scene bed

Inspired by the bed scene in the last episode and @majordetectiveagent‘s comment on a gifset about Lucy grumbling to the side

Everything was heavy.

The fog in her head.  The weight on her shoulders.  The drag of her feet on the floor.

It was heavy and unwieldy and just short of overwhelming.

Her trip to DC was far from her longest visit, but was close to being the worst.

But, she could ignore that now, shed the weight and pick it back up in the morning.

Or the day after, when she actually went back to work.

Until then, it was her, her girlfriends, and her girlfriend’s California king.

Well, mostly her and that bed, because her girlfriends liked to fall asleep cuddling, then barely moved after falling asleep.

She was perfectly fine with that, it left her half of the bed.

She shed her clothes, her worries, the weight, as she crossed the apartment.  She stood at the edge of the bed for a moment, just to look at her girlfriends.

Maggie was curled up against Alex’s back, arms tucked between them and face pressed into Alex’s neck.

Lucy smiled.

She slid under the blankets, curls up facing them, and passed out.


The shifting of the mattress pulled Lucy from her sleep.

She blinked an eye open in time to watch Alex roll onto her back and Maggie crawl up onto Alex.  The light from the window behind them cast an ethereal sense over the room.

Maggie cupped Alex’s cheek and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

Wrapped in the warmth of the blankets and the haze of sleep, Lucy felt like a dream, felt like floating, felt the last remnant of weight slip away.

She knew that in a few minutes she was going to be grumbling at them for being such morning people when she needed to sleep.

But, for the moment, she just burrowed deeper into the warmth of the blankets and watched them and let herself feel light.