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Swaldini was shimmering, its highways sprawled before them like endless, tangled tapes of light glowing against a heavy, black sky that tricked the eye into believing it’s touchable. Windows down, hair fluttering with the cold wind, Cheadle glanced at Leorio from the corner of her eye, his face contorted in irritation, flicking through music channels, not settling on any.  

“Frown harder and you might find a channel you like, Leorio.”

“Swaldini’s radio sucks.” he retorted, looking up at her from where he was hunched. “Don’t you have any CDs? What do you usually listen to when you’re driving?”

“This isn’t my car, I told you.” she said, the rapid change of channels beginning to annoy her. “Once we reach the inner city we’ll buy a CD, hm?”


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kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day three// disney vs original worlds

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Kaz “don’t touch me or I’ll rip your arm out of it’s socket” Brekker really pushed through his PTSD and severe phobia of skin to skin contact all so he could help Inej change the bandages on her arms. And he didn’t even have to do it, there were others there that could have helped her out. But he forced himself to do it because he wanted to show her that he was willing to bring his walls down for her, not just so he could touch her but so he could open his heart to her too. She told him she would take all of him or none of him, and he was trying to show her that he would try his hardest to be the man she needed him to be 


My day off
I’m not the only one who thought about this after watching the comb scene? xD
For @supercalvin and »Merlin in Arthurs nightshirt«. Your idea was a bit different and I immediately felt in love with it but I had to draw this one first because it stuck in my head ever since I read your ask. Please stay tuned for »Merlin in Arthurs nightshirt part II« ♥


The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) directed by Stephen Chbosky

Tony Stark equipping Peter Parker with his parachute is the superhero equivalent of packing your kid a sandwhich for school