scene kid au


I havent finished Dr3 tbh Im only one chapter in ><’’ 
but ive thought about scene kid ouma and here he be, i figure hed wear a skirt and jeans or short shorts because why not? his shirt would be a shirt he found that he probably got (ordered) someone to mark the name of a band on. 

and he still has his scarf

ALSO!! tHANK YOU for the compliment all compliments mean so much to me weeps especially when im stuck in school trying to keep up with myself ;w;/)

I…don’t really know. Is this scene enough?

I got the absolutely brilliant idea to grace this world with a (rather poorly drawn) design for Scene Kid!Harukawa. You’re all very welcome.

@holy-shit-dangan-ronpa This is what happens when people tell you to follow your dreams.