scene from tt


ending scene vs bonus  

  • Me before I write the scene: Oh this scene will just be about 1000 words, no big deal, just slip it into this chapter and it'll be done.
  • Me writing the scene: Oh it’s... getting a bit longer than expected. I’m not even done it yet either. Might end up as a long-ish chapter now.
  • Me still not done the scene: How... is this one scene already 2500 words... why... how... no...
  • After it's done: that scene took up most of this chapter wtf why can't I write.

anonymous asked:

I think we now know what that filthy parchment of heresy was in the now-famous heresy scene from TTS. One of the many, many tomes of the chaos goddess of wonder that she leaves in her wake to tempt mortals to her service, each one full of wonders, delights, and "heresy". So much "heresy".

The Goddess of Chaos sends her heretical regards. art by @crysdrawsthings