scattered matter

I’m really interested in the Cabal as the main antagonists, to be honest, because they’re really the only race so far to try and understand Guardians from a non-magical/Light/Dark standpoint

I mean, to the Fallen we’re magic zombies, to the Vex we’re paracausal entities that just sort of exist for some reason, and to the Hive… do the Hive really know what we are?

Regardless, the Cabal are the first ones to do a systemic report on Ghosts, on Darkness Zones, and how to kill Guardians permanently. That’s huge! I mean, sure Oryx came in to wreck everything, but that was very much an extraordinary threat. I like the idea of a threat coming from being brought down to Earth, so to speak, by a force that seemed so very unequal to us.

This is much more interesting to me because the Cabal have no space magic, just sheer unrelenting force and systematic analysis. Destiny 1 was kind of mostly about Light versus Dark - well, what about Light versus very determined space turtles?

I think what I’m trying to get at here is, that feeling of all of our wondrous, enormous powers failing in the face of complete and total force. No battling gods, no Light vs Dark, just the “biological automata” as Oryx would put it kicking us up and down the Solar System. 

That being said, I can’t say Ghaul having some sort of connection to the Dark, and powers of his own, wouldn’t be cool.

Language shows clearly that memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theater. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred. He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging. This confers the tone and bearing of genuine reminiscences. He must not be afraid to return again and again to the same matter, to scatter it as one scatters earth, to turn it over as one turns over soil. For the matter itself is only a deposit, a stratum, which yields only to the most meticulous examination what constitutes the real treasure hidden within the earth: the images, severed from earlier associations, that stand—like precious fragments or torsos in a collector’ gallery—in the prosaic rooms of our later understanding.

“Language has unmistakably made plain that memory is not an instrument for exploring the past, but rather a medium. It is the medium of that which is experienced, just as the earth is the medium in which ancient cities lie buried. He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging. Above all, he must not be afraid to return again and again to the same matter; to scatter it as one scatters earth, to turn it over as one turns over soil. For the ‘matter itself’ is no more than the strata which yield their long-sought secrets only to the most meticulous investigation. That is to say, they yield those images that, severed from all earlier associations, reside as treasures in the sober rooms of our later insights–”

Walter Benjamin, from “Excavation and Memory,” Selected Writings, Vol. 2, part 2, 1927–1934,  ed. Michael W. Jennings, Howard Eiland, and Gary Smith, trans. Rodney Livingstone et al. (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1999)


Pairing: JiKook
Length: ~12.7k

Jimin’s just too old but too young.

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Jimin has been coming to this park every day for the past year and a half. Through snow, rain, and unbearable heat, this swing had been his between 6 and 9 p.m. Today, he has his long sleeves pulled over his palms and his hair tucked under a cloth toboggan as he watches the stars.

He kicks at the ground, pushing himself back with a creak of the nearly frozen chains. When the swing stills, he repeats the action and intently focuses on his breath that blooms in the air before it fades evenly away. Jimin doesn’t know what he was doing, it was safe to say he never knew in the first place.

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anonymous asked:

This blog is great too! I have a question regarding a fictional earth-like planet of mine where the single large moon is not tidally locked and rotates, and seems partially made of large red quartz crystal and mars-red dust. Would it be possible for the light reflected from the red side of this moon to color the atmosphere of the planet purple-ish (at night) and lilac (in the day) if the atmosphere is the almost same as earth (save for a 30% oxygen level instead of our 21%)? Thank you!

I love weird planets and moons. As we detect and learn about more exo-planets, we keep seeing more and more weirdness and wonder in the universe. Just looking at the strange diversity amongst moons in our own Solar system (icy world-ocean Europa, fiery volcano-covered Io, hydrocarbon smog-covered Titan) shows that no two moons or planets will ever be the same.

So, in the interest of diversity, lets go all out and place a moon the size of Ganymede (the largest moon in our solar system) in orbit around our Earth-like planet. We’ll assume that the moon orbits at about the same distance as our Moon orbits Earth. We’ll take Ganymede’s shiny, icy surface and replace it with red crystals (or maybe it’s still ice, and the ice is red because of chemicals or single-celled life) and red Mars-like dust.

Ganymede is about 5200 km in diameter, making her about 1.5 times the size of the Moon. She would be large, bright, and would look very eerie with her reddish hues. Being much larger and more reflective, our Red Ganymede would shine much brighter - around 4 times as bright (about twice as bright due to size, and twice as bright again due to crystals/ice being more reflective than moon dust).

Having a red, red moon around a planet would certainly be dramatic, but would probably not change the color of the sky much at all for two reasons.

Primus, even our Red Ganymede wouldn’t be very bright compared to the Sun. The Sun is 400,000 times as bright as our Moon. It’d be about 100,000 times brighter than our Red Ganymede. There would be some slight reddening of the night sky if there were thin clouds - the clouds acting as a white cloth that the red light would shine on. During the daytime, there would be little difference between the blue skies we have now and the blue skies we’d have with Red Ganymede. Things might take on a slightly redder color, especially at night on a full moon, but the sky would still remain very similar to our sky here on Earth.

Secundus, the color of the sky has much more to do with the composition of the atmosphere than with the light coming through it. Even if our habitable planet was around a blue or very red star, the skies of an Earth-type world would still appear pretty blue. Adding a little red to the mix won’t noticeably change that.

You might see some increase in red when our Red Ganymede is rising or setting. The light from the moon is already scattered and bent because it travels a much longer path through the atmosphere. All of the blue end of the light would be scattered (and there goes more of the brightness), leaving all the red and yellow.

Of course, the fact that the human eye is only moderately sensitive to the longer, redder wavelengths means that even the little change that would occur probably wouldn’t be noticed by our meat-bag-mostly-water eyes.

The easiest way to make the sky look red is to fill it with fine particulate matter to scatter the blue light even more. A massive chemically-powered industrial civilization that pumps huge quantities of particulates into the atmosphere would do that, as would a very volcanically-active planet. Our Red Ganymede’s more powerful gravity would flex the planet’s crust and would almost certainly increase the occurrence of volcanoes.

I think that if our Earth had a Red Ganymede, it should be named Pele or  Xiuhtecuhtli. Either one would be cool.

Holidays in Pyrrhia

i like the idea of each tribe having separate holidays and events like new years that they celebrate differently, so as it’s the festive season here are some headcanons:
icewings have two main holidays - the winter and summer solstices. on the winter solstice the family comes together for a meal, no matter how scattered they are, and celebrate the fact that the dark season is half way over. higher ranking families exchange gifts on the night. the summer solstice is spent with friends, hunting and flying and enjoying the daylight and public holiday.
in the desert, sandwing holidays are based around the different constellations that rise and set over the course of the year. there are festivals for the rising of the queen’s crown constellation (it’s said to be the luckiest day of the year), for the setting of the tiger’s eye (marking the beginning of the dragonbite viper’s least aggressive season), and many more.
nightwing holidays are few and far between, and celebrations from the lost nightwing queendom are long forgotten. they used to be anniversaries of arbitrary events that the queens declared holidays to boost morale, but in recent years more and more nightwings are adopting rainwing holiday customs.
rainwing holidays are all based around the growth of various plants. unless you want to be caught off guard by playful dragonets, it is wise to memorize the pranks that are traditionally pared with holidays. for example, when the pigmented indigoarrow plant fruits, many dragons will drop the berries from trees to temporarily stain the scales of those below.
skywings rarely have official days off, apart from the yearly queen’s birthday celebration. this is a week long festival tailored to the ruler’s interests. for example, scarlet’s always involved a lot of gore and death. jubilees are also held to observe milestones in the monarch’s reign: celebrations such as the silver jubilee, for a 25th anniversary, golden jubilee, for a 50th anniversary, and platinum jubilee, for a 70th anniversary.
mudwing public holidays are carefully spaced throughout the year, and only new years is celebrated with particular vigor, since mudwings tend to focus on hatching days for coming together and exchanging gifts. the mudwing new years parties are famous across pyrrhia for their length and amazing food.
seawings celebrate the movement of the stars like sandwings, and also have holidays related to the migration of whales, turtles and fish. every year in the queen’s birthday her subjects compete with displays of art, music, and feats of agility and strength to try and win the royal family’s favour.
these are just my ideas! feel free to add anything

dark matter & dark energy

There is 5% of matter in our universe now you may wondering what the heck is I am on about but ya its  true, so where is another 95% of energy lets find it out;

Our universe is pretty weird. There is 25% of dark matter & 70% of dark energy, now what is dark matter & dark energy,

Because of dark matter, galaxies & other things exist, as normal matter is 5% so it can’t create galaxies & another thing {as objects will shred into small pieces} , so we now that there is something around them something which doesn’t emit or reflect light, places with high concentration of dark energy bend light passing nearby. So we know that there is something that interacts with gravity dark matter is scattered all over the place, but we don’t really know more about dark matter, but what do we know is our universe is accelerating and space doesn’t change its property as it expands there is just more of new space is created, as empty space is stronger and has most energy than anything. So what is empty space?
Empty space is dark energy as practicals forms from nothing and despair to nothing.


Why Doesn’t Dark Matter Form Black Holes?

“So even though we think of gravity as the only force that matters on the largest scales, the truth is when we think about the structures that we see — the ones that give off light, that house atoms and molecules, that collapse into black holes — it’s the other forces, in concert with gravity, that allow them to exist at all. You need some type of inelastic, sticky collision, and dark matter doesn’t have the right interactions to make that possible. Because of that, dark matter can’t make a galaxy, a star, a planet or a black hole. It takes more than gravity alone to do the job.”

Dark matter makes up the overwhelming majority of mass in the Universe. With five times as much of it as there is normal matter, and the fact that it doesn’t emit or absorb light but does interact gravitationally, it might seem like the perfect candidate to form black holes. After all, it’s named “dark matter” to begin with, and black holes are perhaps the darkest form of matter in the whole Universe. But black holes are also extremely collapsed objects, while dark matter is incredibly diffuse. The physics of what enables an object to collapse isn’t governed by gravity, but rather by the other forces: the ones that enable energy transfer, momentum loss and inelastic collisions. As far as we can tell, those are properties that are unique to the particles of the Standard Model, and dark matter’s inability to interact in those lossy fashions means it cannot collapse.

No collapse means no black holes. That’s why dark matter might govern the great cosmic web, but can’t form the smaller bound structures we find within a galaxy.

I love how the Kingsman fandom is united is its firm denial of Harry Hart’s death.

Like, you can ship whatever you like: Hartwin? Join the Party! Harry/Merlin? Sure, why not! Harry/Merlin/Eggsy? Rock on! Eggsy/Roxy? Be our guest!

Canon? Open to interpretation. Are they heroes? Are they sociopaths? Is Eggsy losing himself in his role or just maybe unhealthily grieving by trying to become Harry or just evolving and perfectly fine?Just how much fucked is the world post-movie? Discussion is welcome!

But no one, no one, no matter their ship or their other headcanons will ever accept that Harry Hart is dead.

“Meh, it’s just a bullet to the head, he can come back.”

“Look, we didn’t get a close visual of his scattered brain matter, he could totally be ok.”

“No on screen cremation no death.”

I love it even more that the people who made the movie are also doing this.

“Well, yes, we kinda had him shot in the head, but… I mean, we can work with that, right? We can figure out something. We can get him back for the sequel.”

I believe that this fandom would honestly be ok if Harry Hart just waltzed in and said “I just told Death to go fuck itself and it didn’t want to argue with me.”

InuSecretSanta: Solving Problems

Part 2/2 of my @inusecretsanta to @rocioo! Kagome’s school problems and InuKag comforting moments. Happy New Year everyone!

Kagome flipped the pages of her geometry book back and forth while holding in an angry huff. She was annoyed. She was frustrated. Glossy pages full of numbers balanced between the fingers of her left hand as she rifled through them angrily. Back and forth. Page 265. 264. 267 and 268.


Not a thing made sense.

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“Jagi,” Yoongi whisper yelled to you, “Jagi!” He repeated more frantically, shaking your arm roughly.

“What?” You annoyedly huffed, setting the vegetables you had been picking out down.

Without a word, he turned you around. “Eomma!” A boy hopped with a toy in his hand, “When will the baby be born?”

“Soon,” She giggled pushing her cart, “Be patient.”

“Don’t be so excited,” His father shook his finger, “She’s gonna take your place as baby.”

“Don’t tell him that!” The mother lightly slapped her husband’s arm.

“He’ll still be my son,” He rolled his eyes, scooping him up. “We’ll still play baseball, and play video games. Won’t we?” He asked the child.

“Yeah! Then when she gets older we can include her too, right?”

“If she’d like,” He chuckled, poking his son’s nose. He set him down after various amounts of swinging his tiny legs to get down, “I’ll be back—we forgot milk.” He kissed his wife’s forehead, then ruffled the boy’s long black hair.

“Eomma?” He tugged on her long dress, looking up at her with his cutesy eyes.

“Yes?” She looked down.

“Can I talk to the baby?”

“Of course,” She nodded, moving her purse out of the way.

He was at perfect height to her bloated stomach, “Hi; I’m your big brother.” He started, touching her stomach with both of his tiny hands, “You’ll be nice, right? Please don’t take my toys..” He pouted, “I’ll share—just don’t be like our cousins. I promise I’ll protect you, just like a big brother should. Can you ever hear me?” He poked her belly button.

“Yah,” She pushed him by his forehead back, “Don’t do that..”

“Sorry, eomma.” He apologized, “I’m waiting for you. Please come out already!” He whined, “I don’t think I can wait much longer.”

“Is he talking to her again?” The husband came back, pecking his wife’s cheek.

“He is,” She sighed, kissing him back.

“You can talk to her at home, right now we need to pay for our food.” He told him.

“Okay!” He ran ahead of them.

“He’s excited,” The woman smiled, pushing the cart again.

“So am I..” He smiled back, holding her round stomach securely as they moved along.

“Do you think we’ll be like that?” Yoongi whispered in your ear, hugging you from behind.

“With children?” You asked, continuing to walk as he held you down with his weight.

“And married.”

“If you want,” You shrugged, setting your items in the cart.

“I-Um..” He choked up, “We’ll talk about that later.”

“Why not now?” You continued shopping.

“It’s not exactly a romantic setting,” He waved his hand around to all the food, and people scattered about.

“It doesn’t matter to me—if that’s what you mean. If you don’t want to talk about it here, let’s not then.”

He sighed heavily, leaning forward as if he had been shut off my a switch. “Let’s just do it now then,” He stood up straight, walking beside you now.

“I’m waiting~” You sang, looking at things on shelves.

“(Y/N), where do I start? I thought I’d have more time to thing about it, but you want me to just spill my emotions out in the middle of a market.” He took his backwards hat off to ran his fingers through his hair, thinking of a way to tell you in a way you’d understand. “I wanted to make a song for you, too. This is really difficult,” He complained.

“You’re beginning to sound like that child, Yoongi.”

“Alright, just give me a little time to figure this all out.” He breathed, fixing his sweatshirt. He took a deep breath, raising his hands in an odd manner. “Okay: If I had to have a number come to mind to think how many years I want to spend with you, I’m not sure of what it’d be—a hundred and five.” He started, still walking next to you. “I already wake up next to you every morning, but I want more; I want every day in the next years, and years to do the same—it’s what I’m planning on. When I get all my money in order, I swear I’ll buy ever more thing for you. It’s hard to do so when I already give you everything, you spoiled brat.” He lightened the mood, teasing you by putting his arm around you. “I love you-”

“I love you, too.” You cut him off, stealing a kiss from his caught off guard lips.

He breathed a laugh, rubbing the back of his neck. “What I was trying to say was..” He hung his head low, watching your feet move. “I want us to be in love forever..” He hit his forehead, “Ugh, why is this so hard?!” He turned to the other side of the shelves—away from you.

“Because you don’t share your feelings like this a lot?” You guessed.

“I should be able to do this,” He shoved his hands in his giant pocket, “I can’t stutter, and be nervous anymore.” He blew out air, and spun around. “You’re really something, you know that?”

“How so?” You hummed, standing on your tippy-toes to reach something on a heigh shelf.

“Here, I got it.” He gently moved you to the side, retrieving the can with ease.

“Thank you,” You moved towards the end of the aisle.

“That’s another thing to add to the list,” He stuck his hands in his jean’s pockets.

“What list?”

“Of reasons why you’re the love of my life, (Y/N).” He blankly said, trying to hide his emotions. “No girl had ever made me feel this way, and I’m pretty damn sure no other girl will ever make me feel this happy and good.”

“So lovey..” You falsely gagged.

“Yah, it gets worse then: If I lost everything in the world—my money, my clothes, my swag—”

“Yoongi!” You punched his arm.

He laughed loudly, flashing his gummy smile as he held the area you hit. “I’m just saying,” He calmed down, “What I was trying to say was that, I wouldn’t care.” He stood silent for a few seconds, “It really wouldn’t matter—that is, if I had you. It would mean something since its physical, but in my heart it wouldn’t.” He cringed right after he said it, “I’m sorry, I’m really no good with this.”

“Oh, I know.” You snorted, turning your cart to another aisle.

“There’s no need to rub it in,” He glared at you, “Back to what I was saying..” He went back to it, “What I’m trying to say is: One day, I won’t be able to ask you loud enough..” He gulped, messing with his fingers. “I-I’ll say,” He tapped his foot nervously as you stopped to look at him fidgeting. “Will you marry me?” He blurted out.

Your expression dropped, “W-What?”

“I want to make sure you’ll be willing to marry me, because I want to have you forever. I want to be married, I want to be like that couple we saw, and I want kids with you—I want so much from you, that only I know you’ll give me.” He broke down, almost tearing up. “I don’t know why I’m about to cry—it’s stupid of me, but there’s just so much I never tell you. You already know more of me than the hyungs, but there is stuff about you I keep to myself. I’m being such a softy,” He growled, looking up and fixing his hat. “You’re my other half, and I know you’ll make me just as happy as you do now for years and years to come. It’s a lot to take in, but I-”

You cut him off by grabbing his face, and smashing your lips on his. He was surprised, but kissed back and held your hips “Yes.” You smiled like an idiot, not letting go of his face.


“I will marry you.” You teared up.

“Really?” He said in disbelief, “Ah, jagi.” He groaned, engulfing you in a hug. “You won’t regret it, and you’re getting a surprise at home.” He kissed you passionately, groping you for anyone to see.

“Yoongi~” You pulled away, “So many people could’ve seen that.”

“How about we try for that baby?” He mumbled against your lips, pressing them against yours multiple times after the question.

“How about wait until we’re married to have a baby?” You pushed him farther away from you.

His hands didn’t budge, and stood on your bum as he pulled you along with him. “How about practice for the baby then?”

“Can it wait until we get home at least?” You pried his grabby hands off.

“The car?” He kissed your neck, hugging you from behind.

“Home.” You said sternly, trying to free yourself of him.

“Well don’t be a slow poke then,” He bit your neck.

“Stop!” You hit his leg, “Enough! Can’t you just wait?”

“How could I when you’re so sexy?” He chuckled, kissing from your cheek to your shoulder.

“Self control?”

He sighed heavily, “Let’s speed this up.” He snapped his fingers, “Because I have a lot to do when we get home..” He smirked, winking at you.

Little Sister - BTS

Request: Could you do a written ‘reaction’ type post for bts members, how they would be as brothers if oc is their younger sister, around '97 line age

Originally posted by jjamsxo

Jungkook: He would be the best friend-like brother, especially since you were so close in age (however, he would never let you forget that he was the older one). He would always let you tag along, no matter what he was doing—and he would never let his friends kick you out. It’s both of you or neither of you. A lot of teasing, kicks under the dinner table and flicking each other’s ears. He would randomly suggest getting ice cream on your walks home from school, spending your afternoons lingering along the pavement and licking ice cream instead of going home to start homework. He’d be really awkward around your friends, never really making eye contact with them or saying anything. You’d hear “Oh my god, your brother is so hot” all the time, usually followed by “Yeah, but he’s kind of weird.” Making funny faces at you to make you feel better, anime marathons until the early morning, tucked under blankets and half-drunk bottles of milk scattered about. It wouldn’t matter to you, or him, what you were doing; he would always be by your side.

Taehyung: “Hey guys, meet my baby sister!” Sticking out tongues at one another, ruffling your hair. I think Tae would be a fairly doting older brother, always making sure you were okay. He’d be really good at recognizing when you weren’t, not saying anything until you did, listening to you rant and nodding along. He’d put his arm around your shoulders and give you some pretty good advice, quickly followed by “And if anyone messes with you, I’ll kick ‘em!” Definitely the goofy older brother all your friends adore having around, because he loves putting on a show for them. It would be slightly embarrassing, but mainly endearing. Though he would like reminding you that you were his baby sister, he would never treat you as inferior. He would always listen to what you had to say, often coming to you for advice. You’d be the pair at the corner booth in the restaurant, always giggling uncontrollably even though no jokes seemed to have been said, because you guys know each other so well you don’t even have to speak to get the joke. None of your family photos are good, because one of you is always messing with the other.

Jimin: Pulling hair and hiding things behind his back. “This is only for big kids.” “You wore a diaper until you were five!” “Take that back!” It wouldn’t matter how old you were, the two of you would act like bickering kids for the rest of your lives; there would never be any love lost. He would like charming your friends, specifically because he knows it annoys you. He would be pretty protective, prodding you about your date and frowning at your hemline. Super supportive. It wouldn’t matter what you were doing, a hard math problem on your homework or attempting to reach a lifelong goal, he would never waver in his support for you. Even when you were feeling absolutely shit about yourself, he would be the only one who would tell you that you could do it, and you would actually believe him. He wouldn’t want you anywhere near Taehyung and Jungkook, because they would know that flirting with you would drive him absolutely crazy. So, of course, they’d do it all the time. “You’re not allowed to do that!” “You’re not Mom!”

Namjoon: Helping you with homework, somehow making you feel stupid and smart at the same time. He’s the kind of brother that would spend most of his days in his room alone, blasting music—but he wouldn’t mind if you just walked in and flopped on his bed, starting a conversation about absolutely nothing. So protective. You wouldn’t tell him you were going out until you were rushing out the door, him yelling behind you. Constantly spitting fire at one another. Him always borrowing your stuff without asking, then never returning it for breaking it, so you label literally everything you own and threaten to dump his mixtape collection in the Han River if he steals your earphones again. The best advice giver. Your friends are a little bit scared of him, a little bit fascinated, a little bit in love with him. Says “Maybe when you’re older.” He knows you better than anyone else in the world, and you him. You don’t have to tell him everything that’s going on in your life, because he knows you and that’s what matters. He doesn’t give them often, but he gives the best hugs.

Hoseok: Embarrassing you all the time, doing weird dances for your friends when they come over or drawing attention to you in public. “Aww, my little sister is buying her first bra—” “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU OPPA.” As you get older, he still likes to draw attention to you, but you realize that it’s not only just to torture you, but because he’s proud of you. He always told you your doodles were masterpieces. Jumping on your bed to scare you while you were reading or scrolling through your phone. Sitting up with you all night while you finish a last-minute project, just so you won’t be alone. Would take you dolls and play with you for hours on end, and get really upset and whiny when you didn’t want to play anymore (still does). Can not mentally process the idea of you dating. “Kissing is off limits. Touching is off limits. Looking is off limits. Breathing—” “Oppa, you can’t be serious.” “I AM DEAD SERIOUS.” Always showing you cool hip hop dance videos on his phone. Your best friend on Snapchat, because he sends you 1052 snaps a day.

Yoongi: “Lazyass.” “Priss.” Fighting over the sofa. Having to wake him up by staging a coup in his bedroom. Watching popular movies together and judging them hardcore. Judging everyone hardcore. Him constantly chiding you or telling you that you should have known better, and you grumbling along because you know he’s right but you hate admitting it. Long, comfortable silences and being buried under blankets for weekends when you literally don’t leave the house. Making goofy faces that have you breathless from laughter. All your friends being scared of him because, when he actually leaves his room for once in a millennia and actually sees them, he has the glare of death (you use it to your advantage). He lets you make your own mistakes, but never holds them against you. Has an album of photos he’s taken of you on his computer. Lying on blankets on the floor, nibbling on candy, talking about people you hate and places you’d like to see. Not letting you meet Bangtan for a long time. “Just once—” “No.” Always knowing you can come to him, any time, any where, for any reason.

Seokin: Always fighting over the bathroom in the morning. All of your friends are in love with him because, well, he’s perfect. But you know how big of a nerd he is so you just kind of let your friends dream. He’s the favorite at every family get-together. Getting in huge trouble when you were little for touching his action figures. Makes you pancake breakfasts every weekend. Laughing at the dumbest things, like horrible puns in the greeting card section of the store. Banging on the bathroom door to tell him to stop singing while he’s in the shower. Mario competitions that go on for days and get really heated. Arguing over which one of you is your parents’ favorite. Buying you things at the store when you mentioned that you liked the color of that sweater. Assuming you’re forever innocent and having an internal crisis when you start dating. “Just…have fun. And be safe. And if you, you know, ever start feeling uncomfortable about…things…then call—” “Oh my god, call you, I know, just please shut up.” Ending every phone call with “I love you” because it’s habit.   

Pizza Night! - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader {Pt. 2}

Word Count for Part 2: 1413

Word Count for the fic overall: 2528

A/N: Y/P/N = A pet name that you loathe

The next day….

You lounged on your sofa, binge-watching {favorite TV show} while you mindlessly munched on marshmallows. The show was on for background noise. You were lost in your thoughts, the scattered matter seemingly trying to focus around one being.

Of course, your thoughts never listened and decided to run rampant.

A sigh escaped your lips. Why did you have to be enamored with the guy that wrote Hamilton? You knew everyone else crushed on him. Everyone flirted with him and tried to take a swing at dating the rare Lin. So what gave you the idea that you actually had a chance in hell with the guy?

Another sigh escaped you as you popped another fluffy morsel into your mouth. As it hit your tongue, your phone buzzed as if on cue. You picked it up to read the message.

5:25 P.M Pippa: Hey hon!

A smile spread across your face. Everyone loved the cinnamon roll dubbed Phillipa Soo. Or Pippa, as the cast called her.

5:27 P.M. {Y/N/N}: Hey Pip! What’s up?

5:28 P.M. Pippa: Nothing much! Want to head down to the pizza parlor tonight? It’s free pizza to cast members night! I’ll get you a few slices!

5:29 P.M. {Y/N/N}: You had me at “free pizza”, Pip! I’ll be there!

You stood up and stretched, grinning as you walked towards your dining room. Although you hated social events outside of the performances, there was pizza. Plus, Pippa invited you. That was rare. Tossing the bag of fluffy goodness back into the cabinet of your kitchen, you went to get ready for the eventful night ahead.


You walked into the parlor and hour and a half later, the scent of pizza and fries whacking you in the face hard. Pippa and Renee approached you with grins spread on their bright faces. Renee held a soda in her hand while Pippa held a soda and {fave soda} in hers, handing you your drink.

“{Y/N}! So glad you could make it!” She gushed. You giggled as she kissed your cheeks.

“Well, of course! How could I miss this?” Your replied with a grin. Renee hugged you with one arm. “I couldn’t miss out on hanging out with my girls!”

“Well, the girls AND guys.” Renee gestured to the back corner, where Lin, Daveed, Leslie, Oak, Anthony, Thayne, Jon, Javier and Jasmine sat around a couple of cheese and pepperoni pizzas.

Your face paled slightly. “Lin’s here?”

“Of course! You know Lin wouldn’t miss this for the world!” Renee shot back. A smirk spread across her face.

Did she……

The two girls lead you to the back of the parlor to where the others were. A cheer rose from the group once they laid eyes on you, Lin blushing slightly. “Hey, {Y/N}! Didn’t think you were coming tonight!”

You smiled. “Same to you, Linmilton.” Everyone sat down and left one seat open: the one beside Lin. You internally screamed as you sat down, trying not to let it show.

“Oh, so it’s Linmilton now? {Y/P/N}?” Lin smirked as you death-glared him.

“Lin, I swear to anything even considered holy-”

“Guys!” Anthony interrupted, chuckling as he held up a flyer. “It’s karaoke night!” Your glare shot to Pippa as your heart started to race. You knew what was coming.

“You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night…..” You whined. Pippa giggled as you pouted and stared down at the pizza.

“Aw, come on {Y/N}, it won’t be that bad.” Lin tried to comfort you. “I’ll do it with you! How’s that?” Little did he know that that one little question made your world flip.



“So….what do you want to sing?”

You looked at the crowd before making eye contact with him. “Empire State Of Mind?” A grin broke out on his face as he dashed to the DJ booth, plugging up his phone and cueing up the music. Next thing you knew, the music started and you were launched into a new world.

Lin’s voice filled the speakers as you listened, stuck in a trance. “Yeah, I’m up at Brooklyn, now I’m down in Tribeca, Right next to DeNiro, but I’ll be hood forever….” The crowd started to rock their heads up and down to the tune. Lin kept glancing over at you as you did the same, your part coming up. “…I be spiked out, I can trip a referee, tell by my attitude that I most definitely from-”

He pointed at you as you took over, your voice soaring over the sea of people enjoying their pizza. “In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do…” Your eyes were closed as you sang along, getting into the music as your voice connected the notes into a tune. You felt the music move through you. “Big lights will inspire you, Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York-”

Lin took over with the second verse from here. “Catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game, Shit, I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can…” Your eyes were open now as you looked at the guests. No one was eating anymore. They were all listening intently, recording the performance, or awestruck. You could see your friends giving you thumbs up and whooping in the very back. “Statue of Liberty, long live the World Trade, Long live the king, yo, I’m from the Empire State that’s-”

He handed the vocals back over to you for the chorus, letting you belt out your heart as you sang. Nothing could wipe the grin off of your face. It felt as if you were floating. “In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do…” The lights brightened your face and caught the light beads of sweat forming on your forehead, but you didn’t care. You were up on stage. You were singing with Lin. Lin….. “Big lights will inspire you, Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York-”

You looked over at Lin knowingly. You watched him begin to rap the third verse. “Lights is blinding, girls need blinders, Or they can step out of bounds quick, the sidelines is…” You listened to his melodic verse spit out the words. Watched his chocolate eyes catch the bright lights. See his grin stretch from side to side of his face…. “MDMA got you feeling like a champion, The city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien-”

You barely realized it was your turn to sing, catching yourself and launching into the chorus. You beamed as you sang, covering the chorus easily before hitting the bridge and turning to Lin, cueing to sing together. He understood and complied with shining eyes.  “One hand in the air for the big city, Street lights, big dreams, all looking pretty, No place in the world that can compare, Put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeah! Come on, come- Yeah!” Your voices fit perfectly, harmonizing in unity.

Before you knew it, the song ended with you and Lin facing each other, grins plastered on both of your faces and sweat covering your foreheads. Your chests heaved, begging for air. You faintly heard Daveed’s “Why don’t they just kiss already?” before you felt Lin’s lips lock onto yours, the sensation undescribable.

It was like sparks. Fireworks. Anything along those lines and you got it.

You heard the crowd roar with cheers as Daveed and Anthony cheered with “THAT’S MY BOY!!!!!” and Pippa’s “Woohoo, get it!” as you broke the kiss with Lin. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you…” Lin confessed, a sheepish grin on his face.

You giggled. “Honestly? We could’ve done this ages ago?”

Anthony walked up. “Lin confessed first?”

A nod from Lin.

“Damnit, I owe Daveed 40$.”

☂ 비밀 - it's you

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Title:  비밀 - it’s you

Pairing: Hanbin x Reader

Genre: i’m not sure tbh. hardcore romance?? when moyo is yun trash and writes??? idkkkk

Length: ~1320

A/N: i’m not exactly sure what this is. This was originally a Yun fanfic but it fucked me up to read it and gave me too much feels so i changed it halfway lmao (yes i’m Yun trash especially after writing this). This fanfic is based on Taeyeon’s songs, especially 비밀 and in-between there are quotes from her songs or from myself. You should definitely listen to this while reading to get into the mood. Also, this is based not only on the song but was originally some weird shiz i wrote for my cousin who is like a sister to me because it was her birthday and i tried to tell her how much she means to me lol. -moyo


Your love was my sweet rain that washed away the fears that were hidden behind my heart, and instead filled it with the kindness of your love to make me realize once again, how much I love you.

You fingertips softly danced on the piano strings to fill the room with the melodies and emotions that your heart produced. You let it fill you in, automatically closing your eyes to realize that the music brought small fragments of anguish back to life. This feeling, this feeling felt so familiar but was so far away at the same time. Along with the sweet sound of the rain, it was like a bittersweet ambiance that settled around you. Tip…tap..tip..tap. You could hear the raindrops that had such a poor size, creating such an impact and beautiful sound on you. 

You’re my sweet rain.


I had difficult times, but followed a small light.

The sky turned dark above your empty heart and you looked up to meet the brutality of this world you lived in. One more day, one more day, and one more day. One more day until all of this could be over, maybe even just an hour or just in a matter of seconds all this could vanish. Just like the raindrops that were falling down the sky in these matter of seconds, you could just hit rock bottom and fall into a deep sleep for eternity.

And then you met his eyes. 

Those eyes that kindly smiled at you and even though everything seemed to break apart around you, he was that small light that seeped through your darkness of agony and turned it into a twilight of pleasure. It was hurting inside, however this pain was so different than the heartache you were feeling all this time. You held it in, like a secret but kept on following his eyes.

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Hold Me

Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

A/N: I just needed to get this out of my system. Based on the song The Day sung by Baekhyun and K Will.


He was the one that broke off the relationship, the one that believed that maybe there was other options for both of them. He was the one that didn’t want you. He wanted the space he said because it was apparently too overwhelming with a relationship and his schedule. It was all him, but that didn’t change the guilt and sorrow you felt from all those memories being put away in a box, to which was never going to opened again.

You had tried to date again, you really did. But none of them were like Jungkook.

He was everything and more. He made you feel butterflies when you hugged. He made you feel like the only girl in the world when he stared lovingly at you. He was the one that made you feel like a queen when you two went on dates. His smiles that left you dazed and his laughter that lingered in your apartment even after he had left. His built body that would protect you from the outside and the other men that he believed would be a threat to your relationship, even though you always told him it’s you and no on else.

It was as if all of that was a waste.

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Jon’s surname

To call Jon Snow a Stark, or even a Targaryen, is completely inconsistent.

Even if R+L=J is true in the books, as well, which is (sadly, for me) highly probable, and assuming that the child was named Jon and not something else (and then renamed Jon by Ned to cover his identity) his name is still Jon Snow.

To name the boy Snow makes him belong in the north. Addictionally, he doesn’t get many details on his mother’s identity from Ned that would suggest him otherwise. Jon remains a northman. Unless he is legitimized, as Ramsay was, he will continue to be a Snow and a bastard - Ned’s or Rhaegar’s, in this respect it does not make any difference.

EDIT: I stated before that his “true” name should have been Jon Sand, since he was born in the Tower of Joy in Dorne, but @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly wisely made me notice that bastards’ names don’t come from the place of birth, but from where they are raised.
I made a point about Ashara Dayne which is now superfluous, but I still want to highlight the fact that a part of me hoped her to be Jon’s real mother, and that I still hope we’ll see more of the truth behind her suicide and her “stillborn daughter” (as reported by Ser Barristan Selmy in ADWD). I also think that if this child was real, and Ned’s - big ifs indeed - it may have influenced Ned’s behavior towards Catelyn, Jon and his other children to some extent. But this is another story entirely, and all we have for now are just rumors.

Returning to my original point, saying that Jon is a Stark or a Targaryen is quite an obvious mistake. This is one of the many reasons why I find his crowning in the tv show so ridiculous.

Naming him a Stark would mean that someone legitimized him as Eddard Stark’s son. Only a King can do this - in fact, Stannis offered to so exactly so, and was rebuffed by Jon, who refused to be King. Sure, it happened before his murder, but still, he already refused once. The lore we have clearly states that once the legitimization has been done, it cannot be undone. Catelyn says so to Robb. It does not make any sense to make Jon a Stark now, when he is so close to fulfilling his true role in the story. Furthermore, who legitimized him? Not Lyanna Mormont, who is but one of the bannermen in the North (in the show) and a child, and cannot decide such matters by herself. Not the late King Robb Stark, whose possible orders are still in the Neck or somewhere with Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover, nowhere to be found in the show. Not by Stannis, killed off at the end of Season 5, and certainly not by Tommen Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Euron Greyjoy or the other squabbling kings and queen scattered all around.

The matter is simple enough. Without a King to legitimize Jon, he cannot simply become a Stark, not even by acclamation.

Jon Targaryen is even worse, and this particular thing has been done by the fans only, though I can’t exclude the possiblity that the show will take this liberty in the future. The problem of legitimization stands. No one but Bran and maybe Howland Reed, Benjen Stark and a few others know about his (probably) true parentage in universe. It would be a difficult story to believe anyway, and who would legitimize him even then?
Jon will never sit on the Iron Throne just because he is (probably) the son of Rhaegar Targaryen. He is still a bastard. This matter is fundamental to his character. His aunt Daenerys would have a better claim than he has - and the same goes for Bran and Sansa in the North, by the way.

EXO stans most likely to get kicked out for fighting

Okay moonlightoasiis now that I have a base I think I can answer who would get kicked out first for fighting if all members’ stans shared a house (most to least): 

1. Tao stans: You all know that boy’s story and it’s so tangled so you’re ready to fight at someone breathing and it’s a good thing 

2. Chanyeol stans: These people are tired of four month old (and beyond) receipts when he’s literally been an angel since then, it’s dangerous. 

3. Baekhyun stans: ^^ 

4. Sehun stans: Y'all steady harping on the fact that his voice isn’t at the same level of the vocal line, so Hun stans are ready to tear you up. 

5. Suho stans: This is actually pretty close with Sehun stans, essentially the same reason, but on top of that Suho doesn’t seem to get all respect, and it drives stans crazy.

6. Lay stans: AKA Xingmis. Utter one negative word about China and you are dead. Only sixth because people don’t dare say much within earshot of us. 

7. Kyungsoo stans: Satansoo is the biggest old joke in the EXO fandom and most Soo stans are tired of it, because they know he’s misunderstood by a few and that some just like to talk. But they just turn on “Tell Me What Is Love” and drown it all out. 

8. Kai stans: More peeved at the fact that a few people don’t like his passionate performances and quiet persona than anything major, but we are ready to defend him anyway. 

9. Kris stans: Actually sitting pretty because of the statement his people released proving that his leaving was valid, and he’s making a name for himself. They are chill. 

10. Luhan stans: ^^ same story, plus the fact that nearly everyone was partial to Luhan when he was a member. A couple of people think Hunhan was fake but they are so scattered it doesn’t matter. They are celebrating everything he does now. 

11. Jongdae stans: Jongdae stans got a bit riled when they couldn’t celebrate his first musical role in absolute peace (👀), and how could someone hate his high voice, but nothing major, people are neutral to him at least, so these stans can proclaim the goodness that is Kim Jongdae and everyone agrees.

12. Minseok stans: He’s the muggle king, I don’t even know anyone who has said something against Xiumin. Literally. His fans honestly have nothing to worry about, they get the penthouse to themselves.

I Want Her To Be Mine - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Some Teen Wolf imagines today, because I just watched the 2 first episodes of season 5 and I can’t stop thinking about them…. And Liam was super cute in the first two eps, sooo…. HERE YOU GO!

«Who are you?» Malia stood by the door of Stiles’ room, looking angrily at the girl currently laying on Stiles’ bed, looking at one of the many papers littered around Stile’s bedroom floor. 

The rest of the pack came bursting into the room straight after Malia, looking equally as confused as her. All but one. 

 «Grace?! What the hell are you doing here?» Stiles said surprised as he took one step into the room, so he stood halfway in front of Malia, in case she decided to leap at the girl. Which was a possibility considering she was already in defense position. 

 «Stiles! Finally! Someone is actually still living here!» Grace said as she turned fully to the group of very confused teenagers. «Oh! And by the way, your fridge is empty. So I went to the store for you, which explains why I have this candy right here-« She pointed to the candy in her hand. «so now there is actually something eatable in this house, beside the water, which I am really not sure is a good idea to drink either.» She rambled on. 

 «scuse me, but who are you?» Malia tried once again, taking one step forward, so she now stood beside Stiles. 

 «Grace. Stiles’ cousin on his mother’s side. The cousin which he isn’t very good in keeping in touch with!» She directed the last part at Stiles. «Neither you, nor Uncle Stilinski is very good with taking your phone.» She looked accusingly over at her cousin. 

 «I’ve been kind of busy.» Stiles defended, walking a bit closer to her. 

 «I can see that. And honestly it’s a shock for me that you’re not dead yet.» 

«What?» Stiles squinted his eyes at his cousin, not really knowing, but still knowing what she was talking about. Grace just gestured to the papers around the room, not bothering to answer her stupid cousin. 

 «How do you-?» Stiles trailed off. 

 «Know this? I swear, this side of the family is so unknowing.» She muttered the last part more to herself, as Scott walked into the room. 

 «Hi, Scott!» She waved at him, smiling widely. 

 «Have I met you before? You seem familiar.» 

 «Yeah, when we were about 8.» She answered simply. 

 «Wait a bit now, Gracie.» Stiles still stood there pretty confused as he came to sit beside her on the bed. «You know about all of this?» He gestured to all his research hanging on his walls about the supernatural world. 

 «Yeah, know most of it by memory actually.» She said as if it was the most normal thing in the world. 

 «Why?» Stiles pushed on. 

 «I’m a w-« Grace was cut of by Liam stumbling into the room. 

 «Sorry, I’m late guys-« He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Grace sitting on the bed together with Stiles. It was as if the world stopped around him as he looked at her. Scott furrowed his eyebrows at his beta’s reaction, listening to his heartbeat, which was racing in his chest. For a split second Liam’s eyes glowed, but they were quickly back to normal again. 

 «As I was saying-« Grace looked away from Liam again, her heart going in the same pace as his, but she ignored it for the time being. «I’m a warlock.»


Liam was quickly filled in on what he had missed by Scott, who watched his beta attentively, as Liam continued to stare at Grace. At the moment she sat engrossed in a conversation with Malia, while the others was scattered around. 

«What’s the matter, Liam?» Scott asked, even though he knew Liam was just acting like a love sick puppy, the shifting color of Liam’s eyes hadn’t gone unnoticed by Scott. Liam looked up at his Alpha, knowing he couldn’t lie. 

 «I don’t know. It’s like anything else I have ever felt. It’s like I want her. I want her to be mine. Only mine. I’m feeling protective just by Malia being close to her.» The beta looked helplessly over at Grace again, like he couldn’t stand being so far away from her. That far away being 4 meters. 

 «I want her to be mine.» He whispered again, before going to lean against the wall, listening to Grace and Malia’s conversation.


Part 2

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