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Hodokeru Kaibutsu track 04
Satou Takuya - Ono Yuuki
Hodokeru Kaibutsu track 04

This is a very short scene cut from the 4th track of Hodokeru Kaibutsu in the Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata drama CD. Please do note that the drama CD uploads definitely aren’t mine, as I have no way to access those, let alone make some digital copies.

The scene goes like this:

Shuuna: Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Wai—
Kan-chan: Huh?
Shuuna: This visual is ridiculous. I mean… It’s too extreme!
Kan-chan: You’re the one who said you wanted to see me play with my ass…
Shuuna: Well, that’s true, but… It’s true, right???!!@!#
(Me: SAME)
Kan-chan: Nggh, Uuhhn…
Shuuna: Uwaaaahhhh~!
Kan-chan: Don’t… Stare…
(Me: !@^*&@!^#&^@!&*#^@&#^@*&!^#&@!^!@*#(*@&$(!# yUU-CHANN)
Shuuna: I’m staring! I’m totally staring at this!
Kan-chan: Too close! Idiot.
Shuuna: Smells so sexy… Huwaaaaah, so sexy…
Kan-chan: Mhhnn, Wh..What? Your hands are so warm…
Shuuna: I’m so excited I’m gonna die… I gotta put it in…!
Kan-chan: From behind?
Shuuna: Flip over!
Kan-chan: Hnng!
Shuuna: You’re so hot inside…
Shuuna: Hayashida…-san…
*kissing noises* (I can’t take this how do people do these posts.)
Kan-chan: Shuuna… Wait… (This guy is really warm…!)
Kan-chan: Shuuna!

And then the track stops because (I want to) from there they go a little sappy. And though I’ve been repeating everything, it is mostly the contents of this clip that prevents me from sleeping properly, and thus I want to share.

Should check out, read, and listen to the whole thing, though, because Ogeretsu-sensei’s brilliant works are always worth reading. And Yuu-chan and Satou totally did justice to the characters doing the deed or not. (It’s crazy how accurate they sound. Aaa, I’ve been saying that since I found out it has gotten a drama CD.)