scatterbrain jane

The zodiac signs as Orange Is The New Black characters & explanation
  • Aries: Suzanne 'crazy eyes' (Impulsive, easily irritated, loyal, creative) & Aleida Diaz (fierce, jealous, reckless, possessive, not so motherly)
  • Taurus: Norma (kind, helpful, loyal, occasional badass) & Yoga Jones (down-to-earth, peaceful, mature)
  • Gemini: Piper Chapman (talkative, quick-witted, restless, scatterbrained) & Sister Jane Ingalls (well-spoken, defiant, convincing, intelligent)
  • Cancer: Tiffany Pennsatucky (impulsive, sensitive, devout, determined) & Joe Caputo (honest, genuine, soft, lowkey manipulative)
  • Leo: Stella Carlin (SHE JUST HAS TO BE A LEO) & Sophia Burset (friendly, stubborn, talented, charismatic)
  • Virgo: Mr. Healy (stern yet kind, helpful, critical) & Brook Soso (complainer, principled, caring, talkative)
  • Libra: Lorna Morello (feminine, romantic, friendly, sweet) & Maritza (sassy, vain, outgoing, sarcastic, PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL)
  • Scorpio: Alex Vause (snarky, introvert, perceptive, intellectual, secretive) & Galina 'Red' (strong willed, fierce, strict but very protective, occasionally sentimental)
  • Sagittarius: Poussey (funny, straightforward, outspoken, avoids confrontation) & Taystee (humorous, outrageous, ambitious, very intelligent)
  • Capricorn: Bennett (Respectful, straight-faced, kind, pessimistic, doubtful) & Gloria Mendoza (protective, responsible, gets things done, motherly, strict)
  • Aquarius: Nicky Nichols (witty, friendly, funny, sarcastic, softer than she lets on, detached, truthful) & Carrie 'Boo' (hardened exterior, occasionally tender, wants to be seen as powerful and emotionless, honest)
  • Pisces: Daya Diaz (shy, emotional, caring, artistic, idealistic) & counsellor Berdie Rogers (understanding, friendly, wants to connect with everyone, good listener)
Whatever Happened to Scatterbrain Jane?

Well, we know she was threatened by Lana…

a couple of times…

but offing her isn’t really Lana’s style… not even after she found out Cyril had banged her on his desk…

plus it didn’t really count because it was only cancer sex. Oh and speaking of cancer…

It looks like Cyril’s dick ISN’T full of radiation and mastectomy coupons after all…

So whatever happened to Scatterbrain Jane? 

dedicated to bondaholic