Signs as songs on Chest.Head.Mix

Aries: Chest.Head.Mix

Leo: The Chicken Song

Sagittarius: Run To You (Remix)

Taurus: Mitch Goin’ Hard

Virgo: Superfruit Singing I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Capricorn: That time they swapped parts.

Gemini: We In Chicago and we doing it big.

Libra: My Darling Angel (Feat. Kevin)

Aquarius: Who You Gonna Call

Cancer: Single Ladies Whistle Notes

Scorpio: Call Your Girlfriend 

Pisces: Telephone (Original Version)

scavengedluxury  asked:

(I just remembered why I never use fanmail!) If Carvel modified Janus in a way that mixed race people were immune to it then that might appeal to someone who has expressed an interest in genetic engineering. Only genetically diverse people would survive and as a holocaust survivor he would be giving the finger to Nazi racial ideology by creating a world where no-one was racially "pure". If Jessica is able to have Ian's child then that would also be an interesting development for Janus.

that would be hella but we’ll just have to wait and see