Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean 

British ice dance couple who won multiple gold medals at World and European Championships mainly in the 1980s, a gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and a bronze medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

Torvill and Dean’s free program at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, performed to the music of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, became world-famous. They received nine 6.0 marks for artistic impression, (three more for technical merit for a total of twelve 6.0 marks) the highest possible score and the only time ever that an all-perfect score was achieved.

Besides, it is one the most beautiful ice dances to this day 💕!

Watch their amazing 1994 Olympic free program here (X)!

Yuzuru Hanyu 2017/2018 Schedule

- SC Scate Canada Autumn Classic 20th-23th September 2017 in Montreal, Canada

- Grand Prix Rostlecom Cup 20th-22nd October 2017 in Moscow, Russia

- Grand Prix NHK Trophy 10th-12th November 2017 in Osaka, Japan

- Grand Prix Final 7th-10th December 2017 in Nagoya, Japan (presumed Yuzu will qualify for it)

- Japanese Nationals 20th-24th December 2017 in Tokyo, Japan

- Winter Olympics 9th-25nd February 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea

(Schedule may change!)

Poolside! Luke

So I just realised…I personally haven’t written a Luke smut on my account its all been Liv! :))

Words: 2K

Warning: Swearing, Blowjob, eatingout, squirting…

Summary: SWim swIM fucK fUCk

“You coming in?” Luke whined from the swimming pool. He was resting against the side with a hand wrapped around a bottle of beer. His blonde hair in a sidewards fringe and his nails painted black from when I did them last night. Overall he looked amazing with the sun blazing down on his slightly tanner skin. 

“Baby I just got back from shopping” I said waving my arms around which were carrying a few (I say a few I had seven) shopping bags. Sometimes I just get carried away. Luke likes to treat me and I’m not saying I like to spend my boyfriends money, I’m actually a keep scate. I always buy cheap make-up that are knock off of normal make and buy my underwear from cheap shop. Unless Luke buys me it, the ones he buys are so beautiful and expensive. 

“Jesus what did you buy?”

“Ok so I bought some lipstick and I bought this really cute swimming costume and a sexy one too which I think you’ll like I also-”

“Put the sexy swimming costume on and get your beautiful body in this pool” he grinned taking a sip of his beer

“You sure do have a way with words Mr Hemming's”

“Please the boys went out and I’m so lonely” He sighed pouting his pink lips at me. I faked annoyance and crossed my arms which made him giggle. He knew I couldn’t deny his pouty face even if I tried. 

“Fine, give me a few minutes” He cheered and I walked inside our luxury villa. It was a beautiful white stone villa with 3 rooms, I was sharing with Luke, Calum and Michael were sharing and because Ashton is the oldest he got his own room. The boys had been offered a well deserved holiday after there tour and it was to the beautiful Hawaii. You’d always wanted to go to Hawaii and always complained to the boys when they didn’t go and tour there. Today you’d been sight seeing the shopping mall. Not by yourself, two years ago your cousin had moved out here and you hadn’t seen her in a long time. She’d met Luke a few nights ago and she even taught him how to surf a little. But today it was just a girly day and Luke hates shopping anyway. 

I walked into your une-suite and placed the shopping bags on the bed taking off my shoes. I pulled off my t-shirt putting it onto the bed neatly. I opened up the bag with the bikini in, it was a black bikini with a silver chain around the waist, when you walked into the shop where it was you weren’t really expecting to get a bikini because you already had three, but when you tried it on you knew Luke would absolutely love it. So of course I had to get it. I took off my bra swapping it for the bikini top and strapping it up, making sure to push my boobs up. I pulled down my jeans along with my panties and put on the bikini pants. I looked over at the mirror and smiled, I looked good. I smirked walking out of our une-suit and outside.

I walked up to the pool Luke wasn’t facing me so I stood opened legged and wedged my bikini further up making sure to show my ass. I walked by the edge of a pool flinging my hair over my shoulder.

“Lukey” I whined, he turned his head a round doing a double take.

“Oh fuck me” he moaned swimming over to the side of the pool I was stood at. 

“You like my costume Lukey?” 

“Yeah get in here” he licked his lips as I bent down sitting on the edge and sliding in. His hands immediately went to my waist bringing me closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck looking deeply into his eyes and fluttering my eyelashes. He leant his head on mine and pecked my lips. 

“You look amazing baby” he whispered in his oh so sexy raspy voice. I bit my lip feeling his hands stroke over my body in the water, he was admiring my body feeling all my curves and sensually looking into my eyes. He moved his hands to the curve of my breast, tucking it under the bikini top and rubbing his finger over my nipple. I gave out a deep breath as he pinched it between his fingers. He took his hand out of my bikini top and moving to my ass. He pulled me closer so my legs wrapped around his waist as pushed me up against the pool side. 

“You’re so sexy” he moaned grinding into me. The water around us swished over the edge dripping into the vents. Luke stared directly in my eyes edge his puffy pink lips forward and kissed me once again, the warmth of his mouth sent a current running through my body. His soft lips were warm contrasted against the coldness of the swimming pool water. He swiped his tongue over my lips, entering his tongue into my mouth and moaned slowly grinded are wet bodies together. He reached around untying my bikini top and left it floating in the pool. He kissed down my chest down to where the water touched the bottom of my boobs. He sucked his way back up, sucking hard around my boobs and swiping his tounge over the light purple marks he was leaving. He then cradled my boob in his hand, they fitted perfectly as he squeezed them and attaching his lips to my neck.

“Lukey feels good” I whimpered as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and finger. My hips thrusted into Luke as I leant my head back, making sure to dig my nails into his freckled shoulders. 

“Baby, I want you to suck me off” Luke whispered into my hair and nibbling onto my ear. I smiled pushing him off me, he grabbed a hold of the side and jumped up as I saw in between his legs. I ran my fingers up his wet legs feeling the water droplets on his blonde hairs. Today he was wearing his dip dyed dark blue to light blue swimming trunk which match his beautiful blue eyes. I grabbed string untying it and tucking my hand under the waist band pulling his wet swim trunks down his legs and letting them float in pool along with my bikini top. I ran my hand over his dick aver his balls and along his long pale dick. 

Lukes dick was so pretty, the sun making the small freckles that surrounded it more promanate along with blonde hairs. I ran my fingers over his balls grabbing the base of his dick and tugging on it lightly. I licked over his tip whilst continuing to jerk him off.

“Y/N, baby please” Luke muttered rotating his hips around. I moaned sucking onto his tip and making my way down his dick making me slightly gag when I got to the base. I nestled my nose in his blonde hairs whilst pulling back up and bobbing my head and coating his dick in my salvia. 

“Shit, feelings fucking incredible baby”

“Taste so nice Lukey” I said flashing him a smile and a lip bite. I licked back over his dick and taking it whole in my mouth and rolling his balls in my hand. I choked on his dick slightly coughing but then sucking back onto it, squeezing the base in my other hand. I pumped his dick around the base whilst inhaling through my nose. 

“S-stop babe” 

“Aww why?” I pouted, stroking his dick

“Because I’m going to cum, I don’t really want to cum like this”

“Oh” I smiled

Luke jumped back in he pool as we switched places so now I was sat on the side with my feet dangling in. Luke undid the bow and pulled my bikini pants, throwing the pants next to me causing it to splash all over me. I grounded and Luke just laughed at me tucking his head in-between my thighs and licking a bold stripe to my pussy. I let out a shiver and ran my hands through Lukes wet hair as he nuzzled against my pussy sucking onto my clit.

“Oh my god Luke” I moaned grinding my pussy into his face. He sucked onto my clit looking up at me and winking sliding his tongue up and down my fold slurping all my juices. He smirked at me circling his tongue around my entrance and flicking over my folds.

“Please stop teasing” I whined pushing his face closer to my pussy. I heard him laugh as he delved his tongue into my heat. I let out a load groan leaning back and clenching the side of the pool with my hands. His tongue moved in me at a rapid pace and I felt it rub against my walls. Both his arms came around my thighs making me fall back as he pulled me closer to his face burrowing his tongue deeper into my pussy. 

“Luke I’m going to cum”

“Then cum” he said huskily, his lip ring putting pressure on my clit as he slurped my juices and fucked his tongue into me rapidly. I came around his tongue flopping onto his body and stuttering into his face. I slowly grinded into his mouth as he sucked in my juices. I ran my hands through his hair pulling him  back and looking at his rosy blown lips.

I climbed down from the side swinging my legs over likes waist and my arms around his neck grabbing a hold of the small hairs on the back of it. He grabbed a hold of his dick rubbing it between my folds and pushing it into my hole letting out several curse words and moans of my name. He pushed me once again up the side of the pool sliding in and out of my hole at the fastest pace he could go with the water splashing everywhere. 

He grabbed my legs and held them up over his shoulders and grinded into me. The best thing about this was Luke was so tall and so broad that he could touch the bottom of the pool and keep us still even though the water made it slower. 

“Lukey, harder and deeper” Luke growled pushing me out of the swimming pool and climbed out clambered his wet body over mine. I watched him enter his dick into my wet pussy and thrust into me once again. He grabbed a hold of my wet boobs squeezing them and groaning as his dick glided in and out of me. I felt his tip hit my g-spot and I wrapped my legs around his waist linking my hands with Luke which were still attached to my boobs. 

“Fuck so beautiful” he stuttered 

“Im going to cum again baby”

“Same baby, come on three” He whined he closed his eyes and started to count. He looked so fucking hot, his hair covering his face and water droplets coming down over his face and running down his body. He had his lip ring in-between his lips and his eyes clamped shut. 

“Three” he whispered squeezing a hold of my hands and moaning out my name. I came with him closing my eyes and letting the pleasure take over. I opened my eyes looking at Luke who was already pulling out of me and looking at me with a smirk.


“You just squirted” Luke said grinning at me.

“Oh my god” I said covering my face.

“No baby it was hot” He said kissing my lips and stroking my thighs where my remains of my orgasms were. I smiled picking up my wet panties and fishing out my bikini top as he did the same. 

“DID YOU JUST CONTAMINATE THE POOL?” Michael shouted from inside the villa.


Lazytown Christmas

(Yes I know it’s a day late but have it anyways)

> both Sportacus and Robbie are woken up by their five kids tackling them awake, five little voices screaming “it’s Christmas wake up wake up wake up!!!”

> Robbie has to have about nine cups of coffee because it is Way To Early For Him

> the kids love their gifts they’re completely preoccupied with them for most of the morning

> Robbie makes pancakes and bacon

> Sportacus begs him to make blueberry pancakes and because it’s Christmas Robbie (reluctantly) does

> the kids and Sportacus all banded together to get Robbie an actual bed

> he doesn’t even notice at first he just plops down in his usual spot

> when he notices his husband and kids grinning wildly at him he’s all confused

> then he notices and he’s so happy because he doesn’t have to sleep in that chair anymore!!! Yay!!!

> there’s mistletoe everywhere so almost every two seconds Sport and Robbie will kiss

> they go ice scating

> none of the kids, except for Stephanie, can skate all that well but even Stephanie has to do that “step, step, step, glide” thing

> look over at Sportacus and he’s pulling Ziggy in a sled on the ice with one hand, Stingy gripping tightly onto his other hand, and Trixie gripping his pant leg tightly

> Pixel is scooting along the ice on his butt

> “I’m good with computers, NOT balancing acts!!”

> Robbie is skating circles around all of them. Literally. Sometimes backwards. Also sometimes with the occasional spin thrown in.

> they also go sledding

> Pixel and Robbie make ramps out of snow together

> “Robbie! Pixel! Stop that’s dangerous!!”

> It ends up being not dangerous at all and even Sportacus enjoys the ramps

> on the way some SOMEBODY (who’s def. not Trixie) throws a snowball

> it turns into a snow ball fight with teams and everything

> “Robbie you and Pixel can’t be on the same team!”

> “Yeah but you’ve got Trixie!!”

> they all come home with snow in their hair, noses and cheeks red, and big smiles on their faces

> Sport and Robbie help the kids into their pajamas and sit them in front of the fire with blankets and hot cocoa before going to make Christmas dinner

> “Alright kids, dinner is ready. Who’s going to help set the table?”

> *five hands shoot up in the air* “ME!”

> “Stingy stop hoarding all the good china” “But its MINE” “No it’s not!!”

> after dinner they all curl up in Robbie’s new bed

> “You brats aren’t staying here. This is for your bedtime story and that’s IT”

> all seven of them end up falling asleep in the bed anyway with lots of blankets and the fire keeping the whole lair warm

Merry Christmas!

thesimplest-litany  asked:

OMG that thing that you just reblogged with Johnny scating to Agape...... I watch it 2 times with stunned face and after the third time tears started to running down my face.. I'm seriously not making this up... I mean this music and moves that we love so much brought to real life... WOWOWOW I LOVE YOI SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT ( I just really needed to take it off my chest)

THIS KLASJDFJKLASDF IT HECKED ME UP????? AND NOW HE HAS DONE EROS IDK IF YOU SAW???? It’s absolutely incredible! And I feel the same way about YOI omggggggg

rolanslide  asked:

When I was like 3 i fell off of a couch backwards and broke my arm. I fell and broke my other arm while roller-scatting (I fell). One time I was sledding, rammed into another sledder in front of me and- I THINK I sprained me knee? (idk the doctors weren't sure) I also dislocated my knee attempting to roller scate. I have more but those are the main ones


Why is Yuri!!! On Ice so much like Hannibal?

There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask myself, I have been a Fannibal since mid 2013, I have seen many shows since but none I’ve felt as strongly as Hannibal. And then as the third episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was aired, I watched it and was instantly hooked. Why did I jump so quickly from one fandom to another? What do they have in common? And why a no small number of Fannibals are watching Yuri on Ice now?

For starters, they look like complete polar opposites, one is full of life and hope and brightness, and the other darkness, gore and murder. But dig a little deeper and the fundamentals of the shows themselves are not dissimilar. Let me explain:

Yuri on ice plot: A Japanese figure skater named Yuuri Katsuki loses the Grand Prix Final, the most important competition in the world of figure scating, which makes him reevaluate his career and ambitions for the future. Meanwhile a seemingly perfect figure skater and winner of 5 Grand Frix Finals Viktor Nikiforov is done with postponing his life for skating, so decides to train Yuuri to win his first gold medal. They embark in a skater-coach relationship, thus helping Yuuri reach his full potencial as an ice skater.

Hannibal plot: An american criminal profiler and professor named Will Graham kills a murderer in the line of action which makes him reevaluate his feelings on taking a life and his work in general, he is directed to Dr Lecter’s office - a Renaissance man of outstanding intellect and abilities, but still leading a lonely life with no friends or people to relate to - where they have philosophical conversations of the nature of life and taking life, and as the three seasons advance they develop a mentor-protege relationship where Hannibal actively tries to let Will’s real capacity for violence shine through, hence making him a killer.

They are both stories about reaching your full potential, for good or bad, nice or evil -though in Hannibal all these concepts are open to debate-

Both main characters Yuuri Katsuki and Will Graham start their story ark at their lowest points, Yuuri defeated and out of shape and Will ill and haunted by the ghosts of murderers, later introduced to their saviors in order to achieve greatness.

There is also the matter of how both relationships evolve and step over the so called “fanservice” which leads us very often to Queerbating, taking their time in making the development of the pairs natural and in no way forced and treating different sexualities as a normal thing and not to be discussed or debated.

TD;LR:It is remarkable how stories that look so opposite from each other have almost identical narratives and views, and how fans from one extreme can pass to the other, at least until -if- the older show is -ever- renewed…

If you have any other ideas to add to this post, all are welcome!