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I think a while ago you said that you used the wonder women theme from BvS to choreograph a fight scene in king's cage and I was wondering if you could tell is which one it was?

Chapter Eighteen.

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[1\2] What if there was a body but it wasn't clear in which jurisdiction - like on Bridge where a body was found on the border line? If both sides showed up how would the two different police & forensic teams react & work w each other at the scene?

[2\2] I know it depends where they are & who is involved, but are there rules for first responders on sharing the scene with another group? Would both sides share info or does everyone take their own pictures & samples?

Hello Nonnie.

We would like to preface this answer by noting that we have not worked with law enforcement, nor have we had exposure to working with different jurisdictions. However, we have a case study that might give you some insights and ideas.

It really depends on where you write your story, and how you want to write it. Both department could work cooperatively together, or they could be antagonistic towards each other and fight over who gets the jurisdiction and the conviction.

Media loves to depict antagonistic relationships between departments since DRAMA! To be fair, historically, multi-jurisdictional cases tends to not go very smoothly. But that is less because of fights over who get the glory, and more so about the lack of communication between different departments. Our case example is gonna be on Paul Bernardo (because we love this case, so many things went wrong during the investigations, so many changes, also we did actual class case studies so its easy to pull him up as an example).

Here is how things can go wrong, in no particular order. The lack of communications between jurisdictions meant that despite being questioned several time, Bernardo was left out to continue his spree for a long time by jumping to different cities and starting all over again, despite having the same MO that should have flagged interest between departments. There was a lack of resources which meant tips where not checked out fully, and officers on the taskforce were running ragged. Lack of communications meant even though Bernardo’s DNA sample was taken, the lab was waiting for the police to give the go ahead to run the sample, while the police was waiting for the lab to give back result (which meant the samples were sitting there useless for 25 months, ready for testing).

For those that are interested, here is the 500+ page of Campbell report regarding the Bernardo Investigation Review. It is in-depth, it is technical, but lordy is it interesting.

After this fiasco, the proposed method of fixing this systemic error is the Major Case Management. We’ve mentioned it before (And we will mention it again. And again. And again). It’s the new approach to solving crimes, using computer systems to compile cases together, so that common links/MO can be connected with different locations (with the possibility of the crimes being committed by the same person). Here is the government overview of it. The perks of different jurisdictions working together is that they can share resources/funding and information.

To get to your actual questions first responders, we don’t actually know? Sorry >.<

We would assume that sharing the info and samples for testing would streamline the investigation process so that they are not doing unnecessary work. Since this is your story you might have a little more leeway in how you want to the investigation to go, and what time period you are aiming for. The MCM is still a relatively new concept and it is still buggy, especially if there are police departments that are dragging their feet and do not want to play nice with each other.

Hopefully this gave you enough information as a starting point, even if we didn’t really answer your question fully (or at least did so in a very roundabout way). Let us know if you want more details on anything.

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THERE IS SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT IN KNOCK KNOCK like how Nayeon got attacked with the pillows (I hope she didn't get hurt cause the way she blocked them made me worried), Jeongyeon going "No" when coming down the stairs and protecting Tzuyu from the pillow chaos, Momo just giving up when attacked by said pillows, Sana going the wrong way, Jihyo a goddess, Mina showing off her ballet skills, Dahyun regretting her choices and Chaengs closet

SO MUCH happened in that mv, like ?? the cutest music video to ever exist 😩

they did say they went HARD in the pillow fight scene so it was cut lmao i’m sure no one got really hurt but im more worried for sana, the girl fell after dahyun’s attack—

most importantly lets talk about this

look at how tzuyu just hugs chaeng during her turn to be attacked asjkghj

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you know rosita started the whole fight to begin with and forced basically everyone to fight

          But she didn’t?? Were you not watching the same episode cause?? First off, she didn’t start the fight, one of the garbage kids attacked Rick, and then it goes on Rosita, who was staying perfectly still and not fighting nor starting a fight with anyone: only, and i’m going to say it again, ONLY when the guy grabbed her from behind, did she start fighting.  And for the most part, you can probably guess the general reaction for being grabbed from behind during a situation like that would be TO DO SOMETHING to protect yourself. 

 Legit i seen three people blame Rosita for the junkyard fight, when she didn’t, they did.                  Stop blaming Rosita for every little thing that goes wrong. 

BTS Reaction: Girlfriend brings other members on dates

Seokjin: He was shocked that you felt the need to invite others to have a good time instead of spending the date with him.

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Yoongi: He might be a little snarky throughout the night but wouldn’t cause a scene or pick a fight he would just tell you to not do it anymore.

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Namjoon: He would sit you down later that night and explain how he really would appreciate if you gave him a notice when others were invited and to not invite them to dates.

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Hoseok: He didn’t understand what went through your mind to invite the others to a date.

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Jimin: He didn’t like it but would wait to say something when you were alone later.

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Taehyung: It wasn’t how he imagined the night to go but he loved them and you so more the merrier.

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Jungkook: When he finds out that you invited the members he isn’t happy but knows he needs to show respect to them anyways.

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I always want to know when the scenes with two people fighting are (like Maggie and Alex) just because it makes me SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE. It doesn't even make me sad (like how parents fighting around/with their children makes my eyes tear up) it just makes me so uncomfortable and makes me feel like the third wheel of a fighting couple and uGH I always skip those scenes and end up watching them like a week later when I'm emotionally/physically/mentally prepared


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it's fukken (lit)ney

funny story

litnys’ name was inspired by my bro

he was watching some fight scenes from fate stay/night ubw bc he absoluTELY LOVES THE ANIMATION and he used the adjective LIT-NESS and at first i was like HAHAHAHAHA and then eventually i was like litness…. litness…. litness…… ohH NO. IT SOUNDS KIND OF COOL???? well its suppose to be the embodiment of cool who am i kidding LMAO

and thats how i named smirkboi

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number 2 for the su ask thingy!

  • 2: what’s your absolute favorite and least favorite episode?

Favorite: Jailbreak. That episode is what gave a fun loving cartoon a sharp push into a huge sci-fi adventure. The music was perfect, the fight scene amazing and the door it opened for story was fantastic. 

Least fav: Mindful Education. I know I know, everyone LOVED that episode (funny how my top and bottom include Garnet singing). Here’s my beef with it; it addressed nothing. Nothing. It showed us Connie and Steven both suffering from serve anxiety, but gave the worst answer to the problem. They both get told to talk it out (only to each other??) and to breath better. A proper answer is to locate the source of the anxiety. If someone in general suffers from an anxiety disorder, then no there is no main cause of panic. But developing it out of the blue? There’s a source. For Connie, her source was Pearl! Her training was giving her such extreme panic attacks that she injured another child! Get her away from Pearl! Let Garnet or even Amethyst train her if she wants to learn so badly; anyone but Pearl! Steven’s anxiety is Eyeball, Jasper, Bismuth and Rose. While Rose may not be an easy fix, the rest can be. Let this 14 year old boy sit down and talk to his family. He needs to hear how they aren’t his fault, and how there can still be hope for at least Jasper like there’s hope for Centipeetle. No one is paying attention to his anxiety and depression beginning. For a kid’s show, they needed to tell kids that it’s ok to ask someone for help. Ask your mom or dad or aunt or teacher or cousin for help. Don’t just breath and hum a tune! Kids out there are suffering with these mental illnesses, and not showing them it’s ok to ask for help can lead to them bottling it up and later harming them self. Another (minor) issue was the song. Everyone hyped it to me as some kind of anxiety cure. It’s not. It’s a song meant for couples. Not the same issue.

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I always leave during a fight scene then look for it later just because i need to know the outcome before it happens

Dude same.

I love that in Supergirl they usually resolve this stuff really quickly (like when Alex killed Astra, was suspicious of J’onn, etc).

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you think they cut some bucky and natasha related scenes? you heard something or intuition? to me it seems they're doing it slowly and vaguely enough so they can backtrack or use it if they want because it seems they don't know what to do with them. might be thanks to scarlett and her status or what they plan for future. Marvel is very secretive about their plans.

Well, like the previous anon said, there is a different angle on the Buckynat fight scenes shown in the blooper reel, which leads me to believe that there was more to the fight scene than what was presented in the movie. And @natashabucks, who actually worked as an extra on Civil War, reported that there was a conversation filmed between them that didn’t make the final cut. As for the rumor that there was an actual flashback between “you could at least recognize me” and T’Challa breaking into the fight, I’m not sure if thats true or not, but it sounds probable. 

I agree that the MCU can be horribly wishy-washy when it comes to Nat/her backstory, which makes me super angry. Again, I don’t know what Marvel/the Russo’s have planned, I’m just hoping it includes Buckynat. :/ 

The Forbidden Fruit - One

Hoseok, est Bestia

Genre: Historical Fiction / Romance / Drama / Gladiator AU (? If one does not exist, well, I’m starting it)

Warnings: Mentions of blood but…nothing that I think really warrants a warning but just putting it out there.

Pairing: Jimin/OC

A/N: I’m not exactly new to this whole fanfiction world and to be quite fair, I’ve only ever finished one fanfiction and that was purely experimental (aka it was a mess and oh so cliché). So, I can’t get these images out of my head unless I write them and I figured why not share it with the world? Or the BTS fandom, anyway. I’m…indifferent (even slightly hesitant) about this first chapter (I’m no good at fight scenes so bear with me) and I cannot promise you entirely that I’ll ever finish this series (but I’ll try my hardest). If you guys want a detailed explanation for terms that are used, just let me know and I’ll make a separate page for that. With that being said, I really hope you guys like this! It’s something different, yeah? *fingers crossed*

THE DEEP ROAR roamed through the cloudless, hot day, echoing in the ears of the spectators scattered about in the oval-like shape of the coliseum. The stands were filled with the thudding of feet banging down against the stone flooring in anticipation as the fight just below raged on. It was electric, the feeling one gets as the waves of emotions are emitted and passed through from person to person. The men and women in the stands cheered and jumped around, releasing howls and screams of excitement as they cheered on the gladiator wielding in his right hand, a short blade, and in his left, a shield.

Hoseok! Hoseok! Hoseok! Hoseok!

The name bounced easily off of the tongue’s of every spectator, taking in the image of the thraex as his muscles tightened and released repeatedly under the pressure of his grip around his blade or the speed at which he brought the blade down to slice brutally against the bronzed skin of his opponent. The sun had begun to fall beneath the horizon as the games neared their end, this match being the last and most exciting of them all. The orange and red hue of the setting sun cast an ethereal glow across the coliseum in contrast to the two sweaty gladiators as they raced towards each other again. Hoseok lunged forward towards his opponent, his grip tightened around the leather-bound handle of his blade and he struck down against the murmillo with a painful clash. The murmillo was quick in his block as his shield was raised up, shielding his neck and shoulders from the weapon. Hoseok had taken a brief step back, absorbing the shock of the block through his muscles and the murmillo planted his feet, readying himself for the next strike. Hoseok’s opponent released a low growl as his muscles tightened and he lurched forward, landing heavy blow after heavy blow against Hoseok who blocked each hit as quickly as he could. Stumbling back from the pure weight of the heavy murmillo, Hoseok stumbled back slightly in his retreat and his shield dropped just slightly, causing the murmillo’s blade to slice unforgivingly against his skin, adding to the numerous scars already there. Dominus released a low curse as he watched his prized gladiator place a tender hand against the bleeding wound.

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