scene gig

Shooting the Kiss Scene - tough gig?

How many takes I wonder - probably more than just one, right?
If I’d been magically teleported into Kate’s shoes (or Emerald’s tbh - but I’ll go with Kate’s) at that precise second, I think it probably would’ve gone something like this…

Take 1
Me: Wow! But my timing was a bit off. I can do better - can we go again?

Take 2
Me: Nope, sorry… I think I can get better contact. Again…?

… several hours and 350 takes later
Emerald: I can’t feel my lips anymore…
Me: Don’t worry - I can. Can we go again?

…can you imagine? … I mean, I’ve had way worse days at the office…


“We’re the kids who didn’t really fit in, who’ve become ambassadors for those kids. I didn’t feel particularly cool when I was 16 or 17 but I felt accepted in a community of alternative music and the gig scene. I feel like we represent the comfort found in that. We’re kind of like the new emo: we’re not emo, but we have the same fan craziness.”

Listen, as much as I love people being nice to Gig and kind and loving towards Gig and being friends to him and ending up as Soulmate Status, because that is a lovely thing and something we both can’t get enough of– 

…Is it bad if I also crave the antagonists, the people that want to give Gig shit, people to put Gig through hardship and trials - I’m not even talking about hateships or anything like that, but people who would scoff at Gig’s Indestructible God status, and demand that he prove it. Shove him into the dirt. Making him fight to earn his respect, and even if he were to win, he’s still going to be nothing to them. 


Chapterhouse - Moles, Bath 21st March 1991 Always one for pestering my favourite pop stars. After cancelling their earlier gig they kindly wrote to me on tracing paper & sent me an ep.

Cypher Confessions (Suga, You) Scenario
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Hey guys! So for this scenario, there’s going to be a rap battle. I’m no rapper (obviously) so instead, I wrote the message of their rap , which is italicized. Just imagine that it’s actually rhyming and following the beat, ayt? Hahaha! Ok, that is all. Carry on. XD

A point. 

I lost by a freakin’ point!

You openly glared at the boy who was currently leaning by your locker with a smug face on. You wanted to wipe off that smile from his pale face as he waved in front of you the recently returned Math exam the two of you took the day before. 

“Face it, Y/N.” He smirked. “I’ll always be better than you.”

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