Kitet took my SCC and did my alt line Dragoo and they did so great with it! ;v; look how frickin cute it is. 

After this one and the other I color are on site they’ll be available for PSD sales. 

I meant to have an alt line for them on their second ‘birthday’ but I never got it done so many thanks to Kitet!

dear fwb,

i might fall in love with you at this rate.

but i’m not upset.

it could be wonderful, even if you never feel the same way for me.  you’re a wonderful person and you’ve already been nicer to me than any of my partners.

and i almost hope it never goes beyond where we are, so you don’t have to deal with my fucked up parts.

i just hope you continue to want to be my friend, sex or not.



As part of Comic-Con International: San Diego, Marvel announced that the new season of their ‘Avengers’ animated cartoon will be titled 'Avengers: Secret Wars,’ with an all-new cast consisting of The Vision, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Black Panther, Wasp, Ant-Man and the Jane Foster version of Thor. They also broke news that a series of Rocket Raccoon and Groot-led series of animated shorts, inspired by the work of Eisner Award-winning comic book writer/artist Skottie Young, are on the way.

Hey yall. So I’m, one of the site PBC and SCC artists and you can see some of the silver pets I’ve done here. If you like my style please consider picking me as a breeding or scc artist. My queues are currently empty so you won’t have too long a wait time ^-^