scene kid au

scene kid (+ preppy ibuki) pixels!!

i was streaming and kellan showed up and i like FLIPPED OUT because his art is so great and it was what i was basing these things off of like omg 

we all had a good time while i made these for a few hours

and lookie here theyre all transparent for your blog! just make sure you dont claim them as yours.


the lack of fem!komahina was upsetting me so i drew some with komaeda trying to teach hinata the ways of the scene kids

because scene kid au kicks ass

oh my god do i try


here’s a color tutorial for a very lovely person!! ehehe I’m sorry if this isn’t very helpful I tried my best in explaining the best I could;;;it’s tough putting something instinctual into words

I don’t have the right to tell anyone on how to color, etc.  This is just how I do it from my experience and what I find visually appealing!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! I will try to answer the best I can;;;


Oh yesss

I made the full body sprites of them, yes

I thought it would be best to make them eventually, but i couldn’t think of any ideas, but seeing sol–lux ’s little sketch of the baes gave me the idea, but oh my god, thank you for that sketch and the hugee amount of likes and reblogs, i swear it was so amazing to see ! ; v ; So here you go, the little gay babies 

gerardway2006 asked:

komaeda realizing that he IS a scene kid. and so begins the rise of xxxHopeFuckerxxx, and his bf, xxxAnimeHairMemesYoloSwagxxx

hinata decides enough is enough and does everything komaeda did to join

> becomes izuru except with more hairspray, teased hair and neon highlights. ‘Hardcore’ he thinks. he finally ascends to shsl scene kid