but how about the team arriving at the feast where aliens take personality changing stuff for fun

drinks that make you lose inhibitions, or amplify your emotions, or make one personality trait much stronger than others

Lance waltzes through the room, eats canape-like things and drinks wine-like drinks, he chats and smiles and flirts and works to strengthen diplomacy ties

behaves like his usual self, basically

and then a group of aliens shares that intoxicating, personality changing stuff with him

Lance drinks it (after permission from Shiro and Allura) and he suddenly just EXPLODES with energy

he giggles and smiles so wide it must hurt his cheeks, he looks uber happy and confidently comes up to that alien guy he wanted to flirt with but was afraid to. he is like a bouncing ball of concentrated happiness and relaxation.

Shiro jokingly scolds the alien for giving lance a drink that amplified his emotions

the alien tracks Lance with his gaze then looks at Shiro and princess with worry and confusion and says,

“I gave him a drink that changes personality diametrically. I’m sure of it.”

“…but if this is the opposite of his real behaviour, then…”

cue the slow realisation that everything the team saw from Lance these past months must have been a mask and that they need to do something ASAP

but for a long time, they just stay there, helplessly watching him laugh at some alien’s joke


What is your favorite thing about your girlfriend?”

yoongi: she’s loud

jungkook: she is a girl version of hyung

taehyung: she gets happy easily 

hoseok: is this my question or all of yours? (laughing)

hoseok: she’s funny and she understands my sense of humor but my favorite thing would have to be her smile when she wakes up in the morning

jimin: because you watch her wake up every morning

hoseok: (laughs again) no, but sometimes when she catches me looking at her in the morning she has the softest smile and it’s so…so… (clutches his heart dramatically) heart wrenching 

(bts physically cringing at hoseok)

hoseok: she’s my sun and stars and i just like her very very much

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BTS React To; Being on We Got Married

Writer; ~ MonsterYuYu / Yuyu ~

Kinda inspired to write, don’t know, maybe i will write somethings from time to time, Have been watching We Got Married and I’m in love.”’

A/N ;“Kinda sad? Just in the end!! ~ “

Jin ;

A bit shy at first, but he will do everything in his power to prove to you that he is there for you, don’t judge him in the first meeting, he’ll get better as time passes. I promise. Jin would go out of his own comfort zone to do things you liked, but he wouldn’t admit it, after all, he was there to experience new things, but he really did not expect the way his heart started to beat faster when you were around, the way you smile could get him trough the day. It would be that time he would realize that he had a crush on you. Putting that aside, he would always be watching out for you, joking around with these bad jokes that you couldn’t help but laugh because they were bad but still funny in some way, Always talking about you, even when they’re not filming, he wouldn’t be quiet and the members would start to get suspicious because hey, why is he speaking of that girl so much? That’s when he would probably drop the bomb that he really really liked you to his fellow members, they would feel sad and happy at the same time because well… It was only a show. Meaning that if it ended, it would end for good. But he didn’t let these bad thoughts wander around his mind while he spent time with you.

That’s probably the reason why he was so down, so sad, to see you go after you both received that card. The card that completely separated both of you, into different directions, he hated it. He would joke around, sketching on the card that it was the end and replacing it with the words ‘begin’ but that didn’t even give him a bit of comfort. After the show, he would go behind you, confessing and expecting you to feel the same way, he didn’t want to deal with a broken heart, neither with a forced goodbye, so he had to risk it.

Suga ;

In the first meeting, don’t think he’s cold, he’s just getting used to you and your presence near him because well, he’s used to being in his recording room or with the boys, hardly with any other girls. Yoongi would slowly show you affection and that he cares about you, don’t throw yourself over him too much or else he’ll get so flustered he won’t know what to do, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it. He would be a caring husband though he wouldn’t let you see it, small acts that you wouldn’t even notice such as grabbing chopsticks for you, pulling you away from the burning sun and putting your likes first. Bragging about you to the other members who would always be a little jealous of him, so when you showed up bringing food to him and his members he would be teased right back, seeing you getting along with the members, treating his manager and staff nice and sweetly would melt him and that’s when he would stop, stop to think about it, he suddenly was feeling something more out of nowhere? That would shake him up, he would be a bit more careful with what actions he did for you, afraid that people would notice that he was acting way too nice to you, afraid that his company would end it all as soon as they found out.

But he would regret everything he didn’t do when the end had reached, looking at you sitting across from him with a small smile as you said that it was a good time and that he was a good husband made his heart skip a beat, he really didn’t want this to end, but he couldn’t do anything about it, after that he would want your number after everything, texting you and talking to you frequently, wishing that you and him could take the next step, which would happen, sooner or later.

J-Hope ;

Don’t find it strange, he will act as if you two are close lost friends since you two meet, always behind you and having your back, like a true husband and friend, because that’s what Hoseok wants to be, a husband that’s more of a friend and someone you can be comfortable with without worrying about awkwardness or a mood that’s boring or embarrassing, that’s the least he wants. It will show that he enjoys your company and will always treat you nicely, it doesn’t matter the situation, even if you lose a bet he will go easy on you, but if he loses he will let you have your fun and decide his punishment. Wants to be touching you all the time, he thinks skinship will get you two closer, but not invading your personal space too much, if he senses that you’re not comfortable he will back away immediately. Won’t realize his feelings without the help of his members, if they point out how much bubbly and caring he is acting with you to the point they think you two are dating for real, he would realize that he was indeed in love with you, though he would just push it aside saying it was a small crush and it would fade soon, because it was only happening because he was a great actor.

Realization would be show on his face when he held the ‘end’ card in his hands, it really has been all this time already? He didn’t want to accept it but what else he could do, a few tears could be seen in his eyes but he would quickly wipe them away, scared that the cameras would notice it, but they already had noticed it. You too, when you leaned in to grab his hand and whisper a quiet it’s ok, he would realize he really loved you there and then. His pain would just grow, after the recording he confessed, hoping for the best. But whatever your decision was, he would respect it and follow it.

Namjoon ;

Probably he will get so embarrassed and nervous that he will get clumsy, but just because you’re so pretty and he wants to look but doesn’t want to come off as a rude person because it’s the first time you two are meeting and he doesn’t want to give off a bad vibe. Soon gets comfortable, would probaly rant with you a lot, he would see you as a way of comfort as time goes on. Because of all the time you two spent togheter, he would often forget that it was all fake, and he wished his feelings for you were also fake but sadly, they weren’t, and he would beat himself internally for developing feelings for a work partner, well, kinda of. Even if he had feelings for you, he still continued to act normally with you, hugging and holding your hand from time to time, always with the excuses that it was for the viewers, but he liked it way more than the viewers did. He would probably rant about his feelings with you off of the camera, not mentioning that it was you the girl he liked. He was scared, but he did tell your manager that he liked you, that he was happy having you by his side. How he wished he didn’t say that.

As soon as he said those words to that manager, the next episode was the end and the last. He felt betrayed and guilty of his feelings for you, if your manager canceled your appearance it was definitely because he didn’t want you to be hanging around Namjoon. All he wanted was for this fake love to last a bit little longer, he didn’t ask for a relationship, he just wanted to experience more, and he would. Having your number, he would always check on you and sit close to you in the backstage, always watching whatever program you appeared, wishing for more.

Jimin ;

The perfect mixture, both flirty and cute, everyone knows Jimin is an angel and he would probably show more of this side of his personality because he wants to care about you and make you feel loved by him, but not too much to the point where he can lead you to think he really liked you. Happily, does everything you want, also showing you to new hobbies and what he can do, his hidden talents and tricks, would probably keep you away from the other members because they wouldn’t let him live after they saw you in person and visiting him, would feel embarrassed and shy when you showed up in the makeup room before a concert, wanting to hide away, but his members wouldn’t let him go anywhere and probably spilling you some of his secrets, accidently slipping that he speaks of you frequently, he would be hoping that they didn’t spill that he liked you for real and that he was doing everything he could to win you over. You two would have a lot of chemistry and skinship, cheesy pickup lines and hugs that would probably make the other members and the crew jealous of both of you.

Maybe that’s why when he received the new that it was the last episode because his manager was pulling him out for the comeback training, Jimin would be a bit loss, he knew comebacks were important but… how could this happen? Shouldn’t his manager talk to him first? Because he surely as hell could concentrate on both the show and on the training. He wouldn’t let the sadness show to you, you also received the new that it was because of him that it was ending so soon. After the recording he would apologize to you,  saying that he would talk to you later. Both of you would break apart a bit, but not fully. He wouldn’t let it happen.

TaeHyung ;

Excited. Excited even before the recording started and even before he had met you, expect giggles and big smiles when he sees you for the first time. Taehyung would joke around a lot, wanting to keep you interested in him and have a great relationship with you, even if it was all fake, he would want to get out of the show with a friend, not with a stranger he had worked with. That’s what he planned to do, but things took a turn, and he feels for you easily. Maybe because of your laugh every time you both would go to little dates on the arcade or even just get an ice cream on the heat of the summer. Little things would make him excited, and he fell in love with your little things, he noticed everything, your cons, and your pros but would never talk about they, not wanting to upset you or make you embarrassed, he just wanted to spend time with you. He was happy only feeling love for you, he really didn’t expect you to love him back. He also knew that he would hurt himself deeply when the time to say goodbye came. But that wouldn’t stop his feelings, not even his hyungs warnings made him turn away from you.

His smile wouldn’t fade, even in the time to say goodbye. Because he knew it was not really a goodbye. He was this a positive thing, he would and could show you his feelings openly without cameras, without having the pressure to not let his feelings slip. He would meet you frequently after the show ended, taking you out on dates like you two had on the show, hoping you would get the hint that he so desperately wanted you to get.

Jungkook ;

The first meeting will be awkward , Jungkook would be too shy, he wouldn’t know what to do or what to say, but would quickly get over it because he would remember that his Hyung would be watching it and he surely didn’t want to be teased of how awkward and uncomfortable he was with his we got married partner, he also wanted you to feel secure and good with him because he liked and admired you since you both were trainees. He loved your nature and the vibe your persona left. Would be too shy to mention you in front of others and would blush if someone mentioned you in tv in another show. Your dates would probably be video games, unless you wanted to do something else or the show had other plans for both of you, does his best to win every challenge they give you both, also wants the challenges so he can start skinship and help you, with a sweet smile on his face because he’s enjoying it and wouldn’t hide it at all.

Silence would fill the room when it was time to say goodbye, he would be a bit immature at this time if he didn’t say goodbye you couldn’t go. That’s what he wanted exactly. But even so, hearing you say your goodbye and your speech broke his heart, but he was composed in front of the cameras and in front of you, it wouldn’t show but he was crying inside. He would run behind you because he had to have a player 2 to play with him from time to time.

A/N ; “aaaahh~ Now i remember the struggle.”