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Hey Rose! So I have a question. I am interested in buying a $5-3 card dollar reading from you, but I am having trouble forming a question. I don't know how exactly to phrase it. So I was wondering if I explain my situation and just ask a few of my poor scatered questions, would you be able to kind of synthesis it all into one well phrased question that captures my ideas for my reading? Or would that be straining on you? This would be my first reading by the way. Anyway, thanks in advance!

I can definitely do that! I’ve done it many times before for other clients. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint our thoughts to 1 question:)


What was it to fall in love? Fall badly in love with someone you cannot have? What was it to hope? What was it to wait?

I kept looking at the pictures scaterred on the floor. I have no time to clean it up, I don’t want to clean it up. This isn’t my home. I should really keep going.