scene is not dead


“She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever, she gets taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lightning … I’ll kill you"


My god my heart is melting… god. D and C 4 L.I.F.E, A PROUD SHIPPER FOR LIFE! I think we might be the 1st to upload the FULL, FULL SCENE, so proud of that. See you WALKING DEAD TUESDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL AMAZING PEOPLE, HUGS AND HUGS AND HUGS!! <3


The many faces of Nefertari Vivi from EP.776/777 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Ok I actually really loved this episode so much. Magnus and his cats! A family reunion! Maryse! Malec! Magnus saving the day! Climon! Raphael! Max! That rune ceremony scene was amazing! Jace and Magnus talking about Alec! Ahhh. I. Am. Dead. I legit screamed. Wtf is gonna happen next week. Also Madzie has to be ok! Maia slayed my life. Malec confirmed having sex! Alec almost dying was fucking crazy and just ahhhh. I am speechless

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Did you hear that they're playing every little thing she does is magic by sleeping at last in the episode tonight? We're all hoping it's during the ballroom scene

LISTEN. IF THIS IS TRUE CATCH ME DEAD. I really hope it’s not a song for k*ramel though…… also do you have a source?!?!

i legit will sob if that song is used for a sanvers scene because its so perfect.

Here’s the song for anyone wanting to listen:

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Idk if this is a discourse but my thing is floriana's voice being High and excited while maggie's voice is low and demanding (? Idk if that's the right word). When she said "you get one, alex" I swear I said immediately to the TV "yes ma'am" LOL I theres a scene where she says "Alex, come here now" u will find me dead on the floor

We’ll all be down there with you tbh.