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if there were ever to be a homestuck movie, i would hope to god that the go-to, repeated-far-too-often, trailer joke would be john, standing in the bathtub in the stairway, staring balefully at his cell. “rose, you can see me right. tell me. whats wrong with this picture.” preferably being cut to after a shit-ton of action scenes.

YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE??? The fact that in YOI, the whole concept of being “gay” is like, not a thing. There’s just love, everyone accepts everything, there’s not a term for a female that likes females and males that likes males, there’s just love. Honestly that scene with phichit made me so happy and the pair skating askdflk I want to live in that universe… heavy gay sighing

Also because I’m trash I’ll bring up the fact that this reminded me of Homestuck.

There was a point that Karkat pointed out that trolls didn’t have a word for different orientations and that it was dumb how humans did and asked how are supposed they keep track of everything if everything had a label considering that the only thing trolls had as categorization was very loosely defined as “best friends” (moirails), “lovers” (matesprit), “enemies” (kismesis) but even then, this was considered a fairly intimate thing to initiate, and “enemies + mediator” (auspistice). 

There wasn’t much point to this, just kinda pointing it out but yeah. This little parallel made me really happy. 

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"ARANEA: In fact, I spent considera8le time and effort seeking out the Lost Cheru8 for myself." this careful phrasing is so fucking in character for her /clap clap

I’ve been sitting on this ask for a little bit just because it made me THAT happy. Thank you SO much for the compliment, it means so much coming from you! 

And also thank you for being a fan of Act Omega, it is honestly one of the things that has made me the most happy about making it. 

HS Yearbook Award Meme:

anonymous asked: KHR + 18 (most likely to become president/prime minister)


hs yearbook: itstheaqueen asked the 100 + best bromance

This is an unfinished project I’m working on, but I can’t bring myself to finish it, because I lack motivation and the skill it would require. So because I don’t have anything else to post, please enjoy this wip

edit: i noticed the colors look kinda oversaturated here, but if you click at it its fine just wanted to mention that or idk maybe its just me being blind af

New Free! Project Announced!!!

At tonight’s High Speed! live viewing and stage greeting, it was announced Free! will be getting a new project!

The teaser showed the HS scene of Haru reading Rin’s letter, “Rin, I’ll also be like you.” before announcing “NEW FREE! PROJECT” The nature of the project (new season, movie, etc.) is unknown!