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HAIKYUU!! 2nd season - ep. 23 - Yahaba vs. Kyotani

“If you track dirt onto our senpais’ stage, I’ll never forgive you.”

The 102- Part 4: Self Destruct

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader 
Characters: Murphy, Clarke, the reader, Bellamy, a few unnamed teenagers, mention of Luke, Octavia, Monty, Jasper, and Finn 
Warnings: swearing, angst, violence 
Summary: After a huge let down, the reader finds herself caught in the middle of a power struggle at camp. 
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A/N: Feedback is appreciated! I’m loving writing this series for you guys and I’m glad people are enjoying it:) 

On your way back to camp, you felt weightless. Just the possibility of seeing Luke after all those months made you feel lighter, as though all the trials you’d faced in your time being locked up were preparing you for that moment. When you first saw him again you weren’t sure how you’d react, maybe you’d cry or maybe you’d break down. 

It was bittersweet that he was down there with you though. Because if he really had left the Ark once and for all, Stella was all alone up there. The lines of her face had blurred from how long the two of you had been apart, but if you focused you could see the outlines of her adorable little features. She was nearing her 12th birthday, just as you and Luke were both nearing your 18th and 13th. It would kill you to miss seeing her grow up, to miss seeing her juvenile features shape into a real person. Would she be okay by herself? Or would she become bitter and resentful just as you had?  

It was a fair to say that you’d been hardened by the arrest, and everything leading up to and following it. While there was a time when you walked happily down the halls of the Ark, not truly understanding any of the danger or misfortunes that could fall upon you, that was dead and gone now. You’d seen how easily families could be ripped apart because you’d watch it happen to your own from such a young age. So as a result, you never wore your heart on you sleeve or really opened up about anything; hell, you were more guarded than the Sky Box. It wasn’t a weakness, it wasn’t a strength it was just how you were, and how you thought you’d always be. 

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mrspoppypuff  asked:

The credits for "Doing Time," an old SpongeBob episode you boarded, list the character "Mrs. Puff's Dad" but he is never seen in the final version of the episode. According to a commentary, the scene with Mrs. Puff's dad was cut out after his dialogue was already recorded. Do you remember how Mrs. Puff's dad related to the plot, what he did, or anything at all about him? (I know you haven't worked on SB for years, but I'm a huge Mrs. Puff fan and I thought you'd be the best person to ask...)

I literally remember nothing about this episode.


I was going through The Rapture and discussing it with officialcroissookie and it occurred to me that Jimmy asleep in front of the television is a parallel to John asleep in front of the television in the pilot…

This establishes a parallel between Azazel and Castiel, both showing up and turning the Winchesters’ and the Novaks’ families upside down.

Both Azazel and Castiel technically have consent to enter the lives of the Winchesters and the Novaks, but of course it’s a very debatable consent since neither Azazel of Cas explain the situation completely to Mary and Jimmy.

Both Azazel and Castiel separate a family: Mary gets killed, leaving her sons alone, Amelia gets abandoned and later leaves Claire, but both re-enter their children’s lives on an occasion where they sacrifice themselves for their children (Mary in Home, Amelia in Angel Heart). John stops being a decent dad, so basically is taken away from his sons, Jimmy is taken away from Claire.

But, of course, Azazel is on Lucifer’s side and wants the apocalypse to happen, Cas joins Dean and Sam in their mission to stop the apocalypse. Azazel corrupts Sam with the demon blood - basically sends him to hell both metaphorically and indirectly literally since Sam decides to solve their apocalypse problem by sacrificing himself and jump into the cage - and also indirectly causes Dean to go to to hell. Cas heals Dean from hell, and later heals Sam from the consequences of his staying in hell by taking Sam’s illness on himself. Azazel shatters them, Cas puts the pieces together again.

The difference lays on what John and Jimmy are (not) watching on the television. On John’s tv there are soldiers fighting in the trenches, on Jimmy’s tv there is a non-threatening person dressed in white, talking about how he was injured/felt sick while repairing a vehicle and was rescued by a man that he describes as “an angel”, and on the screen we see the scene, that includes puffs of smoke shaped like wings around the rescuer. Then we see a shot of the earth seen from space - a clear metaphor of Cas’ point of view towards the planet that he’s going to save. John, because of Azazel, forced Dean to become a soldier in a world of mud and blood, Castiel saved Dean.