Watch… With a Grain of Salt

Weather you are on line all day like my self or just enjoy skimming through blog posts chances are you rely on the web for the majority of your media intake. I just watched MMII’s “History" piece and want to preface my reaction by getting a few things straight: Im not posting this as some paranoid blogger or whistle blower alerting people that google is the big bad brother. As some one involved in marketing specifically on line these stories fascinate me.

That being said: of corse people are consuming more media via the web particularly news from un-cited sources. Thats really nothing new. It does not make it right but Perez Hilton has been claiming speculation as news for years so has fox and ESPN, sensationalism moves papers. I guess for me I don’t think where you get your news is news worthy. The big thing about the story that rubbed me the wrong way was the ominous voice and guerilla inspired cinematography, to much doom and gloom for a non story. If you choose to get your news from un-substantiated sources, go for it. What do I care if you think Tom Cruze is gay or China is behind 911. The bottom line is this; in the digital realm the old print adage holds true, don’t believe every thing you read. 

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i remember when i 1st got the Thriller 25 CD and i used to leave it on repeat while i slept

the Vincent Price interlude always woke me up O.O

“This is Vincent Price. Michael Jackson is the Thrillerrrr *chuckles* can you DIG IT?!”

*maniacal laughter*

worst thing to wake up to in the middle of the night, i swear lol

Since I’m a new fan of markiplier, I haven’t watched The Evil Within and since there’s DLC Mark’s playing… I’m going to watch the whole play through in one go with snacks and a blanket so no monsters can hurt me