a FANTOD air humming betwixt dyadic hiemal hosts — scelestic & sempiternal, the ullagone of dual ghosts. this, the athanasy of anthropolith; the corolla still-plucked. SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT. BETWEEN HE, THEE & I, MAY THIS LOVE ROT. may no minauderie deign to inquinate the form of frost’s father — relinquish thy maids frigorific, maculated mazarine.  ( & HE, minium mactation — his maid, ne’er yielded, she that osculates HE HIMSELF with a mouth still stinging, singing. the sapidity of vetanda — of finding another man’s basiation ‘neath the meniscus of her tongue. )  so seldom doth BLADE & BULLET cross paths, & yet their vastation is one IMMUNE to lethe’s lysis. the quiety of belliferous bruises ——— of the aceldama both may don as flesh. the athanasy of an hundred cippuses ——— of the sepulcher within which he dare not wane. the cyme may wrox, the calyx, welk — but never doth time conceive to help.  ( never doth the SPURNED open their palms —— pluck thy lover’s fruits from the threads of THEE, the threads of ME. )  COOPERATION, CALIGNOSITY — a suspire most dire.  ❛ так тихо, сторож.