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To all of you who complain that theo should have taken liams pain and not gabes

I understand, I really do. I’m a hardcore thiam shipper and I would have loved seeing them become canon on the finale. The scene in which theo takes gabes pain is meant to be a contrast to masons words in 6x18: you can’t take away pain if you don’t care. It is meant to show that theo does care. Now what would it show if it was liams pain that theo had taken? It would show that he truly cares about liam, which would be fine because thiam, but it wouldn’t show theos character development. Now, we have theo take away gabes pain. That means a lot. You can take away someone’s pain if you care about them. And here’s the thing: theo cares about gabe, no matter what gabe had done to them, because at this point he doesn’t like seeing people in pain. He used to be the one to cause so much pain (and enjoy it) and he used to be ruthless. But right now, he doesn’t like seeing people in pain. That shows just how far he has gone, from being the one to cause pain to being the one that takes it away. None of the others would have helped gabe, but he did it. Also, when gabe was shot, he grimaced and looked away. This is another reminder of his development. Am I mad that thiam didn’t happen? Yes. Am I mad that they didn’t include theo in the end? ABSOLUTELY. But I’m not mad about it. This scene shows just how much theo CARES. Not for gabe, not for anyone in particular (well perhaps liam) but for everyone. It shows that he’s grown and that he’s changed and that he has a heart and to me it is perfect.


└ Power of five connect in a powerful storm.

Cr: Tsunagu PV + Making of + JAL CM + MS Ultra FES 2017

Wish I bought tickets for Coachella this year. The lineup looks sick.


Daisuga - Jealousy

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