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i don’t wanna love you | yoongi pt.1

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genre: fluff, angst, smut (in bold), college!au

pairing: yoongi x reader

word count: 10,410 (lol)

description: just because he had fallen out of love with you, didn’t mean you had with him.

warning: swearing, smut, things like that

You couldn’t remember when it started, you just remember that one day he started to hold your hand a little less tight and not as often. You remember the gummy smile that was impossible not to love would vanish when he looked at you and reappear when you disappeared. You ignored all the signs that were so clearly laid out in front of you for weeks, but that’s what love does. It makes you blind to the plain reality of things called real life and heartbreak. The last week was when you finally started to stop ignoring the signs - the signs he didn’t love you anymore. But once you stopped it was hard not to feel like everything was caving in. You began to work more hours to get rid of the thoughts but all you could do was stand there as you scanned item after item thinking about how you could have stopped him falling out of love with you. The boys didn’t text you as much (if at all), and they used to text you every day with funny things Yoongi had done that you could make fun of him for. That was when it really hit home, that was when you hid in the bathroom of your work and cried for an hour. You had to lie that you were sick but you weren’t. You weren’t sick but you were far from okay, your relationship was like a bomb - ticking away until it finally exploded. You felt like you were battling with it, trying to cut the wire that stopped the timer but you knew you couldn’t. Your relationship wasn’t an action film, but you wish it was so you could stop the inevitable pain that would take place.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, what do you mean by "the opening of 2x14 was a deliberate negative parallel to Alex and Maggie’s scene from 2x09 in every respect" I'm not sure the writers are trying to be negative on purpose. I genuinely think they are oblivious.

I’m going to address that last sentence before I answer: being frustrated with a storyline because you don’t like it or don’t understand its purpose does not mean the person who created it is bad at their job. It just means you disagree.

That said, let me expand upon what I meant:

Kara’s morning-after scene with Mon-El in 2x14 intentionally juxtaposes Alex’s morning-after scene with Maggie from 2x09.

Similarities: both scenes start with similar background music and we can tell that it’s morning. The first person we see enter the frame is each girl’s respective love interest, but the girls themselves are somewhere offscreen. Both scenes also contain similar establishing shots of the bedrooms in disarray – at Alex’s we see the empty bed with pillows scattered on the floor and the blankets a mess; at Kara’s we see clothing scattered on the floor leading to the bed.

Now, differences:

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❝ I know, but I am your idiot ❞

Plot: Jungkook jokingly makes fun of you and hurts your feels but makes it up to you 

Pairing: Jungkook xReader

Words Count: 2,1k+

Genre: Slightly angst/ Fluff

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie!

 - kyu.

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‘Jagiya!!!’ A voice called through your apartment.

‘In here!’ You called from the lounge.

Your handsome boyfriend came walking in with a smile on his face, ‘And just where I left you.’

‘Ha-ha-ha, very funny.’ You mock, jumping up from the couch and into his arms.

He happily received you into his warm embrace as he wrapped his strong arms around your built and lifted you into the air. With one fluid movement, he spun the both of you as your legs wrapped around his waist. Coming to a stand still, you both looked into each others eyes before he closed the gap between the both of you. You accepted his soft touch, as your lips moulded together and he inserted his tongue when your lips parted for him. He tasted every inch as if it was his first time.

Air being needed, you pulled away and pecked his nose, ‘How was America?’

‘Oh sweetheart,’ He carried the both of you to the couch and sat down, ‘It was amazing. Like the language was slightly hard but Joon hyung helped us every step of the way. I wish you were with me!’

‘You know I would have come if I could.’ You stroked his face, ‘I missed you a lot.’

‘I miss you too.’ He replied, brushing your short hair out of your eyes before a teasing smile spread on his face, ‘Yah! Why can’t you have long hair like normal girls?!’

‘You know that I don’t like long hair.’ You rolled you eyes.

This hadn’t been the first time Jungkook teased you about your choice in having short hair. You liked the way it looked on you and to be honest, it was less admin compared to long hair. It wasn’t as if your hair was cut in a boy hairstyle, but being Jungkook, he didn’t ever take that into consideration. You loved him very much, but his childish qualities made you want to run into the wall sometimes.

‘And why can’t you wear skirts and dresses like other girls?’ He joked around once again.

‘Because shorts and jeans are more comfortable.’ You rolled your eyes.

He placed a hand on your leg and tugged at the material slightly, ‘More like sweatpants and pyjamas.’

‘Only when I am home!’ You retaliated, anger running high and feeling hurt, ‘Did you comeback from America just to point out what it wrong with me?’

’Well n-no Y/N -’

‘If you hate the idea of how I dress and look, then why are you with me?’ You pushed him away, tears brimming your eyes, ‘I am sorry that my comfort and choice of clothing does not suit your ideal type, Jungkook.’

‘Jagiya, I-’

‘I’m sorry that I am not like those female idols and models. I AM SORRY THAT I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!’

With that, you ran towards your bedroom and slammed the door with a swift lock, ‘I was just joking….’

Throwing yourself on the bed, you sobbed into the pillow that still lingered with his scent. Angry and pissed, you threw it towards the chest of drawer located close to the door. The object hit a picture frame that came crashing to the ground, shards of glass decorating around the wooden frame. Clutching your legs to your chest, you cradled yourself as the tears flowed from your eyes. Crying, a knock came from the other side of the door.

‘Go away!’ You shouted, ‘Get out of my apartment right now!’

‘Jagiya, I am sorry.’ He apologised, resting his forehead on the door while his fist still stayed attached to the wood ‘I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just joking.’

‘Well you have a pretty cynical way of joking.’ You sniffed.

‘You are just so cute when you get all upset.’ He tried to lighten the mood.

‘Then I must be fucking adorable right now!’ You seethed, ‘Just get out!’

‘But you tease the ones you love!’ He tried to reason.


Sighing, he walked away from the door. Message after message, he flooded your phone.

I am sorry baby!

Please let me in? I never meant to hurt you, I would never do that on purpose!

BABY PLWEAAASSEEE! You know I will beg until you let me. You are my one and only, I tease you because I love you. Baby please….

Eventually the messages stopped going through and he figured that you switched your phone off. Every now and then, he would knock on your door and you would scream and shout at him all over again. Jungkook teased you a lot, and you were okay with it. This time just made you feel lower of the low. He had just visited a different country with thousands of beautiful woman and was surrounded by dozens on a daily basis. It felt as if he was comparing you to something you knew you could never become. You were a simple girl studying animation, nothing more and nothing less. Just mundane.

‘Baby?’ He knocked for the fiftieth time as two hours passed before an idea kicked in, ‘The spare key!’ Running to the counter, he opened it up and found the treasure, ‘Bingo!’ Back before your door, he unlocked it with a victory ‘Jagiy….’ He faded out at the sight of you passed out on the bed, ‘Aish, why did you cry yourself to sleep?’

Stroking the side of your face with his index finger, he pulled the sheets back and tucked you in. You snuggled into the sheets and all but smiled when you felt a pillow in your arms. It was the one you threw away. Jungkook pecked your forehead and walked to the shattered frame on the floor. Clicking his fingers, he ran a few errands before coming back to your place an hour later. Slowly you shifted and sat up, rubbing your eyes. Blinking, you noticed a bunch of roses on your chest of draws alongside the picture. But it was in a different frame. Slowly the door opened and Jungkook peeked in.

‘You awake.’ He beamed, pushing the door more and entering with a tray,

‘Did I not ask you to leave?’ You crossed your arms, glaring at him.

‘You did,’ He agreed, placing the tray down, ‘But you know I don’t listen, I am the maknae at the of day.’

‘I don’t want to repeat myself, Jungkook.’ Your voice cold.

‘And neither do I. I made your favourite by the way, but it’s hot so be carful.’ He motioned to the cup of steaming hot chocolate on the bedside table.

‘Jungkook…’ You were about to complain before he placed a finger on your lips and silence you.

‘Enough with the threats, okay?’ He stated, ‘Listen I am sorry for what I said. Sometimes I speak and think you will understand what I mean, but this time I was wrong. So wrong that it caused you pain, and to be honest baby, I hate myself more then anything. The fact that I made you cry made me want to run into moving traffic.’ He held your cheek, brushing your hands over the tear stains, ‘Those tears should never be anything but good happy ones.’


‘Let me finish. Yes you aren’t an idol or model, but I do not care! If I wanted those types, I would be dating them. Y/N, we have known each other since junior high and I have never been the happiest when you agreed to be mine.’

‘I’m so plain and boring.’ You sighed, pulling away from his touch.

‘You say that, but I see a girl who is interesting and different.’ He encouraged, ‘A girl that doesn’t care what anything thinks,’ He leaned in and brushed his lips against your, ‘A girl who makes me proud and happy that she is mine…and only mine.’

You leaned in thinking he was going to kiss you but he quickly scooped you in his arms, flinging you over his shoulder ‘Yah!! Kookie, put me down!’

‘No,’ He looked behind him with a warm smile, ‘I am still apologising.’

‘Still?’ You asked him with a raised brow.

‘So first, we are adorned with a bouquet of beautiful roses,’ He walked by the drawers, ‘The scent that lingers on you everyday and makes me feel like I am floating. Second we are confronted with a picture of you and I. The picture taken on your senior dance and one of my favourite moments I have shared with you so far, and with many more to come. The frame is a sleek black one because of the dress you wore.’

‘You are so cheesy.’ You huffed.

‘Oh baby, you don’t even know the half it.’ He walked out the door.

Your nostrils were ambushed by the scent of sweet smelling fumes and was lightly light with fairy lights. The furniture was rearranged and pillows scattered on the ground. In the middle lay a tray of all your favourite foods and drinks. The TV was on and before it laid a bunch of DVD’s which were all animation. Walking in, you still hung on his shoulder before he got into the centre of the room. Placing you down, he circled his arms around your waist and kissed your neck as he stood behind your body.

‘Before us we see the setting of our first day,’ He reminded, ‘The night we made a blanket fort and watched movies all night with laughs and amazing food.’

‘Kookie…’ You whispered, all anger seeping out.

‘The movies on the floor represent you and I.’ He pointed at them as you removed yourself from his hold and picked up the films, ‘And since you learning to be an animator as well.’

‘Lady and the Tramp?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘You are my lady, elegant and beautiful while I am the run of the mill tramp.’ He pointed out.

‘You aren’t a tramp.’ You chuckled before picking another, ‘Tangled?’

‘What more then an artistic girl and a goofy man who fall in love through adventure. I want to have many with you Jagiya.’

‘Beauty and the Beast?’

‘A little rough around the edges but I have found my beauty who will turn me into the prince.’

Tears slowly began to well in your eyes as you looked at movie after movie, finally looking at one with a cocked head, ‘Big Hero 6?’

‘You will always be my Baymax, to hold and comfort me through the hard and rough,’ He knelt before you and kissed your forehead, ‘Someone who will never give up on me and always make me feel better.’

‘Jungkook….’ You sniffed.

‘No more tears…please.’ He pressed his forehead against yours, ‘I have caused enough pain for one day.’

‘But this isn’t pain,’ You looked at him, ‘This is tears of happiness, the only tears I am allowed to shed remember?’ He nodded in agreement, ‘But why are you doing this?’


‘Showing me all this love after I wanted you out?’

He chuckled with a hearty laugh, ‘Because you are my Princess and I am nothing but the little frog that will make you happy even if you don’t see it quite yet.’

‘Princess and the Frog reference?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘I would say its my life motto, but sure, movie reference it is.’ He kissed your nose.

‘Neither,’ You said softly, ‘You aren’t a frog. You are the handsome Jungkook whom is my prince and man I love with every ounce of my heart.’ You admitted, ‘I am sorry for snapping at you…’

‘No I deserved it. I shouldn’t have said what I said, it was wrong of me and I am the one sorry for teasing you.’

‘Well you know what they say, you tease the ones you love.’ You smirked

‘Yah! That isn’t fair, I said that and you wanted to throw me out your house!’

‘That shows how much I love you.’ You smiled, brushing your lips against his and closing the deal with a sweet simple kiss.

It was nothing but a pressing of your lips in his. There was no movement at all, just the two of you frozen and soaking up each others presences and warmth . He had done a lot to make it up to you and proved that he was dearly sorry and loved you will every ounce of his heart. You felt his thumb stroking your cheek as you pulled apart and looked into his eyes deeply.

‘You are such a tease.’ He said softly.

‘Says the pot to the kettle.’ You shrugged your shoulders, standing up with him in tow. He laughed as he shook his head and lifted you in a tight hug, ‘You are such an idiot sometimes.’

‘I know, but I am your idiot Y/N. I love you….’

Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 2

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Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 6,726

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Sleeping next to Negan would include:

Negan can be cruel and he sure is an asshole from time to time, but there is a place he finds rest and peace.
Next to you, he’s soft as a kitten.

He would watch you.
Hours sometimes, just admiring how your chest moves and how peaceful you appeared.

Him constantly hugging you from behind, shoving himself against you, pulling you all close.

From time to time you’d be the big spoon and he’d love it, but wouldn’t ever tell you. He isn’t used to getting held at all but he is absolutely in love with it.
You would kiss the top of his head softly and he’d hum in approval.

Him tossing and turning all night long, waking up every time he hears the slightest noise. 
Negan suffers from nightmares but you never ever heard him scream or cry in the night. 
What he appreciates most about you though, is that you just know when to care for him and that you never talk to him about it, when he doesn’t want to. 
You just accept him, look at him and rest your head on his chest, caressing his cheek until he softly falls asleep again. 

You being the only one allowed to sleep in his bed every night.

Whenever he comes to his room late at night and finds you asleep, he sits next to the bed, watching you. 
It reminds him of his nights in hospital, watching Lucille. 
You looked so much like her with your soft hair scattered on the pillow. 
Whenever you woke up, finding him like this you would softly get up and settle in his lap, snuggling into his arms as he holds you.

He loved playing with your hair. 
It is a total turn on for him and would often lead to him whispering dirty little secrets into your ear, as his hand brushes down your body.

When you’re asleep he would trail your spine with his finger, all the way down until he went up again to your neck, your throat the your collarbone up your throat again and along your jaw and cheekbone until he went down your spine again.

Whenever he would catch you tossing around or mumbling in your sleep he would immediately wake up and pull you on top of him. 
He would caress your head and whisper sweet little things to calm you again. 

He loved it that you constantly kissed him during the night. 
Sometimes you were completely, sometimes half asleep - but he would get little kisses all the time. 
Sometimes his cheek, sometimes his throat or his chest.

You sang or at least hummed songs while your hand lovingly  ruffled through his hair whenever he would wake up in the night. 
He would place his head just above your breasts and listen to you. 

“Yes, Negan?”
“Just checking if your still here…”
“Sleep, my love.”, you’d chuckle.
“I love you.”, he’d mutter.


(this is for sen she killed me)

It is summer. Outside the inn, the cicadas have quieted and it’s the crickets that take over, white noise, white music, lulling the boys to sleep. The breaths of heavy sleep can be heard alongside the whir of the fan passing over the room. It smells of tatami mats and Kaminari’s feet, one foot poking Bakugou’s upper arm. His snores sound like whines, just irritating enough that Bakugou’s resting face is that of a scowl.

He considers shoving Kaminari, or more likely, kicking him, but that would require moving, and all four limbs are distant from Bakugou, heavy as concrete and unmovable as the komainu guards that stood outside the inn. He should be sleeping. He needs to be sleeping. Tomorrow, the training camp begins.

Still, there’s the expectant air of something about to happen–the moment before a match is lit, a breath held in until lungs burst, a pause of silence between songs. The room is scattered with pillows and blankets from a pillow fight two hours ago, and the room is heavy with a sense of contentment, apparent in the way Tokoyami cocoons himself in his blanket and Midoriya rests a hand on Iida’s chest. Shouji’s arms splayed out wide and Aoyama with his eyemask on.

Bakugou is wired–restless energy from the pillow fight? Fresh, summer air? Or the tension of training camps past, of being stolen away by villains in the dark.

Bakugou sits up, cards his fingers through his hair.

There’s a beat of silence, and then, “You’re awake?”

Todoroki’s voice is barely above a whisper, dream-like and soft, volume concealed by the sound of the fan. A breeze passes over Bakugou, making his hair flutter. Two sleepers over, Todoroki’s hair ruffles, too. He sits up.

“Go to sleep, idiot,” Bakugou hisses. “I’m not staying up.”

“You feel it, too.”

Bakugou holds his breath. He lets out a louder sigh than he intends. Lying back down, he turns his back on Todoroki. “Doesn’t matter. Night.”

The hair on the back of his neck prickles. He hears the telltale sound of a comforter being pushed back and the gentle thumping of movement across the mats.

If I close my eyes and go to sleep, he will go away, Bakugou thinks.

He manages to ignore Todoroki for a grand total of three minutes before he shoves back his own comforter and sits up, teeth pulled away from his gums. “What.”

Todoroki is sitting seiza at the foot of his bed. “You’re awake,” he says.

“‘Cause I can feel you breathing down my neck, shitstick. Take a hike and get out of my bed.

“We should welcome in summer together,” Todoroki says.

“Do you actually ever listen to people?” Bakugou asks.

“I used to do it with my sister,” he says. “I’m too restless to go to sleep. So are you.”

“I’ll have you know I love sleeping,” Bakugou says. “Get tucked in real fucking tight, snug as bug in his own fucking rug, away from creepy sleep-watchers and their weird-ass ideas.”

“You feel it,” Todoroki says. “Katsuki.”

Bakugou’s breath catches. “I told you not to–even if it’s dire–”

Todoroki holds up one finger, and a tiny flame lights from the end of it. Bakugou flinches. The candlelight reflects in Todoroki’s odd-colored eyes, shiny as glass. It lights a dull glow across molten, scarred skin, bumpy and rough-around-the-edges as the scar’s owner. It casts a shadow across the shape of Todoroki’s mouth, just too close to not-not-smiling to make it hard to look at him.

“Fine,” Bakugou says.

“Repeat after me,” Todoroki says. “Welcome, cicadas.”

“Welcome, cicadas,” Bakugou mutters.

“Welcome, crickets.”

“Welcome–this is so fucking stupid.”

“Just do it.”

A grunt. “Welcome, crickets.”

“Welcome, fireflies.”

“Welcome, fireflies.”

“Welcome, watermelons.”

“Welcome, watermelons.”

“Welcome, sunburn.”

“Welcome, sunb–you’re fucking with me. You’re actually just fucking with me. Is this even a family tradition?”

Todoroki really smiles now, one edge of his mouth turning up and his eyes crinkling. Bakugou moves his glare from Todoroki’s face to the fire at the tip of his finger.

Suddenly, the light goes out.

“Wh–” Bakugou starts.

“We have to seal it,” Todoroki says. “Seal the welcome.” His voice is much, much softer. Bakugou leans forward a little to catch his words.

“Seal it? How? Wait, why the fuck do I care? It’s bull–” Todoroki’s fingers feather along Bakugou’s jaw and he jerks away upon contact, heart racing. Todoroki’s hands hover in the no man’s land between their bodies for a moment. When he moves forward again, leaning forward on his knees, Bakugou doesn’t move. His fingers settle along Bakugou’s cheekbones, pinkies curling under his chin. The callouses on his fingers make Bakugou’s skin tingle. They’re not soft hands, but the hands of a hero and a hard-worker–someone who poured blood, sweat, and tears into his craft.

Through the moonlight that seeps into the room, Bakugou can make out the smile on Todoroki’s face. “We seal it with a kiss.”

Bakugou’s heart stutters. He scowls. He didn’t remember giving it permission to do that.

He feels Todoroki’s exhale as he breathes out. “Kiss me, Katsuki,” Todoroki says.

Bakugou’s hand has found its way to his shirt, clutching at the material over his chest. He doesn’t remember telling it to do that, either. “This is stupid,” he mutters. “This is stupid, you’re stupid, this whole thing is,” he takes a breath, “fucking stupid.”

Todoroki presses his forehead to Bakugou’s, their noses brushing. “Kiss me, Katsuki,” he says again. And then, “Please.”

Shut up, shut up, shut up, Bakugou thinks, and he pecks Todoroki on the mouth lightning quick.

“There,” he says. “Sealed.”

“Okay,” Todoroki says.

“It’s just for your stupid summer tradition,” Bakugou says. “That’s all.”


“Which is still bullshit, by the way.”


“And it doesn’t mean anything, so don’t go telling Deku about…whatever.”


“And–” Bakugou says, but the words are slipping from his mind because Todoroki’s thumb is on his bottom lip and he can feel the puff of Todoroki’s breath not even an inch from his mouth and Todoroki’s eyes are half-lidded, and it’s all just very warm, and without really giving it much thought, he’s kissing Todoroki.

Todoroki’s fingers are rough but his mouth is soft, none of the sharp words he wields when he picks fights with Bakugou, a choice insult thrown in like a dagger to the side, no, this–this is the smile he wears when he’s helpful to a classmate, the brush of his hair against Bakugou’s palm when he swipes at him while dueling, the press of his cheek on Bakugou’s shoulder when he falls asleep on him on the train.

This is I know you and I have yet to know you and I want to know you, the questioning tilt of Todoroki’s head and the suggestion of tongue. They don’t French but they do kiss, the sound sweet as a cricket’s song when they part. Bakugou thinks he’s in a fever dream, even though the height of summer has yet to arrive and the fan still blows cool air across them every now and then. He feels that if he stops kissing Todoroki he will wake up and it will have never happened.

When Todoroki parts from him, he whispers, “Welcome, summer.”

Bakugou whispers, “Welcome, summer.”

Lights On

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OTP(s): Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff (“Smuff?”)

Word Count: 2,876

Sypnosis: First times with Jongdae were always memorable. In bed, it proved to be nodifferent.

Author’s Note: So happy to finally be writing for Jongdae! My 3rd fav in Exo, I love him s’much cuz he’s such a cinammon roll! His song with Dynamic Duo is so goood too! Enjoy the one-shot, peeps!

“Open your eyes, love.”
The voice swiftly carried across the bedroom to you–the woman reclining casually against the duvet, your legs crossed and your left leg bowed slightly over your right. The hem of your silky, jet black dress was hiked a little above your knees and a pair of thin, scarlet panties were barely visible between the crevice of your thighs.
You peeled open your eyes, and found Jongdae’s intense, brown-eyed gaze, his dark eyebrows slightly narrowed, his pink lips swollen. He was leaning over you, his hands pressing into the sheets, the neck of his shirt slightly agape. You let her eyes leave his face for a moment just to regard the skin of his collarbone. It was of a glorious color, the bones angled in such a way they seemed to only insinuate the beauty beheld if one only panned upward and sought Jongdae’s face.
Sharp, angled jawline.
Oval eyes budded with sparkly brown pearls.
Smooth, curvy lips, sweet and rosy with innocence.
Supple rounded chin, one that was smooth and warm to the touch.
You reached out to touch him, paying homage to the angel kneeling above you. He closed his eyes, eyelids donned by a set of long, dark, beautiful eyelashes, and calmly breathed against you, his cheek relaxing against your fingers. When you lightly drew upwards to kiss him sweetly, he made no move to shrink or recoil. He leaned forwards, lips melting into yours as passion poured freely through your skin, warming your blood and sweltering your bones. Jongdae moved a hand to grasp softly at your waist, his fingers wrapping around your hip. You parted your lips, allowing him to lap your mouth with his tongue. He tasted as he always did–of sweet chocolate and salty caramel with the small, tantalizing hint of tea. He lapped softly at the roof of your mouth with his tongue, slipping a hand to smooth the curve of your jaw. You both groaned in timeful unison as your tongues met, first as fateful friends, slow and quiescent, and then as passionate lovers, fast and slightly rough, stroking and kneading. Your fingers loosened and splayed across the skin of his jawline, tugging his head forward. You fisted a knot in the back of his shirt and pulled him against you, his lean, yet muscled body nestled softly against yours. He tugged on your lower lip with his mouth, keeping his tongue in place as not to forbid the connection, as both of his hands curled around your waist and hauled you upwards, pulling you into his lap. You coiled both legs around his hips, the heels of your feet digging deeply into his clothed back. He kept his lips remained heartily on yours, the kiss becoming less sweet and careful and more passionate and erotic.
He broke from you, lips parted, eyes dancing with a heavy myraid of emotions, hands ghosting over the concealed region of your hips.
“Are you sure you’d like to do this?”
When you’d first met Jongdae nearly four years ago, that had been the only question on your mind. Did you want to get involved and tangle yourself in a precarious, binding knot of love that could send you reeling to the depths of hell, tears shrouding your eyes, despair screaming through pain? His rust-colored eyes had sent you into a hazy frenzy of thoughts, blinding you with their overbearing compassion and kindness. His hands, gentle and carved by the holy hands of the Lord himself, soon proved to have only been made to please and satisfy, to touch and caress. His face, budded with the most precious red lips, had only supplied you with expressions of concern and affection, never making you feel less than beautiful.
You trusted Jongdae.
With your life.
You knew at this moment, there was nothing else to lose.
“Please,” you leaned forward, drawing his lips into your own. He sighed softly, running his fingers along your back. You glided your hands carefully over his shoulders, smoothing out the sturdy swell of his arms and the soft band of his wrists where the skin panned to delicate, skillful hands. “Make me yours, Jongdae.” You nipped playfully at his lower lip and he bared a snigger. “Take me.”
He leaned forward, closing his mouth sweetly over yours as he began to recline against the bed, taking you with him. You gently reached to cup his head as his back hit the bed and peppered kisses along his neck and ears. His smile burned against your neck as you lightly drew the skin of his earlobe into your mouth. His lips nipped at the gentle slope of your throat, nudging tresses of your hair out the way.
“God, you’re beautiful,” his voice had lost its usual exhilirated, playful tone, instead adopting a soft, tranquil whisper. His hands reached to cup the bottom of your thighs, fingers moving to smooth the backs of your knees.
“Not as beautiful as you,” You traced your lips across his neck, a groan in your throat shriveling to naught as his fingers curved over the cheeks of your ass. Your fingers danced along his shirt, parting it beneath your touch, scribing heiroglyphics along his ribs. He left pettles of kisses along your neck, sinful whispers marking the shadows beneath your jawline. His magnificently sculpted body was warm beneath your hands, the rockiness of his abs quivering against your fingertips.
He ran a milky-toned hand up to your chest, palm pressing into your heart.
“You’re nervous.”
You sank your teeth into your lower lip. “I’m not.”
“It’s okay to be,” he slid his hands to your cheeks, drawing you down to kiss your mouth. “I’m nervous too.”
“Hurting you,” he lightly squeezed your thigh.
Jongdae quickly sat up, seeing the look of panic that crossed your face. “It shouldn’t hurt. It should only be uncomfortable, and if there is pain, it will be very, very minimal.”
He kissed you again, and you lightly sagged into him. Your fingers danced over the bulge in his pants and he shuddered out of his shirt, letting it hit the ground. He linked his fingers with the scarlet strap of your dress and gently smoothed it down to your elbow, placing kisses along your bare shoulder. He divested your shoulder of the other strap as well and coaxed you to raise your arms. Jongdae slid the dress over your head, letting it hit the ground. Rust-colored affection lit the path of his gaze towards your bra-clad chest. You instinctively grabbled at your legs, never having been this bare before Jongdae. Sensing your nervousness, he gently held your hands, but didn’t force them away. He smothered your neck with his mouth, gently lapping at the skin. He availed to soothe you, painting your leg with careful fingers.
“If you only want to make out, we can do that.”
You shook your head. “I’m not backing out. I want to do this.”
A light groan burned your neck as you mapped Jongdae’s back with your hands. “I’m serious. I don’t want you to do this just to make me happy.”
He drew back to kiss your lips. “I’m already happy having you here with me like this. Knowing you trust me.”
Silently, you lulled Jongdae’s wrists to your back, and he nodded, understanding you. His fingers twitched along the clasp of your bra and suddenly the temperate air of the room was whipping around your breasts. Jongdae peppered kisses along your throat, before wordlessly gesturing toward your chest. You nodded and a harsh gasp plunged from your mouth as his lips slowly enveloped your nipple. His fingers gently gripped the curve of your ass, pulling you flush against him, his tongue still paying homage to your oh-so-sensitive skin.
Your fingers found the zipper of his pants and from above, you saw the need in Jongdae’s eyes pulse. He nodded and you drew it down, tugging his pants to his knees. Jongdae kicked off his pants, pulling you tighter against him. You tensed a little, feeling his erection rock between your legs, but you softened as Jongdae’s ministrations made your pleasure mount.
Gently lowering you to the pillows, Jongdae scattered kisses along your torso and hips, brushing your navel with his tongue as he slid down your body. Realizing what he was about to do, you immediately parted your legs. Jongdae smiled, a feather of kisses landing on the inside of both of your thighs.
Ecstasy shot up your body in a swift, heated torrent as Jongdae’s tongue touched you, his thumbs smoothing your thighs. He drew your clit into his mouth, wet muscle thrashing along your wetness. You weaved your fingers through his hair as he frivulously lapped, pleasure rising with each sweep of his tongue. A finger came to test you as the workings of his tongue prolonged. You shuddered against his mouth as two fingers stretched you with confidence; the moment his fingers curled against your spot, your fingers clutched the bedsheets, bucking against his tongue.
“Jongdae, I’m not ready to cum yet,” you gasped, his thumb stroking your clit in small, slow circles.
“It’s okay,” Jongdae sucked harder and your back bowed gracefully over the duvet. “My objective is to make you come more than once.”
Your breathing became laboured as his fingers sped, his tongue tracing heiroglyphics along your most sensitive lick of skin. With a soft cry, you quaked against his tongue, spilling freely into his mouth. Jongdae swept up every drop of release, smoothing your thighs. You expected to be tired, but desire pulsed through your blood like water.
“Jongdae, I’m ready,” you lightly tugged his hair. Jongdae’s mouth slid to your thigh, warming the skin with kisses.
“Do you want me to be on top?”
The heat of the moment furling tightly around you, you froze.You felt worry scattering along your bones. What if Jongdae didn’t recieve any pleasure? It was your first time; he obviously didn’t expect you to be a pro, but what if it wasn’t good at all? What if he eventually lost any interest and hope in your sex life and scampered off to others?
Jongdae, taking your silence and the anxiety swept across your face as a bad sign, gently pulled himself up off his stomach and rolled beside you. Distributing his weight to his elbow, he softly ran his fingers along your jawline.
“I’ll be gentle. We can stop now, if you want.”
Your eyes landed on the bulge in his boxers. “I don’t think you’d be too happy about that.”
“I wouldn’t mind,” Jongdae whispered, honestly. “This is to make you happy. Not having sex with you wouldn’t upset me.” He cupped your hands. “Do you want to do this?”
You nodded and silently gripped the hem of his boxers. He flattened himself as you drew the cloth down, watching you with loving eyes. Staring a little dazedly at his erection, you let his boxers fall to the floor. He was patient, waiting for you to make a move and when you finally did, he hissed with anticipation. You took him into your hand and began testing his pleasure with slow strokes. His head fell back against the pillow, his mouth slack and his eyes glazed. As he began to grow in your grasp, you bowed your head forward and took him into your mouth. A rich moan fell from his lips as your tongue slashed along the head, stroking the base with confident fingers.
“Jesus,” he husked.
He hauled himself up into a sitting position, his fingers running down your spine. Splaying his fingers between your ass cheeks, he petted you slowly, groaning at the vibrations of your moans that trembled around him. He repeated his movements from earlier, stretching you with two fingers.
“Your mouth feels so good, ” he grunted, withdrawing his wet fingers before slowly pushing them back in. You slowly began to bob your head, fondling his balls with your fingers.
“I want you inside of me,” you murmured around him.
Silently, he drew your mouth off of him and gently flipped you over, hovering over you. He warmed your lips with a comforting, gentle kiss, smoothing your hips.
“(Y/N),” he whispered.
“I’m ready, Jongdae,” you cupped his cheek. “I’m sure.”
He bobbed his head wordlessly, planting his hands on either side of your head. With one hand, he positioned himself, gazing at you intently all the while. You cupped his shoulders as he slowly, carefully pushed inside.
He stretched you gently with the head first. It was slightly uncomfortable, and thankfully you couldn’t sense a strong twinge of pain. Jongdae stared hard at you, looking so tense you nearly winced.
“I’m fine,” you quickly assured him. “I’m alright.”
He nodded, stooping to lap at your breasts and shoulders. After a few seconds, he nudged a little deeper, holding tightly on to you. The same feeling came and surpassed as he built a slow, gentle pace, making sure not to dive any further. Your gaze locked on Jongdae, focusing on his magnificent face, the chocolate pearls of his eyes, his smooth skin, his thin vermillion mouth, the long, sculpted throat. You were almost too distracted by staring that when he finally made to nudge his hips forward, you shuddered with surprise. Jongdae immediately stopped, withdrawing a little.
Oh no, you thought. He thinks he’s hurt me.
Jongdae’s mouth twisted with worry, his eyes wrung with pain.
You quickly kissed him, cupping his face. “I’m fine. I just…I got lost in my thoughts.”
“Oh,” he breathed, obviously relieved. “God, if I’d hurt you, I would’ve…”
“I’m alright. You can move.”
He nodded, guiding himself deeper inside of you. He buried his face in your neck as he set the pace, slow and deep. You gripped his back, sinking your teeth into your lower lip.
“God, you feel so good,” he grated, perspiration starting along his neck.
You moaned and held onto him as he swung his hips, gently rocking back and forth. Pleasure mounted your body with haste, pressing your hands against his hips, coaxing him to go deeper. Jongdae’s mouth found your breasts, sucking and lapping, his fingers reaching to pet your clit. The sudden movement of his hand made you gasp and you buried your face in his shoulder. Splaying your fingers across his ass, you hauled him deeper and his grunt of pleasure wafted into your ear. He distributed his weight to his elbows, snapping his hips a little harder, but not too much to harm you with his force.
You were getting close. Oh, so close. Jongdae’s fingers sped along your clit, wracking the bundle of skin with so much pleasure, your hips shamelessly bucked into him.
“I’m gonna cum,” he rasped. “I’m gonna cum for you.”
You nodded into his skin, letting him know you felt the same. The knot in your stomach pursed tight and then slowly, deeply, gloriously–fell. It felt like the world was shifting around you, like you were hurtling through empty space. The colors of the ceiling shifted and revolved and you remained suspended in your high, eyes rolling to the back of your head. You felt Jongdae falling with you and wondered if heaven felt just like this.
“Umpph,” Jongdae groaned against your skin. The last few tresses of ecstacy faded slowly as reality came screaming back. You properly peeled open your hooded eyes. You were staring at the ceiling, but you weren’t on the bed. The prickly, dense coat of carpet was warming your back.
Jongdae rose his head from your shoulder. His black locks were swept across his forehead and over his right eye, casting shadows along the skin. A jovial smile spread his mouth.
“W-We kinda fell off the bed.”
A laugh erupted from your chest as he hugged you close. “I thought I just came too hard, but…we were actually falling,” he sniggered. “Are you alright?” His eyebrows came together with worry.
You nodded, still shaking with laughter. “I’m alright.”
He rolled over beside you, splaying his arm across your stomach, smiling broadly. “That’s great.”
You kissed his cheek, wrapping an arm around his damp shoulder and letting his head fall against your chest.
“Was it good?” His gaze shifted up to meet yours.
You chuckled, pecking his nose. “What do you think?”
He smiled, sweetly kissing you back. “It was absolutely great for me.”
You smiled cheekily as he feathered kisses along your jawline. “So great, we can do it again?”
Jongdae grinned, playfully tugging you into his lap and searing your mouth with a long, hot kiss. “You bet.” He leveled your ass against his erection and slowly swept inside. You both moaned in concert at the feeling of him stretching you again.
“I’m gonna go slow the whole time this round,” he whispered, pecking your forehead. “I don’t want you getting sore. After this, I’ll have to pamper you.”
You chuckled, lightly squeezing his chest as he began to guide you up and down. “I love you, Jongdae.”
He slowly kissed your lips, as if transferring all the love pulsing through his soul into your mouth. “I love you too. Now ride me, baby.”

Tell-A-Phone (Peter Parker x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! I’m back again after my hiatus. No one really reads this so whatever. Anyway, @rikapika14 this is dedicated to you! Thanks for encouraging me to post this horrible fanfic that will probably get 0 notes. 

Description: Tony is up to his schemes again and is trying to get you and Peter together. He asks both of you to try out a new invention he made which supposedly can detect people’s feelings. You and Peter end up happy and kiss. I really need different endings.

Reader Gender: Female

Characters/Ships: Peter Parker x reader, Tony Stark, ‘tell-a-phone’/Krats

Rating: PG

Warnings: Cringey writing, some grammar mistakes since I don’t really read over my fanfic and yeah?

“Y/N! Peter!” Tony shouted out to the two teenagers who were currently hunched over their school work at the newly refurbished living room. The two were sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table, peeking up from their work from time to time to steal a glance at the other teenager.

Soft and large pillows scattered the floor, two especially large and fluffy ones currently being sat on by the two young geniuses. With their eyebrows furrowed and their foreheads creased, they stared at their work with absolute concentration, Tony’s words falling on death ears.

Sighing, Tony held up his glass of wine to his lips, thinking of a way to get the two young superheroes’ attention. Rolling his eyes, Tony strolled over to the two young superheroes absorbed in their homework. “I burned both of your suits!” He blurted out, the two teenagers’ heads snapping up to look at Tony.

“You did what?” They both exclaimed at the same time, shooting out of their comfortable seats and approaching the playboy.

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Olicity Head-cannon Post 5x23

“Felicity can you hear me!” The comms are eerily silent.

“Felicity… Felicity please.” He screams this time as a tear trails down his face. The island is now ablaze as he clutches onto William. He tightens his grip on his son and places his other hand on his comm. Whispering he pleads “Felicity please say something” his knees no longer have the strength to hold up him and his son. He sinks down into the floor of the ships sobbing into his son’s hair repeating that name. It means happiness, intense happiness and his mind flashes to the way her eyes would crinkle when she smiles. He thinks about her loud voice and how she babbles and everything that caused him that intense happiness. He looked over to that island and saw that happiness burn away while he held his son the only form of happiness he had left. As he lay his head back he took in a deep breath and shouted out one last time “Felicity” and then looked at the body of the man who took his happiness and watched the blood pool around his feet.


He’s jolted awake with her name fresh on his lips and can still smell the ash of the scorched earth around him. Looking over he sees a mess of blonde hair scattered around a pillow and blinks multiple times. This has to be a mirage; his breath picks up and he begins to scramble out of bed. She stirs awake and looks at him with kind but concerned eyes.

“You’re not real, are you?” He looks down at his hands and looks back up as she begins to come closer to him. She begins to take his hand and start to pull it towards her “I’m real, I’m here, I survived Oliver” she finally places his hand on her chest to reassure him that she is real. He can feel her heart beat underneath her shirt and her delicate hands wrapped around his wrist. Shaking his head, he looks down, “Am I dead too, this can’t be real.”

“Oliver look at me” She pulls his chin up and smiles, “I’m real” this time she kisses him for good measure and he begins to cry. She rests her forehead on his and they breathe the same air for a moment until he pulls her into him, cradling her into his body.

 They start every day like this, he wakes up from the nightmare and she convinces him that he’s real and this is real. Sometimes he doesn’t believe her and sometimes he’s almost hurt her. But most of the time he just holds her and maybe he will listen to her heart beat for a while. Once when he woke up he looked at her with bewilderment and only asked “Are you an angel?” her eyes would well up with tears. 

That was the easy part thought, when he would wake up. He used to have all different types of nightmares before, one of his father, or his mother, sometimes even Tommy, mostly they were of his demons coming to haunt him never letting him rest. But now all he can dream of is scorched skies and a boat. He would always wake up saying he name and when he deemed her real he would begin to ask the questions. It hurt every time, and she knew it was going to happen so she braced herself. His hands would shake as stared out the window and asked “William, where is he?” at this point there was an edge of fury in his voice she would get up quickly and take him by the hand. Typically, William would be asleep and Oliver would just lean on the door frame and watch as he slept. By the time, Felicity brewed the morning coffee he would be whispering “my beautiful boy” over and over again as he wiped away what she assumed were tears. She would offer him a mug and walk back into the kitchen and he would usually follow. 

Today he just stands at the edge of the kitchen in a daze as if he was consumed but his own strife so she begins to take out a pan and turns on the stove. That snaps him out of his trance and he looks at her intently as she struggles with the task of making pancakes. He walks over to help her and for a brief moment they are both smiling. After the fifth pancake a noise startles them as William makes his way into the kitchen. He stands there for a moment apprehensive to join them, Felicity just sets to pancakes on to a plate and hands them to him then ruffles his hair. They both sit down as Oliver finishes the last of the batter and watches as his day seemed to get a little bit brighter. Maybe he can still have his happiness, because looking over at William and Felicity he feels warmth spread into his chest that hasn’t been there for a while. He picks up his own plate sits down and looks at the people he loves and smiles.

Cat and Mouse

(gif not mine)

Pairing: Sam x Reader (with a little bit of everybody)

Summary: This is sort of a continuation of the request by @cupcakequeen1999 titled Savior, but you could totally read this on its own. 

A/N: I know I’m a terrible person and writer, this took so long to do because I had a massive writer’s block and I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but this is the closest thing I could do to your original ask, I really hope you like it! 

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Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: None

Note: SOrry this really sucks. 

Summary: Soft Donald Pierce, and feels. That’s all you need to know. 

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Look after you

Finn Shelby x Reader

Request: Hi! May I request a Finn imagine where the reader is a singer at Sabini’s club and he falls in love with her?

You pulled on your dress, standing staring at yourself in the mirror. The short black dress was covered in sequins and tassels, nice yes but it wasn’t for you. You patted more make up under your eyes covering up the heavy bags that showed how drained you were. You didn’t want to sing tonight, you didn’t want to sing in this damn club ever again. You were here at the Eden club every night for almost a year now.

Your father had been in bad business with Sabini, very bad business in fact. So exactly one year ago his men raided your house and killed your father right in front of your eyes, your mother tried to flee but instead was thrown to the ground the blow to the head killing her too. The men then turned their attention to you, you were only 16 years old and it wasn’t like you were a big girl. There was not a chance you could take them. That’s when one man suggested that they ‘rape’ you if it hadn’t been for Paolo Sabini you could be dead right now. He stormed in and demanded the men to get out screaming something in Italian at them as you cried scared on the floor. He carried you out and you stayed with him and his wife for a couple of weeks. One day you were singing in the shower and he heard you, he saw an opportunity and took it. You “Owed” him your life and this was how you would repay him, you’d work at the club his father owned and he’d set you up in an apartment and protect you. To an extent obviously.

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Dad Mode Activated

“Oi, get back into bed!” Joe scolds as Caspar and Oli freeze, giggling loudly before running away.

“You can’t catch us!” Caspar calls over his shoulder, stumbling slightly as his one foot catches on the other.

“Considering how much you’ve drank tonight?” Joe snorts as the taller man falls against Oli, “I’m not worried. Now get back into bed! You’re already going to be horrible with your hangover in the morning! I don’t need an injury as well!”

“Yes, dad,” Oli rolls his eyes, pushing Caspar off of him, resulting in a shoving match as the two drunks make their way towards the guest room where they’re crashing for the night.

“Dad?” Joe turns around at the new voice, his eyes falling on Jack’s amused face, “Did he really just call you that?”

“Shut up,” Joe blushes, walking over to his boyfriend, “Are the others dealt with?”

“You make it sound like I killed them, babe,” Jack laughs, wrapping his arms around Joe. “But yes, they are dealt with.”

“When did we become the boring parents of the group?” Joe wrinkles his nose, leaning against Jack.

“When we decided that we no longer had to go to the club to find someone to sleep with?”

“That was always you.”

“True. You just longed after me.”


“I’m kidding!” Jack laughs again, “But hey, someone has to take care of the drunkies. And I know Conor and Mikey have taken their fair share of turns doing it for me, only seems right to repay them.”

“I’ve never been this bad.” Joe mutters, yawning lightly, but lifts his head to look at Jack when the younger man scoffs, “What?”

“You realize there is actual video evidence of you being this drunk online, right?”

Blushing, Joe buries his face into Jack’s shoulder, “Oh shut up. And no one took care of me!”

“I’ll always take care of you,” Jack kisses his boyfriends head, “Ready for bed?”


“Are you going to move?”


“I’m not carrying you.”

“Then I guess we’re sleeping where we’re standing.”

“Dork.” Jack mumbles, walking Joe backwards and towards their bedroom.

The next morning, a group of groaning men stumble into the living room and kitchen, to which Jack calls out a cheery good morning!

“Piss off, mate.” Oli grumbles, curling up on the couch.

“And shut the hell up.” Josh snaps, throwing an arm over his face as he tilts his head back.

“Fine, I see how it is, you don’t want something to help with the hangover?” Jack smirks, shaking the bottle of pills.

“Don’t be an asshole.” Conor reaches weakly for it, as Joe laughs from over by the stove.

“Foods almost ready too!” He calls to them, humming lightly.

“Oh good, you’re cooking.” Caspar sighs in relief, slumping into one of the bar stools, “I’ll actually be able to stomach it.”

“Be nice,” Joe shoots him a look, “Jack is learning to cook. Slowly.”

“But your food is so much better.” Caspar reaches for a piece of toast, wincing as he feels a smack come to the back of his head, followed by two pills placed in front of him.

“Be thankful I don’t want to listen to your whining, or else you wouldn’t get those,” Jack comments, pulling Joe close for a quick kiss. “The rest have been dealt with.”

“Stop saying it like that!”

“You started it!” Jack laughs, the two ignoring the grumbling that comes in response.

The rest of the day is spent in much the same fashion, the couple teasing their drunken mates, but still taking care of them through their hangovers, both understanding fully how gross one feels following a night of heavy drinking.

It isn’t until late in the evening that the last boy stumbles out, still clutching their head or stomach, mumbling a quick thank you to Joe and Jack.

And once the apartment is empty — the only signs of the boys having been there are the scattered glasses, pillows, and blankets — Jack pulls Joe down onto the couch with him, nuzzling against his neck.

“Did you have fun playing dad today?”

“Stop saying that,” Joe squirms, repositioning himself to get comfortable, “It sounds weird.”

“Face it, we’re the dads of the group. We’ve hung up our party hats.”

“Party hats?”


“Now who’s the dork?” Joe chuckles, turning his head to look up at Jack fondly.

“Just embracing the inner dad in me.”

“Please don’t do that.” Joe wrinkles his nose, “I’m not ready for you to enter dad mode.”

“Hmm, but we get to stay home more. And when we’re at home, we can do adult activities.” Jack smirks, his hand creeping lower, but it freezes when the older man bursts out laughing.

“I’m sorry,” Joe gets out, “But adult activities?!”

“I’m trying to seduce you!” Jack protests as Joe continues to laugh.

“You’re doing a shit job at it!”

“Then I must have fully embraced by inner dad, because they always suck at seducing the mom.”

“Wait,” Joe’s laughter cuts off, and he sits up, “I’m not the mom! You said I was the dad!”

“We’re both the dads,” Jack tugs Joe back against him, “We don’t need a mom in this relationship.”

“Okay, if you really want to do adult activities tonight, we need to stop talking about this…”

“Alright,” Jack kisses him quickly, “Dad.”

“Jack!” Joe groans, his forehead falling forward against the younger man’s shaking shoulder, “Don’t make it weird!”

Maknae’s Confession

Originally posted by awwsehun

In which you are Suho’s sister who’s an idol too and close with Sehun. (I don’t hate BTS, in fact rap Monster is my bias in BTS. I just needed an idol to mention so don’t bash!)

Ending a busy schedule with your loved ones are the best way to put a stop to your hectic life. After landing from Paris, your group’s last world tour destination about half an hour ago, you stepped out of your dorm with bags of different designer label. Kicking the door close, you called your manager and waited for him on the lobby. “Are you not tired, (Y/N)?” your manager asked. “Nah, I promised to visit oppa after world tour ends” you said.

You pressed the door bell and waited for response. Once the door opened, you took off your shoes and said “Hello, my brothers from different brother!”. “Oh, welcome back, (Y/N)” Chanyeol said as he went to hug you after placing his mug on the table. “I saw your group photos from SNS saying that you guys arrived half an hour ago” he sat down. “Yup, I showered at the dorm and quickly came here” you placed the bags down. “So how’s world tour? Tiring right?” Baekhyun asked. “Yeah, they are” you sighed. “Yah yah, you forgot to greet me?” Sehun closed the door and walked to you. “Why would I?” you stuck out your tongue. “Where’s Joonmyun oppa?” you looked around, searching for your real brother. “He’s in the shower” D.O munched on the popcorn he was holding.

“Oh, (Y/N)!” Joonmyun ran to you with his hair still wet and a towel on his hand. “How are you? I miss you so much!” he hugged you tightly you could barely breathe. “Oppa, I can’t breathe” you said between breaths. “Wow, you really worked out” you touched his biceps after he let go of you. “Ah..I wish I have a younger sister” Baekhyun clicked his tongue and pouted.

After distributing the souvenirs you got for every nine members, you hung out with the EXO members on the living room. “Ah, right! My company has lifted our dating ban!” you exclaimed, earning a look from every member. “You wanna die?” Suho said as he chewed on his food. “What? The company says we can date” you shrugged. “You’re still our baby sister so no, I don’t approve” Lay folded his arm. Your jaw dropped “Oh come on!”. “You think someone wants to date you out there? In your dreams” Sehun chuckled and drank his water nervously as everyone was giving him a playful look, except you of course. If someone wants to date her badly, then it is Sehun. Everyone in EXO would always tease him for being close with you but has a different meaning behind it. True enough, he likes you. He wants to protect you, he wants to hold you in his arms but your close friendship made him hesitates and decided to stay as friends as long as he gets to see you happy. What a coincidence that he becomes close with Suho too out of all the members in EXO.

Everyone laughed at Sehun’s statement, obviously wanted to let the cat out of the bag but hold in their remarks not wanting to get beaten up by the maknae. “What’s so funny? I’ve heard many idols chose me as their ideal type” you pouted. “Yah, I’ve chosen someone as my ideal type, does that makes me want to date her?” Xiumin added. “Anyway, recently I seem to can’t take my mind out of someone” you smiled. Everyone froze and looked at Sehun again. Sehun who felt the staring eyes mouthed a ‘what’ at the elders.

“Ooooh, really, who?” Chen went closer to you and nudged Sehun. “My sister is growing up” Suho grinned and placed his arm around you while you took out your phone to show them something. “This guy” you showed them your phone screen. “NO WAY! WE DO NOT APPROVE!” they said together making you flinched. “Why? He’s a nice guy and he sent a video message for me at Running Man saying that he wants to meet me one day” you explained. “No no no no, not him, not anyone from his group” D.O shook his head. “Seriously, Rap Monster?” Kai asked “You really don’t know anything about dating, do you?”. “Why not? He’s a good leader, he’s very well mannered and nice” you looked at him. “Then, am I a bad leader?” Suho blinked his eyes. Sehun, on the other hand, was quiet after you showed him your phone screen. He couldn’t think straight when you confessed that you like Rap Monster. ‘Seriously, is (Y/N) blind? How can she not notice me all this time?’ he thought and looked down. He couldn’t describe this mixed feeling. Is he mad? Sad? Jealous?

“Yah, give me your phone” Baekhyun said and snatched your phone from your hand. “What are you-“ “I won’t agree you date anyone except..this guy” he handed back your phone after searching ‘EXO Sehun’ on google. You glared at him and hit him with a pillow earning a roar of laughter from the members except Sehun who was trying to look annoyed but smiled every time you were not looking.

“I APPROVE!” Suho raised his hand and ran when you threw a pillow at him. The living room is now a mess – pillows scattered everywhere and the members running around everywhere away from you and Sehun. “Admit it, Sehun. You like (Y/N), right?” Baekhyun said and a pillow landed straight on his face. “Stop acting mad and ask her out already!” Chanyeol laughed. You were about to throw another pillow when you looked at Sehun. The latter pretended to want to punch Chanyeol but then looked at you back. He grabbed your wrist and walked out of the noisy dorm and away from the nosy hyungs.

“What was that about, Oh Sehun?” you raised your eyebrow, curious about what the members said just now. Hands folded, you gave him a curious look. “Its…” he sighed. “Its true, I like you since the day Joonmyun hyung introduced me to you-“ “Why didn’t you tell me?” you looked at him, eyes wide. “Its just…I’m afraid to destroy our friendship. You are a very special friend to me and yes, I want to take it to another level but-“ “Oh Sehun, I like you too” you cut him off and smiled. “Bu-but, Rap Mo-“ “I liked you ever since we became friends but yeah, I didn’t want to risk our friendship too so I kept quiet and moved on  from my feelings” your hands went to your sides and you looked up at the man in front of you.

“ you still like me?” Sehun bit his lips, trying to hold in his grin. “I don’t kno-“ you were cut off by his lips kissing yours. His hand made its way to your face and another one snaked around your waist, pulling you close. You smiled between the kiss and placed your hands on his neck. “What about now?” he broke the kiss, leaving both of you breathless. “Yes, I like you Oh Sehun” you chuckled. The best feeling you’ve ever had.

“Hyung, oh my god!” “Suho’s about to kill somebody” “Damn, Oh Sehun is a man now” the members peeked behind the door witnessing the confession of the maknae and Suho’s little sister. “Oh Sehun is sleeping outside tonight” Suho eyed the cheeky maknae that dared kissing his little sister. 

Home | 3

Prompt: “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right where you left it.”
A/N: Rucas fic inspired by the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’
Chapter Two: “These boots are made for walking.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Word Count:  2,317


“Morning Sunshine.” Eric sings, hitting Riley on the back of the head with a throw pillow.

Since she was staying in Texas longer than she initially anticipated she had no place to stay at such short notice. Luckily both her grandparents and her Uncle Eric were kind enough to offer their houses for her to sleep for the next couple of days. She ended up staying with Eric since he was less likely to pry.

“Morning.” She grumbles into the sofa cushion beneath her face. She sighed deeply, rolling over in her slovenly sheets as the sunlight hissed at her face.

Her disheveled, chestnut brown curls were scattered across the pillow, and every breath she exhaled smelled faintly of pine sol and burnt coffee. Glancing around the room she noticed a messy assortment of notebooks, freshly-sharpened colored pencils and other stationery items. Plenty of books and an assortment of magazines were all stacked up neatly by the television set. Slowly but surely, she pushed herself out of the makeshift bed, letting her feet hit the cool, wooden floor.

“Coffee?” She asks, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Before she could move Eric was sat across from her on the coffee table, handing her a mug. He smiled at her, glancing down at the giant rock on her finger as she accepted the drink and offered him a mumbled thank you.

“So, engaged huh?” He asks, breaking the silence. “I’m guessing your little walk yesterday was to see the Mrs.”

“Hilarious.” Riley retorts, with a slight eye-roll. “But to answer your question: yes. I did see him.”


“And what?” She arches one of her eyebrows expectantly. It didn’t surprise her that he was inquisitive. Eric was always a big fan of Lucas.

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I really loved writing this and I hope you like it!

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  • He would make so many snacks for you both
  • Probably uses his flames for the popcorn
  • He makes you build a blanket fort with him before you watch any films
  • There’s a cardboard sign on the outside that says ‘No Yukio Allowed’
  • He can’t get into the room anyway because of all the blankets
  • So many pillows scattered around everywhere
  • Just to make sure that you’re comfortable enough 
  • 687656543 pictures of the fort because he’s proud 

Horror Movie - Despite the fact that this adorable bean is the son of Satan and he has witnessed many things, Rin would be absolutely terrified whilst watching scary films. He’d occasionally nuzzle into your neck when he suspects something bad is going to happen. ‘I’m not scared Y/N but could come closer to me?’ Though at the end of the movie he’d say that he only did that because he was worried that you were scared.

Chick Flick - Whenever he’s alone he secretly watches them anyway but he doesn’t tell you that and pretends he doesn’t know anything about the movie you put on. His favorite is ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. He’d laugh all the way through the movie and would shyly ask you questions like ‘do you wish we met like that?’ or ‘should I take notes?’.

Disney Movie - He hasn’t watched many of these before and he doesn’t really enjoy them but if you wanted to watch it he would. He’d awkwardly compare you to the princesses in the films and would tell you how he’s definitely the best prince.

Marvel Movie - He would be really happy to watch any Marvel film with you. His favorite is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ because of how funny he thinks it is. He accidentally breaks the fort during one of the fighting scenes because he was really hyped up because of it. 

Sad Movie - Make sure you prepare at least 100 boxes of tissues because he’s definitely going to cry way more than you will. He would cuddle up real close to you and hold onto you real tight whenever he feels like hes going to cry adorable little sniffles. 

Nightmare - Roman Bürki One Shot

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I know this is short and horrible, but I had this idea and I really wanted to write about this. Before any butthurt anon comes in my ask, I’m not trying to make fun or romanticize what could have been a tragedy. As always, I hope you like it :)

The room was dark except for the fair light of the moon reflexing through the curtains. Roman looked at the petite figure sleeping next to him hoping he didn’t wake her up; luckily she was still adorably curled up on her side, she looked relaxed with her eyes closed and her hair scattered all over her pillow.

He was spooning her just a few hours ago like they usually did every night, but then he started to move around too much and just decided to let her go, otherwise she’d have woken up. Luckily she didn’t seem to bother as she kept sleeping undisturbed. Roman wished he could do the same, just roll on his side, close his eyes and fall asleep.

I didn’t work that way since the incident on the bus though; he was constantly woken up by the horrible memories of that moment. The explosion, the panick, Marc injuried asking for help, it was just too much even to remember. Maybe he’d be over it as time passed, by in that moment it was a new scar which was  still stinging.

He covered his face with his hands as he was sitting on his side of his bed trying to block out all those sad memories and forced himself to think something more pleasant. It seemed that he had remained in that position forever to him, when in realty only a few seconds had passed. He felt a hand on his shoulder, he quickly turned around removing the hands from his face. Y/n was sitting on her side of the bed, she had lit up the lamp on her bedside table and she looked at him with a worried expression.

“Nightmare?” She simply questioned and he nodded. She already know about the nightmare that was haunting him every night since the accident, the first few nights she thought that it was normal since he was still very shocked about what happened, but three weeks had passed and she was starting to get a little bit worried.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to wake you up,” he apologized as she offered him a reassuring smile. “It’s okay, you didn’t wake me up.” She explained as she pulled the covers off her body and stood up from the bed. “Where are you going?” He asked as he followed her every move, she bent down and kissed his forehead. “I’ll be right back,” she promised and disappeared behind their bedroom door.

Roman sighed and laid on his back waiting for Y/n as he started at the ceiling, trying to empty his mind. He turned his head to look at the time, it was 3:37 in the morning and he had to get up for training just in a few hours. Y/n made her way back in their bedroom just moments later, she was holding a cup of hot chamomile in her hands, she left it on his bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed, near his legs.

“Thanks,” he spoke as he sat with his back against the headboard. He took the cup in his hands and looked dubious at liquid. “What is this?” He finally questioned as Y/n giggled, “Its chamomile, it’ll help you relax and fall asleep.” She assured him, but he still didn’t look convinced. “Can’t I just have a kiss?” He pouted as she shook her head, “Just drink it Bürki, don’t be such a child.” She crawled her way to her side of the bed and just watched as he sipped the chamomile.

After I few moments he held the cup high towards her, “Done!” he happily exclaimed before laying it on his bedside table. “Can I have my kiss now?” he raised an eyebrow as he looked at Y/n who just leaned in and left a chaste kiss on his lips. She turned around and turned off the lamp.

“Now…” she spoke as she got under the covers and laid on her side facing him, “c'mere.” She opened her arm suggesting him to join her under the covers. He did as she said, her arms holding him closer to her by his neck as he did the same wrapping his arms around her waist. His face nuzzled in her neck inhaling her sweet scent as she let her hand run through his dark hair, leaving some kisses on his forehead. “You’re safe now,” she whispered. “I know,” he assured her.

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Prompt List #1

46. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.”
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Iwa-chan has been acting weird, Tooru thinks, nibbling the top of his pen as he not-so-discreetly stares at his best friend. Hajime sits above him on the bed, hunched over his notes with typical single-minded focus on the assignment before him. Tooru ought to be working on homework himself but the mystery of Hajime’s sudden weirdness is much more important to him than some old dead guy’s literature.

It’s not like Hajime has really changed or anything–he still chides Tooru when he’s being insufferable, still saves the bugs that make their way into the house, still sneaks his tomatoes into Tooru’s bento when he’s not looking, still teases and huffs and hides grins with a roll of his eyes–but even so he’s seemed more…distant, despite those things.

Maybe it’s because they’re graduating? Tooru taps his pen against his bottom lip, considering. It’s possible; they’ve discussed their university options a few times but neither has admitted to deciding yet. Tooru knows what his ideal situation would be–moving in with Iwa-chan, even if they’re attending different universities–but Hajime has never–

“Oi, quit analyzing me or whatever you’re doing and study.” Hajime scolds, glancing up to briefly glare at him before returning to his notes. Tooru huffs, dropping his pen on his books and leaning back against the side of the bed so he can stare at Hajime some more.

“I’m not analyzing!” he protests. “I was just thinking.”

“Well think about homework,” Hajime says, writing something down. “We graduate in a month; how are you gonna get into university if you fail.”

“My grades are impeccable,” Tooru gloats. “Iwa-chan is the one–”

“One more word and I’ll help you learn this shit by beating the book over your head.”

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