scattered aesthetics

If you want total freedom, liberty, and justice. Why do we look to a two party system? A system that has been corrupt since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by demonic, filthy rich money hungry men with only one purpose. More money and power. A system that has single handily ruin this world for love of greed. Total freedom means, individual (<—- Notice that word INDIVIDUAL liberty, meaning why the FUCK is our president bring up women’s rights, gay rights, racial issues? Its already stated in the constitution that the individual is protected BECAUSE we are a republic. There is no debate. You are the president of the free world. Do you job and enforce the law. Stop dividing us. Stop trying to distract us from your WAR, DEBT SLAVERY, AND TOTALITARIANISM.) liberty, a free market economy backed by GOLD, cognitive liberty, and the full pursuit for happiness. You should be able to marry who you want, live where you wish, consume what you will, and respect yourself enough to not obviously live off the system. A system that sucks money from hard working people and keeps a LARGE chunk of it in its pocket. The middle class is dying. Politicians do not know what its like to kill themselves to live. Congress men become politicians because they gave in and sold their soul for money. This is obvious when there is NO TERM LIMITS in the house of representatives, people literally falling asleep during speeches, about to die, and so out of touch with how to help not only America, but the fucking world. What happened to the country that was built out of spite of a tyrannical country? History only repeats itself when you have not learned your lesson the first time right? Have we not learned our lesson? From the military industrial complex, to the economic collapse that is about to happen, the prison industrial complex, the drug war, the hunt for oil, Monsanto’s GMOS taking over the world, the ever so high security in this country for our “protection”, THE WAR, to the awful education system in this country. (I don’t dislike learning, I dislike how we are taught.) The whole system is fucked. Only few see it and the majority cheer it on. Free everyone… liberate fully everywhere. Listen to the politicians who stand against this system. Who blatantly aren’t friends with big corporations or lobbyists. Who are just as broke as you are and want to make a difference. Listen to the Doctors, the teachers, and the ones who don’t have the media in their pockets. Give them a chance because they’re about to be our only hope…

Stay woke.

-Scattered Aesthetics