired (and still am) but I figured a couple of extra minutes now would spare them getting to school late tomorrow, so I kept looking. I even went out to the garage and looked in both cars and came up empty again.

I checked the den, when right above me I heard faint thumps and even some growling. The goddamn dog was in my youngest’s bedroom, up to no good by the sound of it. As quietly as I could tip-toe run up the stairs, I headed there ready to drag the pooch out to the den where he’d spend the night.

He’d already fled the scene of the crime: her favorite teddy bear, Charlie, was missing one arm and a leg and his stuffing was out; I could even see the little silk heart they put in for the kids. Damn it. The only fortunate thing was that it was the cheapest, basic bear they sell. I scooped up all of the bits and decided I’d go pick another one up tomorrow. None of the other toys, no Barbies, other stuffed animals, etc. had been damaged.

Stupid dog! I thought.

She loved this bear, or rather, had loved this bear - now it was garbage - and would be heartbroken especially when (or rather, if, I decided right then to not let this get out, so to speak) she found out her other best pal in the world, our chocolate lab Max, had torn it up.

Quietly making my way back out to the garage, I wrapped Charlie’s remains up in a shopping bag and lifted the lid on the large trash bin.

“Sorry, dude. You were her favorite.” I muttered.

And then…

and then the I heard a muffled voice from inside the bag. Coughing, raspy, labored and it just about made me drop dead from a heart attack.

It’s… it’s okay… just tell Marie I love her. I got… I got most of them… please, don’t linger out here, go back up, you and Max will scare the rest of ‘em off…

I was terrified. I dropped the bag and ran back up to my daughter’s bedroom. Curling around the bed - well, it’s hard to describe - there were shadows projected on the walls around her bed in the corner of the room, but there was nothing to make any shadows. Nothing to cast them. 

I yelled incoherently and flipped the room light on. Marie stayed asleep (how, I have no idea), but the shadows hissed and danced around, slipping over the ceiling and around the walls in my direction. I leaned out into the hall and threw my bedroom door open, planning to yell for my wife. 

Max bounded out of our room and into Marie’s and began to bark at top volume. That woke Marie up. Every bark seemed to dissipate or shatter or dissolve the shadow forms. Everything happened so quickly. They were all gone before she was fully awake. Of course, there was crying, and a commotion. My wife came in demanding to know what happened. I just told them Max had gotten out and raised a ruckus.


So now, I’m back down in the den. I dug out the baby monitor with camera and I’m keeping an eye on it while I make an “appointment” to get Charlie repaired.

When I went out to the garage, he was still on the floor in the bag. I picked it up and laid it gingerly in a cabinet where it wouldn’t be seen by Marie first thing in the morning when we rolled out to school. 

As I closed the cabinet door, I whispered: “I’ll get you fixed up, man." 

And I’m not entirely sure, but just as I stepped back into the house proper, I think I heard a scratchy voice back in the garage say: Thank you.

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Hey V!!! Can i like ask for a request with either Got7/BTS or Both when Y/n has an illegitimate child and they find out later in their relationship when they surprise visit her from tour. Like her kid lives with her parents when she's with one of thr members and when he leaves for tour, her kid stays with her? I hope it isnt much (Like she was raped and stuff) -Tweety

Of course, hope you enjoy it! (So, if I got it right it’s that before you met them you had an illegitimate child through rape or something, but you have been hiding it through you’re whole relationship, scared that they might think of you different afterwards, and DON’T WORRY I’LL WRITE THE GOT7 VERSION TOO!~)


[S/N = Son’s name, D/N = Daughter’s Name]


“Sweetie I’m hooome~” You walk into your apartment, surprised to see your son not in his room as always. You throw your backpack onto the couch. “Honey?-” You walk into the kitchen just to see your 5 year old son admiring your boyfriend Jin, who is currently cooking something. You were shocked, he wasn’t supposed to be here. He was on tour, but what is he doing here? Your son saw you and directly ran to you. “MOMMMYYYYYYY!” He jumped at you and hugged you tightly, and you hugged him back, not noticing the tears rolling down your face. “Mommy, why are you crying? What’s wrong? Why didn’t you tell me about daddy?” He pointed at Jin. Jin looked back at you with a reassuring smile, placing the knife down on the counter. “I’m sorry S/N… Sorry Jin.” You started sobbing and placed your son back on the ground. He went to Jin and grabbed his hand and pulled him over to you. “Do something, daddy!” Jin then placed his hands on your shoulders. “It’s okay Y/N, don’t cry, we can talk about this later okay. I love you Y/N, please stop crying.” He placed his lips against yours, sharing his love with you through a kiss. His hands wiped the tears from your face, and you could hear your son clapping in the back from excitement, he hasn’t had a real father and you guess he was just really happy to finally have some type of father figure. “Y/N, no matter what happens, you know I love you no matter what.” He looked deeply into your eyes.

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A Lafter I drew a few weeks ago! 

I wanted to wait until I finish the background, but if it goes anything like that Carta drawing, then I might never finish at all, haha. <_<;;

(In any case, this version works better with the nail polish and teddy bear than the final background will.) 

The nail polish is for her entrance scene, the teddy bear is for, well, her exit scene.

Family massacred in Portland

A community is in a state of shock after four children were found murdered, one left for dead, in their Portland home on May 9th. “I don’t understand,” says a neighbor who wishes to remain nameless. “They were all such nice kids. Things like this just don’t happen here.” The oldest brother has been reported as missing from the crime scene - Malachai, aged 22.

Police are reporting this massacre as “unfathomable” and “gruesome,” with murders ranging from death by hanging, to stabbing, and even drowning. Crime scene investigators were seen exiting the home in a state of shock. “Rest assured, we will find out who did this,” says Commissioner Gordon. “As a father, I will not stop until we catch this monster.” Gordon then pleaded for the community to respect the privacy of the massacre’s lone survivor.

Still, neighbors have come out in droves to pay their respects to what they refer to as “the nicest family on the block.” The well-manicured lawn may have been roped off, but the curb is covered in candles, teddy bears, flowers, and other offerings. The crime scene has been transformed with an out-pouring of support, fueled by an enormous sense of loss. A stirring testament to how well-liked this family was by their community.

The family was no stranger to grief, as two years ago they suffered a crippling loss in the passing of their mother. Since…

I really want to read the whole article. I’m pissed they didn’t let us read it.

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Tsuna growing old with his s/o, like hanging out with the grandkids and retiring


You watched in amusement as Tsuna and your grandchildren sat around a children’s table, mock serious looks on their faces. You held the tray of juice and snacks in your hands, wanting to watch the scene unfold as your husband played pretend with them.

“The Teddy Bear Family are saying they want to come and play on your playground and in return, will let you have 5 goldfish crackers for every 10 they collect there. Do you want to make this deal with Don Teddy,” Tsuna asked, a solemn look on his face as he fired the question at the 10 year old boy across him.

The boy’s 7 year old sister with your eyes pipped up, “But Big Brother, we already let the Raggedy Ann Family go in the playground. That’s not fair, the Teddies are mean to the Raggedies.” She picked up the cookie in front of her, shoving it in her mouth before continuing. “Besides, the Raggedies are nice to us.”

Your grandson frowned at his sister’s manners, or lack thereof. “But we can get more goldfish crackers from the Teddies!” He handed his napkin on his lap to his sister, noting how her’s was already destroyed. “And don’t talk with your mouth full, that’s not how ladies should act.”

Tsuna nodded sagely, fighting back a smile as his granddaughter pouted cutely at her brother’s reminder. “Manners are important, mia principessa, especially if you are in a meeting with allies. You too,” he looked at his grandson knowingly, “should also take note and be careful.”

Sì, nonno,” they chirped in unison, wanting to please their grandfather. Both took a sip of apple juice from their tea cups, the sound of the cups clinking on their plates ringing through the kitchen. It was then when they saw you, standing at the doorway with the tray.

Both children stood up right away, wanting to run to you for hugs and kisses. They stopped, not leaving their seats yet, when Tsuna cleared his throat loudly. He gave them playful leveled looks, his eyes sending them a message.

I have not dismissed you yet.

It was the first thing they remember learning when their grandfather started giving them his lessons. Always wait to be dismissed by the one who called the meeting.

“Tsuna,” you admonished, a smile on your face. “I want my grandchildren to hug me, you know.” And with that, he stumbled back a little as the two barreled straight into you. You held the tray up, not wanting to spill the juice or drop the snacks.

Your granddaughter offered to take the tray as your grandson took you by the hand. He led you to your seat next to Tsuna, pushing your chair in as much as he could as his sister placed the tray on the table. “Oh what wonderful manners,” you praised them.

The bright smiles they gave you were blinding, making you wish you had your phone to take pictures. You cooed at their cuteness, Tsuna laughing lightly at your reaction.

“Shall we continue, kids,” he asked a he poured everyone a new cup of apple juice while you handed out the snacks. “We were just discussing the offer the Teddy Family gave us.”

You gasped dramatically, “The Teddy Family? But aren’t we friends with their enemies, the Raggedy Ann Family?”

“I TOLD YOU!” your granddaughter shot at her brother.

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

As the kids went back and forth, all pretenses of being “big kids” aside, you and your husband exchanged fond looks. It was times like this that Tsuna believed it was worth all the work and pain he went through in life.

You and Tsuna would miss this when had you both had to move to Japan, leaving the Vongola behind for the next generation.

pros and cons of watching the host club anime

- kiss kiss fall in love
- good animation, osts and cast
- renge gets a lot of screen time
- anime ranka
- seriously this is one of koyasu’s best role ladies and gentlemen
- the wardrobe scene
- the church scene
- tamaki’s teddy bear gets a lot of screen time
- that one time tamaki was so jealous he ended the jurassic 
- that little guitar riff before the ending starts
- the haruhi in wonderland episode
- the halloween episode
- 50 shades of tamaki blushing
- “the club will be disbanded”
- its just so good

- kiss kiss fall down the bridge
- ????? ?? ?
- no season 2


Im in the bridge of happy and sad tears ;,). This chapter goshh… What can i say was sooo FUCKINGG!!! Cute and wonderfulll!! But it was soo dammm short! I want more of yuzu and mei. I am soo curious as to what is going to happen with their relationship (but we all know I’m not the only one). The teddy bear scene, yuzu grabbing Mei and kissing her, and if you look closely Mei is actually smiling. Their feelings for each other has grown so much that Mei initiated yuzu to go on a date with her. But, Mei still seems afraid to get her feelings hurt, and not only that shes afraid to actually express her feelings. Im waiting for the chapter when Mei tells yuzu “I LOVE U”. I hope Mei starts to set her feelings straight for yuzu and not into a goose chase, were everything is confusing.

I’m a bit scared of what harumin sister is going to do. *crosses fingers* i hope yuzu and Mei relationship don’t just go down the drain. I WANT A CHAPTER OF YUZU AND MEI LOVE!! :D when this chapter happens i know i would be able to die in peace. I gotta say tho my heart was about to come out of my chest. This chapter is one of the best chapters in Citrus history! Just i wish it was a bit longer, but I’m not really complaining xD. I got what I’ve wanted and I’ve waited
2 and ½ years for this scene. Noww… Another month for chapter 17 :( kill me now.

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So what made you fall in love with Darren? :)

Aww Anon. What a cute question.

First, he’s cute. Second, he’s a natural leader - quarterback, looks like the big bro of his group. Third, he’s not the stereotypical cocky jock. He’s a nice guy. He also seems to be a gentleman based on what I’ve seen in the scenes he is in. He’s like a big teddy bear, a gentle giant. I headcanon that he’s also a bit geeky. 😊 There you go. 💕


oliver queen appreciation week
day one >> your most memorable oliver moment

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Jake when he's sitting on the floor and crying while holding the little girl's teddy bear. That scene broke me

ur right

now i wanna cry

there’s so many for jake ffs MY POOR SON

Pretty Little Masked Clues

Masks have been prominently showcased in PLL since the very first season, which really got me thinking… A is someone we KNOW.  He/she has been hiding their face for a reason. They are hiding in plain sight.

This theory is really long, and I go down a few different avenues of clues and hints we have gotten throughout the series and make some connections. Hope you read until the end! 


In 3x13, “This is a Dark Ride,” Mona was in Radley, and she is seen painting this creepy mannequin head- which she claims is part of a Halloween art project. 

During this scene, Mona is singing the song, “Teddy Bears Picnic,” which is  VERY interesting, considering last week we learned that Mary Drake was blamed for the death of a baby named Teddy Carver. There has been a LOT of teddy bear imagery throughout the show…

The lyrics of the song Mona is singing are very creepy:

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic

Every teddy bear who’s been good is sure of a treat today
There’s lots of marvellous things to eat and wonderful games to play
Beneath the trees where nobody sees they’ll hide and seek as long as they please

That’s the way the teddy bears have their picnic

Picnic time for teddy bears
The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unawares and see them picnic on their holiday

See them gaily gad about
They love to play and shout
They never have any cares
At six o'clock their mummies and daddies will take them back home to bed
Because they’re tired little teddy bears.

*Very interesting…

I was remembering that episode from season 3 because in last weeks episode, “Along Came Mary,” Aria and Emily find a head in Elliot’s alleged burner apartment.

This REALLY made me think that Mona is involved in the A Game and has been working with Uber A right from the start. When the girls discovered her lair, Mona “revealed herself as A,” just like Cece revealed herself after the Dollhouse. I believe Uber A makes his/her minions take the fall anytime someone comes too close to discovering the truth.

Remember when the girls are in the Dollhouse and there are all those mannequins at the ‘prom’?  Maybe Mona knew the Dollhouse was in the plan all along, and even back then A had her working on them.

Masks have been a HUGE theme of this show, starting first with the original Ali mask.

Then there was the masked figure who was supposedly trying to kill Ali in the first Halloween episode. 

The Emily Mask….

Everyone involved with the A team are ALWAYS WEARING MASKS….

And since we know that Mona was NOT murdered, it makes me think this face looked so realistically dead because its a mask…

And now if all of that wasn’t mysterious and creepy enough, there are now super realistic masks on the show. 

The Wilden mask Elliot wore to make Ali think she was going crazy.

The Hanna mask A put on a doll that he/she hung from the Bell Tower.

And in the coming attractions for next weeks episode, “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” we see yet ANOTHER mask. 

I believe the Uber A has been the SAME person throughout the whole show, with Big A and other minions working for him/her. Over the course of the years, their mask making talent has grown leaps and bounds and become incredible. 

[And i know we saw a book titled “Mask Making” in Mary’s things, but I definitely do not think she is the one making masks or that shes A/she just has a connection to Uber A somehow that we have not found out yet]

So all of these masks really made me believe that A is someone who LOVES the arts. A few characters come to mind, but for me at least- the biggest is EZRA.

Ezra wearing this solider costume in Ravenswood always bothered me, especially because of the gas mask we have seen so often on the show…

I also always felt like Mrs. Grunwald’s comment (which was in this episode), “One of you has been touched by the one Ali fears the most,” was directed to Aria. That was a very direct statement and the word touched sounded like “someone who has touched your life.” Ezra is a HUGE part of Aria’s life, and has been since the A game started. 

Aria loves photography and writing. Lets remember what A did at Aria’s big art exhibit… 

And Ezra’s very wealthy family OWNS an art gallery, always has prominent art work on the walls of his apartment, is also a writer, PLUS his family is extremely rich, which could be funding all the things that A has done over the years.

Remember when the girls find all those close-up photos of Aria sleeping, and they ask Jason and he swears that he did not take them. Who did? A did. Interestingly enough, A is also watching a black&white movie (Aria’s FAVORITE) with a masked character…. And who would have the perfect opportunity to photograph Aria while she was asleep?…Her BOYFRIEND.

This could DEFINITELY be Ezra. I originally thought A was using these photos to make a mask of her face, but we have never seen an Aria mask the entire show. In the top right corner of the above picture, there is a photo of Wilden in his police uniform….Last weeks episode when we saw those pictures of Widens face in the closet (which we know was used to make a mask) was a huge parallel to this episode.

Specifically in the close up photos of their lips.

The girls end up hitting Elliot with their car and killing him.

In “Hit and Run Run Run,” they bury him in the forest. He is DEAD. Interestingly enough, Ezra was away in NY during that episode.

BUTTTT, this is PLL…and the police said that Elliot was spotted in Baltimore. 

In “Along Comes Mary,” Mary rips apart a picture of Ali and Elliot…

I think that it’s relevant that instead of ripping the picture in half between Ali and Elliot’s head, she splits the picture of Elliot’s head in half. This is definitely symbolizing something. Is it a clue that Elliot was “two-faced” or a hint he has a twin? Or just noting the fact that he pretended to be someone else (since hes not really Elliot Rollins)? The possibilities go on and on, but to me personally, it made me think of none other than Ezra Fitz. 

Ever since we were introduced to Elliot, I have thought that he looks soooooooooo much like Ezra.

I think it is very interesting that Ezra was conveniently not in Rosewood at the same time “Elliot” was spotted in Baltimore… I absolutely think they know each other.

And we cannot forget that Ezra has always been a bit suspicious. He had all those computers set up to film the girls everywhere they went. There is NO WAY that he was doing that for a book, I just do not believe it.

Notice the picture of Wilden in the left side of the frame?….And if he was just writing a book then why does he have A hoodies lined up in a closet?????

Lets not forget that Alison rejected him-was that enough for him to take revenge?  Is he the real ChArles or maybe Mary’s son? Mary gave birth to a child while she was in Radley. The child was given up for adoption. Or the DiLaurentis family had a baby and once they realized he was mentally unstable they gave him away? Maybe the Fitzgerald family adopted him….Later on in life he found out about his true family ties, and decided to get vengeance. 

When his surveillance lair was found out- he made up the story about writing a book to explain away all the suspicions…Just like he instructed Mona to take the blame for being A and Cece to take the blame for the Dollhouse… 

He was at Alison’s funeral, then conveniently became the 4 Liars and Mona’s teacher, and then started dating Aria. His relationship with Aria has kept him in the inner loop throughout the entire ordeal. He always knows how much the girls know. Lolita has been mentioned countless time throughout the series, which is a story about a teacher falling in love with a young girl. 

Then there are the Great Gatsby references. Aria dressed up as Daisy and Ezra’s class was reading Gatsby when A hit Hanna with a car. Interestingly enough, a huge part of the book is about a woman getting run over by a car. F Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book. There is the billboard of eyes “always watching” just like in the book.

They are ALWAYS referencing his apartment #- 3B.

Has Ezra been hiding in PLAIN SIGHT as A the entire series?

I don’t know how, but he is linked to all of this somehow, I feel it in my bones. There are just too many coincidences.

-He was on the Halloween Train-He has the money;rich family-He was working with CeCe-He has the infamous typewritter in his apartment -He drinks the same Whiskey as A-You see his anger sneak out every once and awhile, and it’s explosive-Aria found all that money in his drawer after Jason paid someone for Alisons body-He has ‘Pretty Eyes’….just to name a few more.

Back to my main point: Masks have been all over this show from the very beginning and have evolved and grown. 

Ezra is the only character on the show that has such a passion for art, and the money and resources to do everything A has done…

I would LOVE IT if Ezra was A. He has always been one of my absolute favorite characters. 

This post was kind of all over the place and included a million thoughts I have been having lately, but I hope you guys liked it! Wrote it in honor of PLL not being on tonight. Cant wait for next week.