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yeah sure sure"he said not before"scatter arround and find humans,kill on sight"the undead quickly scatered only the general remain"you go and anihilate redwounds guard,locks off"the zombie groaned and ran off"

“Well then let’s get a move on.”

Cut I

My life have been bright and also dark. The path I walked was never peaceful. I scatered through it, never looking foreward but down on the road that lead me. People appeared and faded in my vision. Many left their marks that stayed on me to remind of their existance and the past that I refuse to let go of. To say that it all was a doomed nightmaric journey - is to lie. I met people that made my path turn the ways that were the most unexpected yet full of life and joy. Also, never to be forgotten.

I apper to others as a forgetful person. A child, silly, perhaps poor but nice girl. As I emmerge on their horizons, I do not know which one of me they see. Only one once saw what was deep within me. Even now, he still sees. I remember that feeling. It made me see, feel, understand that I was living. It made me wonder, yet I do not remember what of. I try to remember even till now but the thought dissapeared into the abyss. Swallowed by reality.