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The Boy Squad out and about in the real world (inspired by Sacha’s post):

March 17th - Walking away from filming the first scene of season 4, captured on Henriks’ Instagram Story.

May 12th, day - Sightseeing around Bergen prior to Gullruten. From Henrik’s Instagram post the day after.

May 12th, evening - Together on the red carpet of Gullruten.

June 25th - Sacha’s post from earlier today taken on unknown date.
Christmas Prompt with Peter Parker

@lilaudrey23: #14 with Peter Parker please 


Prompt list

You slowly made your way through the crowd, to the sofas in the corner of the large room. The Stark tower was decorated from head to toe with Christmas decorations. A beautiful, holographic, tree loomed over everyone in the center of the room with people dancing around it. 

All sorts of superheroes were here but they were busy chit-chatting among themselves and getting drunk. Some of them were wearing masks, some were not. You could recognize and lot of them but they had no idea who you were. You were just a small vigilante from Chicago City. 

Parties weren’t your scene. You preferred small hangouts where you can actually hear your conversation and don’t have to worry about the other person being too drunk to remember anything. 

You pulled out your phone and started mindlessly scrolling when you felt someone take a seat next to you on the sofa. You turned to find a handsome, yet scrawny young man seated. You gave a close-lipped smile before going back to your phone when he talked, “I’m Peter. Peter Parker, actually. Or- Spiderman.” He extended his hand out and introduced himself. 

You looked up and smiled, “Hey Peter, my name’s (y/n).” You shook his hand. 

“Nice to meet you-” He smiled but his eyes went wide, “Wait… are you the superhero from Chicago, who single-handedly took down the-” 

“The Night Walker gang? Yeah, i am… how did you figure that out?” You watched in awe as finally someone recognized you. 

“I- uh, I’m a huge fan.” He ran his hand through his hair nervously and you blushed.

“That’s a first…” You said, “Spiderman’s a fan of me? I can now die in peace,” You joked. 

A breath of awkward silence came between you two for a few minutes before he spoke out again, “Since you’re not from around here… what do you say I show you around my city? Besides this party really isn’t for teens,” He smiled with excitement in his eyes. Please say yes. He prayed. 

You pursed your lips before leaning in and smirking, “Peter Parker, are you asking me to sneak away with you?”

He became nervous and began mumbling, “Umm.. maybe? You don’t have to- I mean- we can stay here-” 

You chuckled before taking his hand, “I’d love to.” You met his eyes and smiled. 

“So where are we going first?” Peter lead you into the staircase and you guys began running up the stairs. 

Many floors passed before you and him reached the highest floor; the terrace. “Ready?” He asked while panting. 

You nodded excitedly. 

He took a deep breath before pushing open the door, and pulling you outside into the cold.  

#1 on my Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC wishlist

Something reminiscent of Mass Effect’s Citadel DLC where you all do a cheesy slapstick adventure, have a date/hangout scene with each crewmember, then throw a party. Varric’s hangout scene consists of the two of you conspiring to reunite Hawke with his/her LI by inviting each of them to the party without revealing that the other will be there.


“If you want t just recreate this right now, take a screen grab y'all.” -mamrie

My finished drawing of the #HeyUSA Hangout is finally done! Hope every one likes it! :D