Although this is from January 1st and this piece fits me a lot differently, I’m happy to hear @stylishcurves is starting a movement called #SCbreakingAllTheRules … I wear something because I like it. I was always so self conscious but when I see all the plus size models taking such beautiful strides and embracing their curves…I knew I could embrace mine as well! Thanks to @GoldenLady25 for modeling amazing pieces from @rue107!!! Check out their stuff again! #SCBreakingAllTheRules ! Post your pics! #thick #fat #fatshion #plusSizeFashion #RueGirlsAreTheBest

Today i want to inspire you by showcasing ladies who are not afraid to rock shorts. Thick thighs, wide hips, and all you can look great in shorts. I love @stylechic360 look. Get inspired! Remember to tag your photos with #scbreakingalltherules