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The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

So I have a few things to say about the “SJW” episode of Gumball

I really like Gumball. It is a really good show. Mostly cause it stomped on my expectations. I remember around the show’s premiere, I saw a bunch of ads for Gumball and thought “Oh god this is going to be one of those gross out humor shows isn’t it?” But after watching a few episodes, I really liked it. It is a really smart show with a lot of smart humor. Like the time they referenced they famous reign of Mithridates VI of Pontus. 

So when I heard news that Gumball made an episode about “Showing what is wrong with them SJW’s” I was a bit skeptic and after watching the episode, I was right. 

First off, that’s not what the episode is about. The episode itself it’s about Gumball getting meaningful advice from Carmen and Gumball going to extreme lengths to prove her wrong, even trying to find dirt on her just so he can prove her wrong (Who does that remind you of?) The main lesson of the episode is that if someone is giving advice that is meant to help you, don’t take it so literally. Hell, through out the episode, Darwin tells Gumball that Carmen is just trying to help.

Darwin: It’s only constructive criticism 

Gumball: She wouldn’t go around body shaming people or mocking people for being old, so why is it okay to go after me because I’m wrong? She is wrong shaming me!     

And again when Gumball literally tried to blackmail Carmen by exposing that she got expelled from her old school.

Darwin: Why are you doing this? 

Gumball: I own it to our classmates to expose Carmen for the hypocrite she is and humiliate her in front of the entire school, then we will see who is the best person! 

Darwin: Okay first, you’re the only one who is exposed right now! 

Gumball: *pulls up pants* Sorry

Darwin: I meant exposed as the bad person in this scenario!  

So the entire episode basically amounts to “Don’t take criticism so badly” and “Don’t be a callous shit person” In fact, the way Gumball acts is the same way a lot of neo-reactionaries and conservatives like Sargon of Akkad act when they get told that they are wrong so if anything this episode is suppose to be on the side of the “SJWS” 

But I imagine a lot people are only going to focus on the “SJW” scene instead of the entire episode so for the sake of the skeptics, lets focus on that scene. Even in that scene, Gumball’s attitude is still pretty shitty but not because he is an official “SJW.” Lets go back to that scene. 

So Gumball goes on what I assume is the Gumball version of Tumblr and learns the ways of the Social Justice Warrior. Gumball’s conversation with Carmen goes the same way a lot of neo-reactionares imagine conversations go with Social Justice Warriors. But then this quote from Carmen comes out 

“But Gumball, exploiting those powers to win some petty argument will just hurt the cause of people who really need our help” 

This is quote has a lot of nuisance to it because it establishes two things, One. Gumball doesn’t really care about Social Justice and only uses it to make himself feel like a better person (Which goes back to the moral of the entire episode) and Two. Carmen is also an SJW except, she actually helps people, instead of arguing. 

With these two things realized, I think we could see what the writers where trying to do. Gumball is the starw man version of the SJW that was born out of one or a few people’s mistakes while Carmen was an actual SJW who helped people like most people usually do. You see, despite a lot of depictions of SJW’s as whiny snowflakes, there are genuine people out there like Gumball who only use these facts about the world to win petty arguments and feel like a better person. However, this goes back to the moral of the episode “Don’t be a callous shit person” 

So when people say that Gumball is the official SJW destroyer, I invite them to both watch the actual episode and read this post because the true is a lot more nuisance then a lot of people think. Now, enjoy this amazing awesome show. 

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Hey guys! I’m gonna run a Kiba Inuzuka appreciation week since I haven’t seen one and his birthday is (kind of) coming up! So get ready for it!

July 3rd-7th

7/3: DAY 1— Team Kurenai & Friendship, the ones who always have Kiba’s back!
7/4: DAY 2— Favorite quote or scene, with an attitude like that we gotta appreciate it ;v;
7/5: DAY 3— Family & Love, because there’s never not a place for Inuzuka pride, or even to acknowledge an adorable pairing you might ship him in.
7/6: DAY 4— Favorite jutsu or fight, just to show off how badass he is.
7/7: DAY 5— AKAMARU & BIRTHDAY!!, because best friends are best friends, and theres nothing like sharing your birthday with yours.❤️

Tag your posts #KibaWeek2017 so I can catch em all!!
  • Freeform: releases Malec sneak peeks
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  • Malec fandom: "omg freeform hates Malec they didn't put any Malec scenes in the trailer fuck freeform"

Title: You’re The Worst
Character: Peter Parker
Prompt: 17

“Why are you here?” You deadpanned as Peter Parker stood at your door. At first, you had every intention of letting him sit out there in the rain, but then he wouldn’t stop knocking on the door and calling for you.

Peter was considerably drenched from the rain, his clothes were clinging to him and raindrops were dripping from his head. “I wanted to talk to you!”

“Really? And I want a best friend who doesn’t blatantly lie to my face for almost a year.” You tried to close the door, but Peter moved into the threshold so you couldn’t.

“(Y/n), please let me come inside so I can explain.”

You saw the way he was shivering and you felt a little bad about making him wait out there for so long, but you were still upset with him. “Fine.”

Peter quickly shuffled inside, sighing in relief once the warm air hit his chilly skin, turning to you he saw that you were frowning at him with your arms crossed promptly in fromt of you.

This was gonna be hard.

“The whole reason I didn’t tell you about being Spider-Man, why I didn’t willingly tell anyone, was because I was concerned about your safety. You’ve read the comics! Villans always go after the people the hero cares about. I didn’t want to have to put you through that.”

“Fair enough, but then you took care of the threat and everything was fine here, and you still didn’t tell me!” You annunciated each of the last words to get your point across

“There’s always going to be a threat! That’s how it works!”

“That’s such a pathetic excuse and you know it. You were just going to keep me blissfully ignorant state until what? Until I found out on my own and then felt betrayed? Because that’s exactly where we are right now.”

Peter exhailed deeply, not knowing how to explain it because he knew he was at fault. “I know, I’m sorry for upsetting you.”

“Peter, It’s not just that I’m upset. I’m disappointed in you for not believing that I wouldn’t keep your secret, you should know me better than that.

“There wasn’t an easy way to do this.”

“Of course not! But could you imagine what would have happened had I never found out and you got killed? Because that could very well be a possibility considering what is you do. What then? Peter Parker just disappears and then I would just have to put two and two together?!” Your hands went into your hair as you tried to work out your frustrations. “God, I cannot believe I have a crush on someone so astoundingly stupid!”

Peter’s head shot up and his eyes bore into your back. “What did you say?”

You whirled around to him and your brows furrowed together. “What?”

“You-You said that you had a crush on me. Well you said I was stupid too, but I paid more attention to the other part.” Peter saw that the ends of your ears had gone pink and he bit back his smile in fear you might smack him considering the situation.

You coughed awkwardly, folding your arms again. “That isn’t what’s important here, I’m mad at you.”

Peter stepped towards you, the smile breaking out on his face. “I’m not hearing a denial.”

“Peter Parker, you listen to me when I am scolding you.”

He couldn’t help but laugh and then his arms came to wrap around you as an overwhelming sense of happiness consumed him. Peter had liked you for a long time, but just assumed you weren’t into the dating scene yet considering your attitude towards relationships. “Well stop scolding me so I can tell you I like you too.”

You let out a small laugh, accepting his embrace while you felt the bulk of your anger evaporate. “I hate you.”

Peter lightly bopped the end of his nose against yours and smiled. “No you don’t.”

friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.


Beast King GoLion 12 - Evildoing of the Emperor

Even after hearing the warning about the dangers of traveling to Planet Jarre, Fala, along with Kurogane, Suzuishi and Seidou are determined to help liberate the planet from Galra reign. Though Kogane was against it at first, he realizes he cannot change the minds of his teammates and joins them on their mission.

I’ve started watching Father Brown on Netflix and I’ve taken quite a liking to it.

Similar to Sherlock and White Collar, I’ve really enjoyed it because it’s a Cop Show without all the things that usually make me hate Cop Shows– y’know, chest-beating interrogation scenes, a general attitude of moral fury, on-the-nose manipulative storytelling designed to make you think the newest suspect is the perp when you KNOW a twist is coming, implicit “shut up and trust the system” messaging.

I’ve been thinking for a while that every police procedural, or similar villain-of-the-week drama, has this implicit structure where there’s three types of people: cops, criminals, and bystanders, and the fundamental character of the show comes from which of these groups are considered more similar to each other than to the third– which of the groups are two sides of the same coin, and which is the outlier. 

Sherlock and Moriarty are more similar to each other than either of them is to the rest of the cast. Same goes for Batman and the Joker, or White Collar’s Neil Caffrey and the con artists he chases after. In these shows, the Cops and Criminals are two of a kind, conducting a secret war with each other, and the Bystanders are the outliers.

Whereas in a standard police procedural like Law & Order or NCIS, the cops have a kind of contempt for civilians, and the narrative tends to focus on the ways in which Bystanders interfere with police work, usually by keeping secrets, or by government bureaucrats and private sector institutions challenging police power. In these shows, the Bystanders and Criminals are two of a kind, both “people who get in the way of THE LAW”, and the Cops are the outliers, the Only Adults in the Room keeping the squabbling children in line.

The Cops and Bystanders are considered two of a kind in Sentai shows, like Sailor Moon and Power Rangers, where there’s a lot of focus on the protagonists living double lives as both superheroes and civilians, and also in many adventure stories, where one of the major themes is the protagonists as ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.  In shows like that, the Criminals are the outliers, and tend to be not merely strange or bad people, but an altogether otherworldly force. 

But in Father Brown, these distinctions don’t exist. There are no hardened career criminals, heroic ubermensch cops, or clueless civilians. Everyone’s just people. And I think it’s the fundamentally religious character of the show that allows this to happen: nobody’s a superhero, nobody’s a monster, we’re all just all-too-human sinners.