scene ftw


He leaned in, giving me time to pull away. I could feel his breath when he said, “I love it when you quote me.”


I’m so glad I went to the park today. It was going to be such an ordinary day if you hadn’t been reading that book!


Happy Holidays, Pris 


The Lucas and Maya scene right through from “is this spot taken?” Until their incredible non verbal reaction to Farkle’s blab is literally up there with my favourite Lucaya interactions.

The little smirk on his face when he turned round to Maya confessing he was saving it for someone. The honesty in his reply that he didn’t know anymore because Maya’s revelation of her feelings has literally changed everything. Notice how they’re not so awkward, especially on Maya’s part when they’re alone? She comes out with some of the most heartfelt words all season. She embraces how she feels about him and it’s honestly ADORABLE. Followed by Lucas’ “well that makes up for everything” with that beautiful smile emphasising just how much that meant to him.

What gets me the most is their facial expressions once Farkle blabs. Their own jaws hitting the floor, realising their brief embracing of feels episode is apparently up. (WHEN THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER oh my). Especially, their faces when Farkle apologises to them. It’s like it means nothing, as if their own little world has turned upside down.

I will never get over Maya’s heartbroken little face as she realises her best friend’s secret and how this will change everything, yet again.