Hey guys and gals!!! Let’s do something sweet this morning and show some epic love to Sasha!!! Our Sasha (aka Sonali) really likes turtles and funny gifs.  So if you have a picture or something (a joke etc.) that would bring a smile to Sasha’s face reblog this post and add your piece to it!!!

Oh how much I love our chapter. Being in DECA is such a great experience. Meeting new people bonding with other members in the chapter acting like a family. Norcal CDC was where it all began. It was my first time going on the trip and i didn’t know anyone besides a few people people. By the end of the trip I got to know everyone. State CDC was something different. We were a bigger group and there was twice as many people that attended state than norcal. I learned a lot of new things. From presenting a role play in front of a judge to learning more about DECA. I do not regret going on any of the trips. These two DECA trips are most def the highlight of my sophomore year. I cannot wait for next years trips. San Leandro High School DECA<3