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Ageswap Terumob is important to me

This is a scene from this beautiful fic *u* (I dont know if the author is here on tumblr or not, if someone knows, hmu!)

(Do not repost my art.)


Found out the author is right here on tumblr! They are @amaranthinecanicular and heres the tumblr post for the story

Carol and Therese’s love scene is so beautifully shot it looks like those Renaissance paintings that were animated to make them look real; Carol and Therese’s love scene is a modern day work of art and I can’t wait where they put its frame by frame shots on art museums someday


That’s when I remembered a line I heard on a TV show long ago; ‘Rugby is just lawful brawling.’ Get it? I mean, the whole point is to send your opponents flying. The stupid stuff I always used to do was a sport!

“And what kind of guy wants to lose a fight?”

ebumi masaru in episode 6