scene penguins

Some things from my childhood that are now gone

- the Barbie website was lit, like I’d go on all the time but now it’s like completely trash
-Pixie hollow, brooo I would go on pixie hollow for hours and like when I found out they shut it down I was so sad
- shout-out to all my Webkinz, hope y'all are alive in well but the website is trash now
- the playhouse Disney website was like the place to be, I loved it so much and I would spend so much time one

- at least I still got Polly pockets and my scene girls websites

Ok, I can explain… I’d read a Freezewald’s fic where Victor can control his body temperature for a little time with the help of a special tea made by Ivy, so I just imagine the first time he did it! If you want to read it, here’s the fic that ispired me and that’s also one of my favourite! It’s from the talented @languageofbirds 💜💙
Sorry for that *run away* XD


those eyes (and eyelashes) should be made illegal tbh

You can see both Ed and Oswald trying to hold onto their anger and need for revenge. Ed when he says, “You’re ALIVE?” And Oswald when he makes a grab for Ed. But the anger fades so quickly from both of them, revealing so much sadness…and love.


Follow the numbers!

I had to do this the dock scene… It’s not that I did not like it but it was just so damn SAD!!! 

And I had to come up with a different reason to why would Ed throw Oswald into the water. 

I also brought Victor to this because I like him, he is awesome! 

I know silly but well… it is less miserable than the truth :L 

I hope you guys can read my handwriting. 


Galavan was telling Penguin what to do. Knocking off the candidates, torching the buildings… Kidnapped Penguin’s mother. He was keeping her for leverage.