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black magic [m]

credit: x.

❛❛im one of the brightest witches at this prestigious magic academy and ur a human who somehow got admitted and everyone knows u dont ACTUALLY have magic but cant prove it so they hate u for it but i actually like you??? and have a crush on u??????? our paths have just never crossed until ur class blew up n somehow we became class partners and– hold on what do you mean we fucked up this spell so we wanna fuck each other’s brains out??❜❜ AU

COUNT → 18.430

GENRE → smut 

PAIRING → taehyung | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | mild cum play | explicit language | female masturbation (male if you squint) | oral sex | penetration | graphic dirty talk

NOTE → this was requested and inspired by @blueagust!!!!!! the idea went thru several stages and yelling over kkt but this is the final product :-D im sorry mom

You hated everyone at this fucking academy.

It wasn’t just that they always smelled like unicorn turds—and that wasn’t a compliment because unicorns had the nastiest smelling shit in the entire universe—but they were so arrogant and had this fucking superiority complex when it came to humans. You were sure if they actually lived with them and in human society instead of hidden away at some prestigious academy they wouldn’t pull this bullshit in the first place, but they still despised them.

Or maybe it was just one human they despised in particular.

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@genzelda told me about how Sasster would be a mom in an rpg and i died. All I could think about was a retro styled Sasster when i drew the first doodle.
Then I thought it would be funny to see Gen and Sasster swap roles :’) Like, Sass lost a bet or something and now he has to pretend to be a mom while Gen takes on the dad role. 

Dang does Sasster make one hot momma.

@stealthnerd I hope you enjoy these too! I couldn’t stop smiling while drawing this and now my face hurts :’D


At last he murmured “Why?”.
I kissed his cheek, damp and salty. I could feel his heart beating against my ribs, and wanted nothing more than to stay there forever, not moving, not making love, just breathing the same air.
I had to,” I said.

secretlystephaniebrown  asked:

Fluff Week: Red team sleepover!

They’re watching a horror movie (it’s the star wars prequels). Sarge is super excited to have his nails painted red, the color of true soldiers. Yes, Donut has a ‘Sarge 2′ poster in his room.

Did I give Lopez a pillow just so I wouldn’t have to deal with armor? You’re damned right. Sorry this is so sketchy and uncolored, I’m absolutely awful at colors when there’s a bunch of people.

‘HERCULE POIROT’, women’s dressmaker!
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, chapter 6

the light’s fading. soon, titan territory shall be no more, and we’ll all be transformed into pumpkins at midnight.