scene but why on earth


Ok, so, Freddy has this giant arrow set up, when abruptly…

…the huge rubber band randomly ceases existing for a frame.

(This copy of the video doesn’t show it perfectly, but you can see it better in this old post if you don’t believe me)

However, shortly after, I started thinking about the scene big-picture.

…and questioned why on earth they have a 20-foot rubber band, giant arrow flights, and rock-carving tools just lying around in the Mystery Machine.

considering how tropey this whole plotline has been so far, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a scene of Ed angrily demanding that Oswald tell him WHY ON EARTH he murdered Isabella because Os keeps refusing to give him a straight answer, and Ed continues yelling until a tearful and clearly wrung-out Oswald finally shouts, “I DID IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!!” followed by him dramatically clapping his hand over his mouth as Ed stares at him, mouth hanging open and eyes wide, and we can literally see Ed’s gaze flicker all over Oswald as the pieces start to fall into place in his head and of course, of course, how could he have have been so blind

remember when the Cap 3 trailer first came out and we had that one clip of Natasha saying “I know how much Bucky means to you”? And then in the film they changed it to ‘Barnes’? I feel like that’s really significant. The first is a very familiar term–something only close friends would call him. 

like…did they record scarjo saying the word ‘Bucky’ so they could splice it into that clip (because it’s very obviously stuck in there, kinda like the whole “It doesn’t have to end in a fight, Tony” edit)? or is it pulled from a deleted scene that we haven’t seen yet? 

@ marvel why on earth did you have her use his nickname in the trailer if it wasn’t in the movie? why go to all that trouble?

Tease Me, Taunt Me


-Kibum had promised his best friend an amazing bachelor party, and so far, he and Taemin had pretty well delivered.

((The time that Kibum made a huge fucking mistake, but it ended up being perfectly fine.))

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This is how you know Kinshiro never really wanted world domination. Yeah, I know this is not the only way you can tell. Akoya and Arima are talking about how their plan failed, and he’s looking at the stars. All he ever truly wanted was his At-chan back.

Still pissed off that they revealed to us what probably is a pivotal scene in the finale. Why on earth did they give us a snippet of the scene with Charles on the roof :(

Stop over spoiling it ABC Family and just let us wait and watch live for the first time!