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The Maze Of Ink and Paper

Happy New Years everyone! Have a Solangelo oneshot to kick off 2017! I saw a post about a bookstore AU and I had to write it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original post. 

The bookstore at the corner of North Avenue and Fourth Street had to be Nico’s favorite place in the world. His earliest memories of the bookstore came from when he was eight years old. His older sister, Bianca, had heard a friend talking about it at school one day and insisted that their mother take them there.

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Knee Socks - Annie’s celebration drabble series


Read the prequel here

So you chose to spend NYE with Steve at his place? Scoot over, sweetheart!

Inspired by: Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys (lyrics are in italics).

Word count: 1.010 (okay, maybe I got a bit carried away with this one).

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Dear Future Wife...#668

Spending the holidays together with our families makes me really look forward to meeting our kids. Some might get freaked out at the prospect, but I’m so excited

I imagine a big bed scattered with pillows, little arms and legs tangled with ours. Someone is reading a bedtime story to themselves with no intention of going to bed. I see Christmas morning with bedhead and coffees for us watching the little ones tear into their presents. I see matching onesies for all of us (even the dog) with silly family photos. I see our parents with the little ones and how freakin cute and excited they are to have them over.

I love that we’re heading towards that shared dream together. I love that you love kids as much as I do.

Happy birthday, Dia!

[College AU, featuring DiaMari,+ some YouRiko and ChiKanan]

And … Bonne année, guys! :3

“Ack!” Dia squeezes her eyes shut the moment the sunrays blind her, and she flings one arm above her face, loudly groaning. “Oww, my head …”

She perks up when she hears a noise, which sounds like a whine and a grunt at the same time, next to her. Cracking one eye open, Dia glances on the side, only to be met with bright golden tresses scattered across the silky pillow, and smooth, bare shoulders and back, the blanket no longer covering them.

“Not so loud …”

Mari’s voice is muffled by the pillow, and Dia snorts when her head seems to sink deeper into the pillow.

“Close the curtains,” Mari gripes, one hand lazily playing with the ends of her hair.

At this, Dia can’t help but smile : Mari always does that whenever she has trouble sleeping, when she is sleepy, or when she wants to go back to sleep.

“You are such a spoiled child … I remember you that I, too, am hungover.” The brunette says, sitting in the bed while massaging her temples.

“Y'seem fine …” Mari casually growls, twirling a strand around her finger.


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Lavender and Vanilla

(Holtzmann x Reader)
Word count: 561(I think)
I just want to thank my pal @ace-blogs for reading this over for me and helping me come up with a title.

The day had been gloomy, rain and sleet mixed with the city’s everyday smog. The air was thick and suffocating, causing you to feel claustrophobic in your shared home. The light yellow walls of your shared bedroom that normally was reminiscent of a beautiful sunny day now looked like they were stained with years of cigarette smoke. This daze you had been in the past day had been sending you in and out of dizzy spells. You walked, well, slid over. Your feet trudging along the ground towards the curtain covered window, the cheap material scratched at your palms as you pulled it across the metal rod. Light flooded in, illuminating the messy bed with a mountain of pillows scattered against the head board. You grab the plush throw that was draped across the back of the rocking chair. You wrap the blanket around you, breathing in deeply. It still smelt like Jillian. The scent had always drawn you to her as it was so unique. Unlike any perfume you could purchase off a shelf, Holtz smelt like smoke, grease, and of the stranger variety for someone like her, vanilla. Although now that she was together with you, she had an underlying scent of lavender. That was thanks to the candles you had scattered around your apartment. You let the breath go, you stepped towards the queen sized bed laying down across the bottom. Your head hung heavy, the springs in the mattress squeaked.
You heard the familiar sound of the ecto-1 rolling down the street. A smile danced across your face, the corners of your eyes creasing. Dimples formed at the corners of your upturned mouth. A couple minutes pass and you hear her keys twisting in the door. You hear a sigh carry through the open doors, and multiple bags hit the floor creating a solemn thud. “Holtzy, baby, are you done busting ghosts yet?” you call out. Your mood lifting slightly at the thought of her. You lift your body, sitting with your leg crossed. Her boots clunked against the hardwood floors, sometimes being muffled by the carpets you used to make the rooms look more like a home. With each step your smile grew and you jumped out at her as she entered the room. Her blonde hair spilling out of the bun, and onto her shoulders. Jillian’s Ghostbusting outfit was covered in green goo. “Aw, damn, (Y/N) you could have waited 10 minutes and we could have avoided you getting slimed too. “I didn’t want to wait any longer though” You say, wrapping your arms around her tighter. “I only spent a couple nights at the fire house, it wasn’t like I was gone a week.” Holtzmann said, you could hear the smile in her voice as she said it. She ran her hands through your hair, twirling it between her fingers. You slid your hands to her cheeks, almost cradling her head in your hands. You pull her to you, kissing her gently. Your hands slid down, causing your arms to rest on her shoulders. The room got dimmer, as the little bit of sun was covered by a rogue dark cloud. The lavender candles gave the room a romance movie feel, your hands moved to her shoulders. You pushed and moved her away from you, “Before I kiss you again, go get a shower.”

Online Crush (Michelangelo x Reader)

The sunlight was desperately trying to shine through your curtains as you laid in bed, tangled in the warm and comfortable sheets. Since school was out you were taking the opportunity to be as unproductive as humanly possible. This, of course, consisted of a pile of snacks on your bedside table, dark curtains that did a wonderful job of making your room pitch black, and hundreds of blankets and pillows scattered around you in almost a cocoon. The only light that managed to fill the room was coming from the small screen of your phone, having been too lazy to grab your laptop off your desk. Laziness was beginning to become a bit of a pattern for you whenever you had time off to just be alone and relax.
Soon enough the small device made that all too familiar ring, alerting you to check your notifications. On further inspection you smiled when it said you had received a new message on your messenger. You held your breath, your beautiful (e/c) eyes scanning over everything, taking it in. The only reason you had it was for a few online friends here and there, but mostly for your crush; Michelangelo. He had added you online one day, commenting on how you liked the same shows as him and how he had just created an account to “make real, human friends”. Sure, it was a bit weird, but you loved weird. It was refreshing and an amazing change from your usual routine. The more the two of you seemed to talk the more the two of you seemed to click perfectly. You suddenly began to hear your phone beeping every few seconds, indicating whomever it was, was now spamming you. Opening the messages that you received, you grinned from ear to ear.
“Hey babydoll!”
“Hey! Hey ____!”
“What’s up? What’s cracka'lackin’?”
“What’s the dealy-o?”
“Hey ____! You there sweetness?”
He called you all kinds of playful names, and even told you the moment he would meet you in person he would see your face, be awestruck, and you’d be his girlfriend. You always laughed and could feel your palms start to sweat, your heart beginning to rapidly pound in your chest whenever he mentioned it. You had never seen a proper picture of Mikey, nor had you ever met him, although you had heard his voice during the many calls you two had. It was a bit of a habit to call one another on Friday evening, then stay up all night together on the phone until one of you crashed. (Or until your phone had died, to which the poor guy would become terrified that something bad had happened to you. He was always one for dramatics.) On many occasions you could hear his brothers in thr background arguing or yelling at him to be a bit quieter, and a few times you could have sworn you heard them making jokes about the two of you dating. Each time you would notice a gentle trembling in Mikey’s voice, almost making you wonder if he was blushing as badly as you were. His brothers, whom of which he spoke about a lot, were all older tham him. You didn’t know which was cuter; Mikey being the baby of the family, or the voice he made when he was being teased. He sometimes would send you things in the mail. His handwriting was very sloppy, but you could still manage to make it out. He would often give you comic books to read so the two of you could discuss them. (Or that one time he made you try spicy gummy worms, which was very interesting, to say the least. You weren’t even aware those existed until Mikey.) He apparently knew your friend April, too, which was odd since she never seemed to talk to you about him even if you asked nicely.
“Hey Mikey! Nothing much, you?”
“Bored out of my MIND!”
“Same.. You wanna talk later on the phone?”
“No, how about something more exciting?!”
“I’m game..!”
“Meet me on the roof of your house at around 10, okay? I’ll be there this time. Pinky promise!”
It was an odd request, from an odd boy, but you didn’t mind. You blushed, agreeing to it before quickly jumping out of bed and thus began your hunt for the perfect thing to wear. You eventually decided on one of your favorite outfits, took a shower, then ate some late dinner. You waited and waited until you noticed it was finally 9:45.
You climbed out of your window then began to climb up the fire escapes. It took quite a bit of effort to reach the top of the building, but when you finally did, you felt absolutely victorious. Standing there, feeling like a superhero, you huffed, a smirk growing on your lips.
“_____!!” A familiar voice called from behind you, making you jump. “You made it! I was worried you might not have been able to climb up here!”
Relief soon swept over your body once you realized who the voice belonged to. Straightening out your clothes, you turned on your heel as your breath caught in your throat. The anticipation of seeing him for the first time began rising in the very core of your being as your body shook slightly. This adrenaline was a very odd feeling; like you had too much soda and candy. You stopped, a bright expression on as your hair perfectly framed your face. You were about to say something when you went silent, mouth going a bit dry before deciding not to draw to any conclusions. He was still your friend. “Whoooooaaaaaaaa….” He trailed off, tilting his head as his face grew warm and red.
“What?” You managed to get out; still a bit shocked that he was a giant, teenage turtle.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me you were this pretty, dude? Aw man, now I feel underdressed!” There was a hint of sadness in his voice, almost as if he was regretting meeting you for a second; clearly worrying his appearance appalled you. However, his happy go lucky attitude returned almost immediately.
You furrowed your eyebrows, your stomach twisting slightly as you shifted from foot to foot. Your cheeks turned a dark scarlet as your mind finally processed that your crush of nearly a year just complimented you. Did he really think you were pretty? Or was he just saying that to break the ice? You knew Mikey, and he must have meant it when he said it. “Thank you, Mikey..! I… er, you’re really cute too. And don’t worry, I think you look fine. I, umm.. I really like your mask..!”
You could have smacked yourself right then and there, feeling lame for what you said. It was the truth though, wasn’t it? Your heart picked up it’s pace as he made his way closer to you, laughing loudly. “I know! It’s pretty cool~. We should get you one, beautiful!”
He was the same as he was on the phone and online, wasn’t he? He was still Mikey, your Mikey, and he was here finally. He snuck from his brothers to meet you, to show you himself, to just be near you, and that was more than good enough. He was more adorable than you imagined, and mutant or not, he was still Michelangelo; the teen you knew and loved. “I promise I don’t bite!” He grinned, crossing his legs and deciding not to get any closer to you in hopes that you wouldn’t get uncomfortable. “Well…. There was that one time with the bubblegum monster, but that was only once! I swear!”
You couldn’t help but laugh, shaking your head a bit as you moved in closer to examine him. Finally reaching an arm out towards the turtle, trembling a bit as you rested your hand on his cheek; you inhaled deeply. As you exhaled you brushed your thumb across his freckles, counting each one silently to yourself, not wanting to miss a detail. Everything about him wasn’t what you were expecting, yet standing there with him, you weren’t entirely sure what exactly you were expecting in the first place. He was taller than you by quite a bit, and his body proportions made you feel so tiny compared to his built body. He made you feel safe. His gorgeous blue eyes glimmered in the moonlight, his pupils wide as he took you in. His face was red under his orange mask, making your stomach flutter uncontrollably. It was then, in that moment, that you made up your mind; Michelangelo was perfect.
Sitting down together, the two of you dangled your legs over the side of the building. You could feel the teenager’s body heat radiating off and onto you, making your skin tingle in delight. Scooting a bit closer without noticing, you glanced up at the sky, finally managing to speak. “Is this why you didn’t want to meet me all those other times?”
The orange clad ninja’s eyes turned the size of saucers as he turned his full attention to you. “No!!! You have it all wrong! My brothers always stopped me before I could. I’ve wanted to meet you for so long! You can’t even imagine how hard it is to sneak away from them!”
“Are they ninjas too?”
“Just like yours truly!” He winked at you.
You glanced at your lap, laughing quietly. “Hey Mikey? Thank you for showing up.”
He leaned over, gently nudging his shoulder against you. “No problem! Maybe next time I can show you where I live! I’ll have to introduce you to my family! Don’t mind Raph thouvh, he’s just a bit of a cranky turtle! Donnie is super smart, and Leo is a total fearless leader! And Splinter is only the best sensei ever!”
“You think they’d like me?” Your eyes lit up, meeting his baby blue ones. He only nodded in response, clearly excited.
“And just wait until I introduce you to Ice Cream Kitty!” He exclaimed, grinning widely as he happily kicked his legs. “We could play video games until our eyes hurt, and eat pizza, and cook things, and read comics all nigh–”
He paused when he felt your hand gently rest on his, holding it as softly as you could. “Uh…”
You didn’t know where the sudden burst of confidence had come from; yet you didn’t care. His hand was significantly bigger than your own and seemed to be calloused from training. His three large, rough fingers soon managed to awkwardly intertwine with your own in a very uncomfortable way. The two of you both stared off into space, enjoying the peaceful quietness the moment had provided, and the warmth your hands offered. You closes your eyes as the wind began to blow, cooling down your warm cheeks. After several minutes of that beautiful, comfortable silence, Mikey began rambling about his life in greater detail than he ever did over the phone or text. You enjoyed hearing about him, about his family, and more importantly the stories he’d tell you about the battles he had been in. For the next few hours the two of you seemed to be almost mesmerized by one another, your legs crossed and facing each other. You told him some stories you had never told anyone else, and he returned the favor. Hearing a ringing, Mikey grabbed his phone in his hand and answered it, “Hello?”
You could almost hear someone on he other line reprimanding him for being out so late and alone, without telling anyone. “Umm, I AM with someone though, dude.” The voice on the other end scoffed, only making the male grin. “I’m with my girlfriend. That’s right, I have a girlfriend! Put the moves on her and everything! I’ll be home soon…!”
Girlfriend?! Surely he was just joking, right? He had to be. You snorted, covering your face in your hands, slightly embarrassed as you giggled aekwardly. Your heart was beating hard in your throat, almost hurting as it felt it would rise into your head. You were almost certain he could hear it as clearly as you could. He hung up and placed it securely back in his belt, then stretched a bit. Grabbing your hand, his practically engulfing yours, Mikey stood; yanking you up with him excitedly. “Girlfriend?”
He flashed a bright smile, “I told you we’d date when I met, didn’t I?”
You were in awe. Mikey, your Mikey, with the most horribly attention and memory span, had remembered wanting you to be his girlfriend. “Unless you don’t… want to?”
You playfully stared off into space, stroking an imaginary beard as you thought. The teen pouted, sticking hos lower lip out as he watched you closely. “Id love to.”
“Whoa!! Really?! AWWW YEAH BOYYY, I got a giiirlfriend~ before the others~ and she is pretty~” He sang, dancing in place.
“You should get home.” You smiled, laughing loudly as you savored the moment.
He got close to you, then grabbed a hold of your hand. He guided it towards his face and seemed to be staring at it intently. Bringing it to his lips as he closed his eyes, your heart skipped a beat. Kissing the middle of your palm, he brought his hands up to ball your own onto a fist. “Take this with you.”
You stared at your fist and nodded, clearly in awe of him. “Hey Mikey?”
“Yes, sweet angel?”
You opened his palm, then kissed it, closing it into a fist. “One for the road.”
He blushed, practically floating as he turned on his heel to stumble away.
“I’m never washing this hand again!!” The ninja exclaimed, his hand still tightly clenched in a fist.
“For the fifteenth time, Mikey, go to bed! We can hear you from our rooms!”
“But what if I let go of it in my sleep?!”
A symphony of loud, anger filled groans filled the air as the teen held his tightly gripped hand to his heart and skipped into his room.

[27: kurotsuki] can you tell

Tsukishima wakes up to the sight of Kuroo’s hair scattered over the pillow, his dark eyes half-open and fixed on Tsukishima’s face. The room is only half-drenched in sunlight, that fights its way through the cheap blinds, but it’s enough to illuminate the corners of their messy little room; the clothes half-fallen off the bed, plants slithering by the window, figurines without a home lying in the corner.

“Am I dreaming right now?” Kuroo asks, smiling, his voice dyed husky from sleep. 

“If you are dreaming, dream yourself a nicer breath.” Tsukishima grins. 

Ah.” Kuroo blinks once. Twice. Thrice. The flutter of his eyelashes is hypnotizing. “It’s real.”

“How can you tell?”

“Your morning breath is also quite horrible.”

Tsukishima scoffs and turns to lie on his back. He stretches his hands above his head and Kuroo seizes this opportunity to crawl on top of Tsukishima and rests his head on his chest.

“Shouldn’t you be used to this by now?” Tsukishima says, dragging his fingers up and down Kuroo’s scalp, applying just enough pressure to make him purr. “We’ve been living together for over a week now.”

“I’m used to it. Doesn’t mean I can’t still appreciate it.”

“What a sap,” Tsukishima teases.

Kuroo looks up at him, his smile only growing wider. “I’m thawing you out little by little and it scares you. It’s okay, Tsukki.”

Tsukishima flicks Kuroo’s forehead and closes his eyes, feeling as though he’s about to drift back to sleep with Kuroo’s warmth safely pressed against him. He is, indeed, being slowly thawed but he’s not about to give this admission up to Kuroo so easily. 

“Hey, Tsukki…?”

Tsukishima keeps his eyes closed, though the sound of Kuroo’s voice is inviting him to open them and see the look on his face. 


It’s a purr and it almost works. Almost

“You’re not asleep. I know it takes you an hour of meditation or dedicated making-out before you can sleep.”

The corner of Tsukishima’s lip curls upwards. He murmurs, “Prove it.”

Kuroo kicks their covers off. “Challenge accepted.”

blue sushi

this is a silly reychel thing i wrote instead of doing my homework. it’s pretty bad but love it anyway,, @ rick pls make them canon ok? ok

“A month,” Reyna groaned, staring glumly at her leg, which was propped up on one of the many pillows scattered on Rachel’s couch. “I have to wear this stupid cast for a month.” 

Rachel, a few feet away, stuck her brush into the watering can, which she’d been using only half an hour ago for its intended purpose on the plants crowded at the entrance of the cave before switching to using it to clean her paintbrushes. It made no sense to Reyna - an artist thing, she supposed. 

She herself could barely scribble out a stick figure with an angry face, which made several appearances at the top and margins of Frank’s papers and reports since she could never bring herself to mess up her own. 

“Uh huh,” Rachel said. She didn’t sound annoyed at all, which was impressive, considering Reyna had Iris-Messaged her twice to grumble about stupid consuls and had been ranting on and off for the past hour. 

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Title: Sleeping Arrangements
Word Count:
Jyn x Cassian x Bodhi (3otp, polyamory)
: Just a drabble that I wrote for @piratekingfoxx for our drabble-off since we can’t bring ourselves to roleplay. Canon divergence in which the painful end of Rogue One never happened.


It only takes a few weeks before they settle into a nighttime rhythm.

Bodhi is always the first to bed. He sleeps in the center, curled into a ball where he sometimes murmurs in his sleep to demons that aren’t there. His hair is usually pulled back, but by the time Jyn comes in it’s scattered across the pillow in a mess of inky black. He sleeps with his fists tight, tugging onto the sheets like a lifeline.

Jyn takes over the right half of the bed where the sun hits first. She sleeps on her back, pressed to Bodhi’s side where his hair tickles her arms. She’s the lightest sleeper, sometimes sitting up in the night at a noise no one else hears. She’ll stay that way, blinking out into the darkness until Bodhi wiggles, a silent plea to burrow close again, lest the nightmares take hold. She always obliges.

Cassian comes last, always weary from a full day of training exercises and meetings. He flops onto the bed, sometimes with his shoes and clothes still on. He sleeps with his head shoved into the pillows, a hand stretched out so that he can trace circles into Jyn’s shoulder. He doesn’t know if it’s more for his sake or hers, but it soothes him and his busy mind. Eventually he will get hot and slip out of his jacket and shirt. As soon as he does Bodhi will throw an arm across his exposed back, pulling him closer until he is thoroughly sandwiched between the two.

Sometimes, on the bad nights, Bodhi will jolt awake out of a dead sleep, wheezing, mid panic attack. On these nights Cassian will take him into his strong arms and slowly rock back and forth until he is able to catch his breath again. Jyn leans over to press gentle kisses along his forehead and shoulders, mushing a hand through his hair and rubbing therapeutic circles. He eventually sleeps, clutching onto Jyn like she’s his lifeline, Cassian at his back to chase away all the monsters.

Sometimes, on the bad nights, Jyn’s shoulders will shake with silent sobs until her cheeks are sticky. On these nights Cassian will come around to her side of the bed and hug her until the sobs stop, her tears rolling down his back and arms and into his hair. He kisses her cheeks, her lips, her eyes, everywhere. Bodhi wraps his arms around her midsection and holds dear, murmuring sweet words into her skin. They will sit like this until her breath evens out and she lays back, exhausted from the emotional turmoil. Cassian reclaims his place on the other side of Bodhi, but he leans over the man in the middle to rub soft patterns into Jyn’s arm and back while she drifts off. Bodhi reaches out and intertwines his fingers with hers, letting her know she is not alone.

Sometimes, on the bad nights, Cassian will sit on the edge of the bed fully clothed staring into nothing, eyes haunted. Jyn moves first, coming over and carefully removing his shoes, unclasping his belt. Bodhi works the jacket off his shoulders before tugging his linen shirt over his head. Then he wraps his arms around him, chest to his back so that their hearts beat together. Jyn holds his head in her hands and kisses him, softly calling his name until he finally drags his eyes to her face. On these nights, when Cassian can barely move, the two help to lay him down in the center of the bed where he lays prone. Bodhi holds tight, warm chest pressed as close to Cassian’s side as he could manage. He slips under the larger man’s arm so that he is nestled in the crook. Jyn lays on the other side, Cassian’s head against her chest so that she can run her fingers through his hair. In this position he can feel their heartbeats and it reassures him that sometimes he can save people.

This is how the three sleep to fight off their demons because even in their deepest nightmares, they can cling onto one another.

That Time of The Month (part 1)

(Aomine x fem!Kagami)

That day was their usual weekend where Daiki would stay over at Taiga’s apartement. It has becoming their weekly routine so that they can spend the weekend together. The only thing that was unusual though, Daiki had woken up earlier than Taiga.

When he had woken up, he was a little surprised that Taiga was still curled up with the blankets wrapped around her body like a cacoon on the other side of the bed. The only visible part of her body was her long, red locks that scattered over the pillow.

Daiki had felt a little worried then. Taiga usually woke up much earlier than him, even on weekends; and she curled herself up like a big ball when the temperature was quite warm.

“Taiga,” He called, fingers playing with her red locks.

“Taiga, babe, wakey-wakey. I wanna have breakfast.” He was replied with a low, muffled whine. Taiga doesn’t do that.

“Taiga?” Daiki called her again, this time slipping out a little amount of worry to his voice. When Taiga doesn’t reply, he asked again:

“Taiga, are you okay?”

“Daiki,” She croaks, voice a little bit raspy as if she’d just cried. She hasn’t getting out of her cacoon so Daiki gently tugging it off. Taiga responded by rolling over so that she’s facing him.

Daiki tugs it off until he can see Taiga. It surprises and panics him when he found there’s tears rolling from her closed eyes, her cute, forked eyebrows had scrunted up.

“What, baby, what’s wrong?” He had asked, panic evident in his voice.

“It’s hurt,” She whimpered, voice a whisper.

“What’s hurt, Taiga?” Daiki asks, trying to calm himself as he speaks gently to his girlfriend.

Taiga took a deep breath to calm herself and then opened her eyes, her beautiful red orbs, and answered him with a forced smile.

“I’m okay,” She said. “It’s just my time for the month,”

And Daiki still didn’t get what is it. “Your what?”

Taiga rolls her eyes a little. “My time for the month.” she huffed. She sits up and getting out of the blanked cacoon.

“Ah, shit, it’s already a lot,” she mutters.

At first, Daiki wondered what the hell does she mean. But then he saw the red spots on the blanket that she just used and realized that it’s blood.

“Oh,” he said in realization.

“Daiki, sorry to worry you,” she said and pecks him on the lips before rushing out of the room, to the direction of the shower with the blankets wrapped around her.

Daiki was left on the bed, looking dumbly (but worried, nonetheless) at the wide opened door that Taiga left.

He just gets up from the bed and walk downstairs,waiting for his girlfriend.


Until the part two.


This is how it all ended up.

Doorknobs and ears locked from the outside world. Bulbs turned off and lampshades on. The living room a chaotic mess, couches slightly misaligned and pillows scattered from the fight. Whiskey on the rocks fully occupying the glass but the Chivas bottle is empty. Its strong, flagrant smell enough to make someone dizzy if they ever stepped foot inside. A lulled recording without lyrics encompassed the cold, dead air. The digital clock placed atop the center table blared out the numbers 11:27 PM.

No, this is not the end. This was just the beginning. The tangled hair girl thought as she cocooned herself on the pavement. Her fragile face resting upon the lap of a boy who stayed with her through the hardest times. She could hear his sweet, tired calling of her name. But he was muffled by the countless muted screams of her mind.

“This is bullshit. You are bullshit.” And now her cheeks are coated with more, more tears.

“What a piece of crap you are.” Somewhere along the lines, there was a faint echo of i love you’s. The last thing her sanity is holding onto for dear life.

“Go kill yourself.” Yet it is pointless, she was still defenseless. Still vulnerable. Still unable to win the battle with her demons. Everything was still heavy and numb.

Her vision was dark and watery but she tried to swim out of the murkiness.

“Why won’t you leave me yet?” The poor, young girl heard herself question the boy. She woke up with a dreaded clarity, regretting the query she spoke out loud.

Because at his shoulders, a familiar, taunting imp crossed his legs and whispered at the male’s ear.

The devil.

His demon.


The entranced banged with screams and shouts. The lights were blinking on and off at the sight of her, falling and fading to the rabbit hole. The vehement scent of drugs and alcohol from her stings. She pushed him to his limits, the curtains sashaying with a powerful force. The strong walls were crumbling down, hitting him straight to his chest. A few glasses shatter, the speakers on maximum volume, and there is great tension unwilling to leave this place they once called home.

11:27 PM was the time when the catastrophe ended. Violent words were muted, and she lays down her skin and bones above his thighs. The boy’s fingers threading upon the frizzy strands of the young girl’s hair. On the cold floor, there they are. Her name slipping off his lips repeatedly. He calls her out gently, and unprovoking.

But she won’t respond, the only reply he received was the hot sensation licking at his lap.

‘No, no, no…’ His peripheral vision scanned the surroundings quickly.

Around them, there her demons are. Dancing and laughing and throwing rocks at her scars, wounds reopening.

He grips her hand strongly, and murmurs: “Hold on to me. I love you, I love you. I love you…”

“Why won’t you leave me yet?” She asks. And he panicked. A barrage of noises streamed on his ears. Every single thing at that room judged him with mouths closed. The scene grew heavy, his eyes lidded with cloudiness. His lungs trapped, the skeleton inside him tightening. He can’t see, he can’t breathe, he can’t speak and he can’t think.

He can only hear.

“You can’t save her.”

“What is the purpose of your existence if you can’t even pull her out?”

“She saves you every damn time but do you?”


Anxiety seeps in and her demons and his demons are frolicking and playing with them in the abyss.


1:27 AM.

“Shhhh, it’s over now.”

—  Prompt: I’m scared of your demons mixing with mine

En-chan’s family is a little weird….!?
Like according to Atsushi, they put their salt in the fridge and pillow on the dining table…. Aaaaand from the first picture, pillows are scattered literally everywhere!? Also, I’m betting my money those apples on display are real fruits oh my god.

But yeah, Yufuin En oh dear god this guy. Is. Like. A. Freaking. Kindergarten kid!?
Atsushi specifically told him to change and wash up while he prepares him breakfast (or more like lunch since it’s what, 2:30PM?). But dude decides to go down to the kitchen and asks Atsushi what’s for breakfast okay. In his freaking pajamas.

So Atsushi has to personally drag him upstairs again and make sure he changes +wash up before returning to the kitchen. (And hey look Atsushi is in an apron though I’d prefer 裸エプロン)

En 「Atsushi, are you angry? I’ll treat you to some onsen manjuu later so don’t be angry..」

These two are too domestic is2g Atsushi spoils En-chan. A lot. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

Jungkook - The young and cuddly boyfriend

The rain outside had no signs of stopping but it didn’t matter to the young couple inside as they busied themselves with plans of their own. They were not going to let some rain stop them from having fun. Instead, they were going to have even more fun than going out.

“Y/N! I got the pillows!” Jungkook called out to you as you came out of your shared bedroom with a blanket, big enough to act as a shelter above your heads.

Now, the living room of your shared apartment was dark thanks to the clouds outside, creating a cosy atmosphere. Multiple cushions and pillows were scattered on the floor, which was to be used up later.

In the rainy afternoon, you and your boyfriend got busy trying to make the best and most comfortable pillow fort, succeeding within a few tries. Once done, the both of you crawled under the fort created. You were in your pyjamas, and so was Jungkook. The weather was cold enough so the both of you were not feeling hot at all.

In the fort, you held the remote control, pressing the play button as the Iron Man movie started playing. You knew just how much Jungkook liked Iron Man and as a reward for his free day instead of his normal hectic schedules, you had managed to get your hands on a cd of it.

Jungkook wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him easily as the movie started, smiling at you, “Thank you again!”

You could only chuckle back, seeing Jungkook so focused on the movie after that. Silently, you admired his features and stared at his face, taking in how handsome he had gotten compared to the first time you had seen him.

It was a few years back; you were surprised to see a boy looking lost as he waited outside a building. Feeling helpful, you approached the boy carefully, not wanting to startle him at all.

“Excuse me?”

Clearly, he was jittery and shivering, turning to face you with wide eyes.


“Are you okay?” Your eyes took in his appearance, seeing him looking young and innocent; you reckoned that he was around your age.

“Not so… I’m lost.” He sounded sad and kicked at the snow under his feet.

You, being you, unwrapped the scarf around your neck and wrapped it around his neck, offering him a smile to try and calm him down.

“Here, you seem to be very cold. Where are your parents?” At that time, you were only 10 but you were more worried for him than yourself. Besides, it was just the cold; you weren’t going to let it affect you, not when there was someone else who needed it more than you.

You learned that he was Jungkook and from his accent, he was from Busan. He was here with his family to audition for an entertainment but he had lost his way around when his parents turned around the corner and disappeared. His name was Jeon Jungkook and he was actually your age.

Time must have passed by quickly since you heard someone calling Jungkook’s name and running up to the both of you. You looked up and saw a woman running headed your way; she was waving her hands frantically and pulled him into a tight hug.

Parting ways was difficult since you felt that you had been friends with him ever since you were babies but now you had to leave. He pouted and so did you, sad that you not get to meet anymore.

“Why don’t you ask her for her address or house number?” Jungkook’s mother was a kind lady as she smiled at the both of you pouting and Jungkook’s face seemed to light up immediately.

“Y/N? You’re not paying attention to the movie!” Jungkook was waving his hand in front of you, snapping you out of your daydreaming.

Blushing, you were not going to admit that you were thinking about him, “Who said so?! I was!” You countered back, hoping that your memory about watching the movie beforehand would help.

“As if!” Jungkook started tickling you, making you squirm and laugh uncontrollably, unable to stop him. Jungkook laughed along, enjoying your pain and spoke while doing so, “Admit it!”

“Okay! Okay!” You tried your best to speak in between your laughter, waiting for Jungkook to stop. When he did, you clutched your stomach and calmed down before speaking, “I was just thinking about our first meeting.” You spoke with red cheeks and Jungkook groaned, covering his face.

“Don’t remind me about it!”

You chuckled, Jungkook wasn’t always fond of how he looked like when he first saw you, choosing to forget it every time someone would ask or mention about it.

“You didn’t look that bad, you know!” You said and tried to pull down Jungkook’s hands, smiling at him. You truly meant it. Maybe he used to be shorter than you but he still grew up to be taller.

Jungkook smirked at you, “So I’m handsome now right? That’s why you were so lost in your thoughts, weren’t you?” He seemed to have this talent of reading your mind, which was a disadvantage for you at times, especially in times like these.

“Wh-who said so?!” You did not see this coming and turned away, trying to hide your red face from Jungkook, knowing that he would tease you like every other time he did.

“Is someone blushing~” He sang, pulling you into his arms and pushing your head to rest on his chest. You shook your head stubbornly, not wanting to give Jungkook any more chances of teasing you.

He laughed, the vibrations in his chest calming you down in a way.

“It’s okay if you don’t admit it, but do know that I love you, okay?” Now, as he spoke, it was soft in contrast to the heavy rain outside but it was relaxing at the same time.

You smiled and looked up at Jungkook’s face, fingers moving up to touch his face, poking his cheeks and caressing it gently after. “And I love you too, Kookie.”

Jungkook smiled, the movie long forgotten, but to him, you meant much more than some Iron Man movie. You were his, his girlfriend, his everything. Jungkook pulled you in closer, leaning against the wall as you cuddled with him, enjoying each other’s body warmth.

The sound of the rain hitting against the window pane was rhythmic, making you feel sleepy in the late night and Jungkook felt his eyes closing too.

“Shall we sleep outside for tonight?” You spoke up, looking at Jungkook for his approval. He nodded and lied down, bringing you down beside him and ruffling your hair.

“Can you sing for me?” You asked shyly, hoping that he would.

Opening his mouth, Jungkook started singing Propose softly, the words coming out smoothly and you smiled, remembering the first time he sang for you was when during your first meeting. His voice was soothing and it lulled you to sleep within a few moments.

Jungkook noticed that your breathing was even now and smiled to himself, taking his time to admire your peaceful, sleeping face. He leaned in to place a peck on your forehead and closed his eyes, falling asleep after you.

This marks the end of the A Boyfriend A Day series! I hope that all of you enjoyed it and please look forward to the next series! Continue to support us and feel free to send in your requests now~ Take care everyone! Stay happy and healthy~ =)



DIY Room Decor: DIY Rilakkuma Scatter Hamburger Pillow + Hanging Wall Clouds Pillow by Yumi King


Not Yet

Down the fanfiction rabbit hole I plunge! My first real attempt at Odesta…kinda. Oh lawd, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Canon compliant.

“I miss the waves,” I whisper softly, fingers toying with strands of copper hair. He smiles at me, the soft, adoring smile that the Capitol never got to see. This was something precious Snow could never take from me. Finnick’s mouth then stretches wide with a yawn.

“Dream about them,” he whispers as he twines our fingers together.

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The Promise of Round Two...

* This all came from a prompt about kitchen sex before breakfast but what can I say… I started with the night before and got lost along the way… 3189 words later and I hadn’t made it to the kitchen. I hope you like it all the same, please give me any feedback at all! Enjoy, just one day more ;) *

Here it is @bitchenware, @archetypal-andraste,​ @stefandlena2013@holbycityobsessed

Eyes fluttering open Serena quickly came to her senses; her hazel eyes scanning the room around her and taking in the sight of the blonde army medic beside her covered by nothing but a thin sheet on the ample-sized bed, her lips just inches from her own. Soft curls framed her face; wildly scattered over the pillow she rested on, a small smile which was unique to Bernie alone playing out on her features. Breathing deeply she remained fast asleep.

She was frankly magnificent. She was strong yet gentle, fierce yet sensitive. Bernie Wolfe was like a goddess and she was somehow stretched out in Serena’s own bed. Shifting onto her back Serena gazed up at the ceiling, concentration drifting as she replayed the events of last night in her head…

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a recline of pillows scattered
under shadows of the moon
hostage wrists, succulent fingertips
tell me your secrets, you said

weary souls must first rest
we create the musk of sex on skin
here in the dark, i hear your heart
confessions will now begin

i tell you my gospel
you tell me no fables
masculine growl, feminine giggles
sheets move on skin, we settle in

our words whisper in soul language

LKT © 2016

Apartment Hunting || Isaac x Lydia


Lydia ran a hand through her hair as she glanced over at Emerson who was sitting up on his own in the middle of the bed a few pillows scattered around him just in case he fell. She smiled as she watched their five month old son bring one of his toys to his mouth. She shook her head and smiled. “Emerson, that’s not for eating silly boy.”

The five month old glanced up and grinned as he continued attempting to eat his stuffed rabbit.

Lydia glanced at the closed bathroom door and called out. “We told Derek we’d be there at noon,” she reminded him knowing they still had a bit of time, but she was excited.