the signs as summer love quotes
  • aries: "Komaeda, you fucking moron!" A shrill, high-pitched sound came from the celadon bushes and pierced the peaceful morning.
  • taurus: It had been a few hours. Izayoi had been waiting for his mistress, imprisoned to the tree.
  • gemini: Komaeda chuckled. "'re a kinkshamer?"
  • cancer: "DADDYYY!!!" A crying Hinata-chan ran up to him. "THAT MWEANIE BWOKE IN AND TWIED TO KIWW ME! I WAS SO SCAWED!"
  • leo: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and several yakuza entered, guns pointed. "Knock them out."
  • virgo: Komaeda slowly lowered himself onto Peko Pekoyama, using her soft breasts as a pillow.
  • libra: Komaeda had sent the video to Kuzuryuu. He had assumed it worked, because Yukizome-sama was so angry that she shoved him in a closet and beat him up.
  • scorpio: WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MONAKA?!" Nagisa Shingetsu stormed over to Komaeda, a furious flame alight in his cerulean watches. "You disgusting kinky piece of garbage," He snarled snobbily, "How dare a pathetic adult like you hurt Princess Monaka!"
  • sagittarius: Of course Izuru wasn't a kinkshamer, he was gorgeous and ethereal. Kinkshamers looked like Monaka, disgusting demons made of hatred and despair.
  • capricorn: She whispered in a deadly quiet voice. "Now, since you're already naked, go stand on your desk and don't move." Yukizome-sama pulled out a deadly sharp knife. "...Or i'll stab you to death."
  • aquarius: "M-mistress, let's n-not be rude!" A girl with long violent hair attached to the rude woman's leash wearing a skimpy bikini squeaked nervously. (Let it be known they were at Build-A-Bear)
  • pisces: "Are you the Super High School Level Sex, Kamukura-kun?"
Nalu Parenting headcanons

-Natsu is very insistent on naming their first son Igneel

-Natsu is the very doting daddy and loves to spoil his daughters

-Lucy names one of their girls Leila

-They end up having like 4 kids , two boys ,one with Natsu’s hair ,one with Lucy’s, and two girls, both with pink hair.

-Instead of normal bedtime stories, they tell their kids about all the adventures they went on together

-Natsu is very much the overprotective daddy and frequently  goes on a rampage if his kids are picked on at school or otherwise unhappy

-Lucy handles bullying of her babies another way- slowly, meticulously ruining the lives of those responsible for her baby’s tears

-Happy is JEALOUS  when their first kid is born and for two YEARS, refers to little Igneel simply as “ the not very good replacement for Happy”

But when a two-year -old Igneel , frightened by a thunderstorm when Daddy’s away , gives Happy a hug and whimpers “big bwodder, I’m scawed” , Happy just immediately bonds with the cute little boy, who’s the spittin image of his daddy

-Lucy loves nothing more than shopping with her girls

-Natsu is secretly teaching the kids fire magic. Leila and Igneel are great at it.

-Natsu gives the BEST hugs of comfort and is the one all the kids run to if they’re scared


“Ah, Leila, that’s just your Uncle Gajeel, he’s nice.”


“No, Igneel, I don’t, remind me to pound Gray later”

-Natsu saves every SINGLE one of the doodles or notes or empty candy wrappers his kids hand to him ,and hangs them right next to his Lucy memento collection

-He tells his kids about Igneel a lot ,and one year, Igneel Junior gives Natsu a little fire dragon toy he bought with a note that reads” Since you miss Grandpa so much, here’s a baby version of him so you’re not so sad anymore. Love you, Dad. 

Little Igneel”

Natsu is very fond of the gift

-Two of their kids become Celestial mages and Lucy is very proud of that

-Natsu, surprisingly, was best at calming down  the kids when they were babies, and would frequently wrap them in his scarf as he walked around with them

-All the kids have the Fairy Tail temper

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*gently pets his ears* uh huh. wou was scawed a me den bubby. but did wou know daddy was da one to find me to? who know wha woulda happen if him hadn't - Dan

Ouw kno dat papa needs ouw as much as ouw need him….. it no ouws fauwt when bad fings happen… pwease don fink it is. Ouws a good pewson dada and me wuv ouw. *snuggles and purrs*- Reece

family time

Alex chuckled as he saw Noah splashing, hearing him make car noises with the car he was holding in the tub. “Daddy… I’s still scawed fwom the soap.” Noah said, tilting his head as Alex nodded, grabbing the shampoo. “I know, buddy. But remember what I taught you? Shut your eyes and it’ll be over with. I won’t hurt you. I promise. Plus, we gotta go bowling soon.”


Smoaking Canary Appreciation Week Day 3: Fanfic

for the Thelma & Louise AU

In the summer after High School, Felicity Smoak and Sara Lance decide to take one last trip together before going their separate ways. Things definitely do not go as planned. Most would say things ended up worse, but they might just be for the better.

Read it here: AO3 & FF.Net