scene creamers

I made a Strangetown, Here We Come playlist on Spotify, using all of the songs I associated with each chapter, and a few that turn up within the chapters if a character is playing music or singing. I figured I’d share it, because why not. I made it for myself to help me get back in the right head space (music and memory are quite linked after all), but I figure at least one or two of you out there might appreciate it, too. Be prepared for some mood whiplash at times, much like in the story itself. :P And I’m sorry not sorry about Big Balls by ACDC. Blame Ripp, of course.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any artists from the Drag City label on Spotify, so there’s no Royal Trux on there, despite them being my main inspiration for The Shifting Paradymes. Some of the songs I used are here, here, here, here, here, but there were a handful I couldn’t find (I may update this later). There’s also Housework for 3 by Scene Creamers (I could only find that live version), and Hounds of Love by Kate Bush.

There’s a few songs at the end that I haven’t used… yet. They’re inspiration in general or things for upcoming scenes.


“Candidate” - Scene Creamers


Scene Creamers - Better All The Time