scattered thoughts on summer

                                                        You’ve got no place to hide.
                                   And I’m feeling like a { v i l l a i n }, got a hunger inside.
                                        One look in my eyes, and you’re running ‘cause
                                                  I’m coming, gonna eat you { a l i v e }.

     Crystal Cove  The Safest Town in Maine. That’s what the old rotting sign
     says on the side of the only road into town. You smile and think ‘How Nice’.
     The lingering scent of saltwater greets your senses like an old friend. The
     white picket fences and friendly-looking old ladies draw you in with a sense
     of mundanity. A sense of security traps you in its deceitful grasps. Just when
     you’re certain there could never be a more ordinary town than Crystal Cove,
     it begins.

     The branches outside your bedroom windows scrape together, singing a dark
     and twisted hymn. The wind howls in reply, whistling through the threadbare
     trees. It’s trying to whisper something to you, a sinister secret; a terrible truth,
     but you’re too afraid to listen. Seemingly eternal winters consume you as you
     frantically build a fire that’s never quite warm enough. Walking the beach in the
     heat of summer your thoughts wander to the scattering of desolate islands along
     the coast. Are they just as haunted as the surrounding forests: where people
     disappear and glowing eyes track your every move?

      Often you mourn the loss of your own naivety. You long for the nights when you
      didn’t feel the shivers down your spine, as you forced your eyes to stay closed
      despite the chilling breath of a nightmare hovering above you, believing you to
      be asleep. Yes, it would be nice to forget it all, but once you’ve met the monsters
      in your closet, there is no more pretending that the world outside is any different.  

                                      ωє αяє мσηѕтєяѕ


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