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There’s a trope I’ve run into on several occasions in wuxia comics where there’s, like, this evil doctor who magically weaponises the smoke from his opium pipe, pulling off stunts like vanishing into clouds of impenetrable smoke, attacking his enemies with streams of toxic vapour, etc.

(I’m sure they must be referencing something in particular, though I don’t know enough about the medium to positively identify the original.)

I just had a vivid mental image of that exact fight scene, except instead of an evil doctor with a magical opium pipe, it’s a fedora-wearing nerdbro with a magical vape pen.

I’m not sure what to do with this.

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hey toasty! i love your art and i was just wondering how you get inspiration for what pose(s) you're going to use when you're drawing, and if you have any tips for just generally making something a bit more detailed/exciting? hope you have a great day! ♥

hello and thank you! ^O^ for dynamic poses…mmmm…with fight scenes or what have you, I can just think “what would they do next?” and then try real hard to draw it the way I see it in my head.

I’d suggest practicing gesture drawing (you’ll get more comfortable with drawing the human body and your lines will get more fluid!) and pushing the line of action/perspective in your drawings!  even if it looks ridiculous or silly, just have fun with it!  and start with the most energetic, swoopy sketch you can before cleaning it up. ^u^

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Can you just believe it?! After all these years... CS will getting married ! I remember when I ship it in season 2. Oh god. That's so beautiful.


I remember seeing all the speculation and theories from shippers about when and how they’d get together (and salty antis calling Captain Swan a crackship lolol). Like I remember a VERY SPECIFIC text post with gifs of the s2 sword fight scene and someone saying how they couldn’t wait until the “fighting” turned into kissing - and this was way before s3 ever aired.

I remember all the theories about Killian’s backstory before it was really fleshed out (everyone thought he was Peter Pan).

I remember all the season 2 fanfics that people wrote, and when those few fics were literally all we had. People were writing fics about them getting married, even back then.

I remember all the early manips and graphics.

I remember when the CS fandom was SMALL.

I remember how I fucking teared up when Killian came back with the bean in the season 2 finale.

I remember how I LEGIT SCREAMED when the first kiss promo came out.


And then EVERYTHING HAPPENED and he traded his ship for her and Emma let down her walls and she allowed herself to love him and now they’re true love??? AND GETTING MARRIED. LIKE LEGIT MARRIED. 

Like…we have been waiting so long for this. I just can’t believe it.

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Naruto Challenge

I was tagged by @cornelia1992 (I’m back!)

Name your Favorite

  • Female Character(s): Sakura Uchiha
  • Male Character(s): Sasuke Uchiha
  • Team: 7
  • Sensei: Jiraiya
  • Hokage: Hashirama
  • Kage: Gaara
  • Village: Konoha
  • Akatsuki: Itachi & Pain
  • Jutsu: Banshō Ten'in, Shinra Tensei, Chibaku Tensei and Tsukuyomi
  • Episode/Chapters: Canon Episodes
  • Fight Scene: (Oh this is hard) 1. Itachi Vs. Sasuke 2. Gaara Vs. Lee 3. Naruto Vs. Pain
  • Fanfiction: I forgot the title… sorry!
  • Story Arc: I like everything if you remove all the fillers (Except Kaguya’s)
  • Filler: Kaguya’s (I dunno the title)
  • OTP (explain why): SasuSaku - Complex pairing. I like how Sakura developed her character because of her love for him.
  • NOTP (be nice): Except from Sakura, any character paired with Sasuke hurts my eye.
  • Crackship(s): None
  • BROTP: sasunaru, narusaku, sakuino, 
  • OT3: Team 7, inoshikachou
  • Crossover Ship: None.
  • Do you have any headcanons: Hmm… too many. I write fanfics which is always canon based, so you may read them, hehe..,
  • Are you happy with the ending? What would you have done differently? Yes. Naruto became Hokage, and I was surprised that Sasuke’s alive. So the ending for SasuSaku is a bonus for me. I don’t have any complain about the conclusion, I respect the manga wholeheartedly. Maybe I love how Kishimoto didn’t waver about the other’s suggestions such as who’s heroine for the story, and who’s the person that Naruto should ended up with, I can say he stick to his guns until the end.
  • How do you feel about the new generation? I like Sarada and Cho Cho
  • Say something about your favorite character. Good and bad. I like how pure Sasuke is, he can be the worst or he can be the coolest guy, good thing is, he already found himself, he’s no longer a blank canvass like what Itachi said.
  • What would a child between your OTP look like? How would they behave as parents? Sarada. I guess sometimes Sasuke and Sarada teams up to make fun of Sakura,.. among the three, she wear her heart on her sleeve.
  • Say something genuinely nice about your NoTP. Don’t wanna talk about it…
  • Say something negative about your OTP. None.
  • Is there anyway you could be convinced to ship your NoTP? What would make you change your mind about the pairing? Oh common stop this, haha.
  • What makes you mad about the series? Sakura’s haters who jumped the bandwagon just to look cool, and Studio Pierrot at times…
  • If you could see anything happen in the series, what would it be? More of SS.
  • What would you say to Kishimoto if given the chance? “Sign my fan art please!” (Then I’ll cry at home staring at his signature for months lol)
  • Thanks for reading :)

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MENS5 at the press announcement for the live action adaptation of “FIVE”

  • Sato Ryuji as Shimizu Toshi
  • Kuroba Mario as Tairaku Jun
  • Matsuoka Koudai as Iwabuchi Takui
  • Nishii Yukito as Arisawa Nao
  • Negishi Takuya as Yauchi Kojirou

Personal Note:

I might actually do a summary of their comments later as the boys have some very interesting things to say about the drama (interesting because the comments are just so them. Lol! For example, highlights of “FIVE”, which is a shoujo drama? Action scenes, apparently xDDDD). On first impression, I’m not over Negishi Takuya’s seeming fanboying of Sato Ryuji? At one point, he actually mentions checking the fight scenes that they film on the monitor and commenting on how kakkoii Ryuji is xD

But honestly, remember when Kara was the actual main character of her own show?  Not a side character, not just a love interest?  Those were good times, let’s go back to that .  Because for the last several episodes of this season I feel like I’m watching the Mon-el show with some fight scenes sprinkled in and cutaways to Maggie/Alex.  Kara and her town and her place in it feel like an afterthought.  With each episode it feels like Supergirl is being pushed out more and more of Supergirl.

Oh god i’m putting my hopes up high for 2x19, someone SAVE me please. But seriously 2x18 looks good. 

But this episode delivered great content for Sanvers, it’s just the lack of intimacy that ruins it. It’s not like I want to see a steamy love scene, I would never expect that from a show like this, but the fact that the straight relationships get innuendos and literally bed/morning after scenes, when Sanvers get pecks and great hugs is ridiculous. The two seconds of them cuddling on the couch won’t cut it, as cute as that shit was. 

God, I’m frustrated. But the only thing that saved me from saying that this episode was complete trash was the Sanvers talk scene and Kara fighting alongside Martian Manhunter again(I’m a nerd don’t judge me.) 

into the badlands: season 2, episode 2, review

review:   Sunny and Bajie narrowly escape the bordo mines.   Tilda and Waldo still worry and wonder about MK and Sunny respectively.   Lydia asks newly-appointed Baron Ryder to protect her religious community from the nomads – but of course that douche-nozzle says, No.   ugh, Ryder iz such an arrogant, naïve prick.   i’m sure his days as a Baron are numbered.

meanwhile, the Master Abbott helps MK fight his inner demon.   you know what?   it reminds me of Yoda sending Luke into the cave.   yup, i gave another Star Wars reference.   now back to MK.   it’s the best fight scene the “MK” character has ever delivered.   however, MK does not yet possess the skills to conquer his inner demon.   IMO, MK iz too emotional.   he also lacks focus.   for example, Dark-Side-MK creates a distraction in which MK could hear his mother crying for help.   HA!!   you know that’s a cheap stunt – but MK falls for it and Dark-Side-MK almost kills him.

IMO, MK’s primary character arc will be to conquer and subdue his powerful dark side.   and once MK gains control, he can leave the monastery.   but i think MK iz gonna leave too soon ((just like Luke left Yoda too soon)), and that’s not gonna help MK find his family.

plot-twist surprise, Quinn runs an underground training camp for Clippers.   and get this – they still call him “Baron”.   Veil lives under Quinn’s protection – but Quinn has ulterior motives.   first off, Quinn makes romantic overtures towards Veil.   he also wants to raise Sunny’s kid as a replacement for the regent he lost.   now let Quinn tell it, he’s simply repaying Veil for saving his life – but to me, that’s bullshit.   Quinn iz driven by power, greed and lust.   and whatever “protection” he provides for Veil and her son iz driven by power, greed and lust.

The On Demand Channel
  • So I was watching The On Demand Channel and AMC has been posting 3-4 minute clips where the writers, actors etc discuss each episode. They also post clips that go behind the scenes. I watched the clip of 2.02 and here were some tidbits I thought were interesting:
  • The fight scene with Sunny/Baji chained together fighting Mouse was to reboot their relationship.
  • Quinn sees baby Henry as a second opportunity at fatherhood. He used Henry's baptism as an attempt to possess Henry and Veil. Quinn also uses the baptism to mentally possess his troops.
  • Veil is under threat all the time and tries to keep Quinn sweet because if Quinn comes out and says he's not protecting her Veil doesn't know what his army would do to her.
  • Sunny wanted to get rid of Baji but when they reach the wall he realizes he has to rely on Baji until he gets back into The Badlands.
  • Anyways it's a really cool feature. Sort of a mini after show. Has anyone else been able to watch because I enjoy hearing the breakdowns of certain scenes. There were other tidbits about Lydia and MK but I thought what was discussed was self explanatory so the ones I posted stuck out the most.