family time

Alex chuckled as he saw Noah splashing, hearing him make car noises with the car he was holding in the tub. “Daddy… I’s still scawed fwom the soap.” Noah said, tilting his head as Alex nodded, grabbing the shampoo. “I know, buddy. But remember what I taught you? Shut your eyes and it’ll be over with. I won’t hurt you. I promise. Plus, we gotta go bowling soon.”

“Train”-ing Session?

Seems the Shadows never sleep, as Hikari’s hometown has been invaded by a member of the Shadow Line. Despite this, Hikari and her mom have been determined to keep their optimism, eating ice-cream together.

“Mommy…” Hikari mutters. “I’m scawed…”

“Shh, shh. It’ll be fine, Hikari.” Her mom pats her head. 

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(chibikari) "I'm scawed...I onwy just stawted to exist, an' I don' wanna die quick..." The crisis Hikari whimpers, clinging onto Mi.

Mi sweatdropped. “I…I’m sorry. I had to lower the time of the powder for reasons.”

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Why don't you wait until daddy's done with work to watch something scary or cuddle? It won't take too long, and in the meantime you can watch cartoons!

But dada cuddwes me tightew if me scawed -Danny

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Needs daddy but he at schoow ands can't uses his phowe it wainin weawwy hawd and i's is scawed

OH NO! -Danny

Try watching a movie maybe? Or something so you can’t hear the rain? -Phil