so uh. i dropped out of computer science, but in two weeks i’ll be applying for sound engineering and music production. different university, different town. different everything. i partially feel like i gave up on proving something to myself, but on the other hand,,,,, the past few days after i made the decision has been the best few days in a long time
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NO, NO, NO, no, hell no! That was not at all necessary! Who asked for a remake? Who? I swear, if youtube plays this as an unskipable trailer before any video or puts scary stuff into those first five seconds, I am going to throw the computer out of the window.

Trials of Yama: To summon this deadly demon usually as revenge on another person or for evil reasons. (Purely Fictional for boredom reasons. And because I’m proud of the fictional character I’ve created)

How To Summon Her: A bathtub.

Fill it with black paint.

Light some candles (at least three)

Say a prayer that would summon a demon. 

Say Yama’s name three times.

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What she’ll ask you: Who summoned her.

What the person wants.

Who the person wants Yama to take revenge on.

1st Trial: 

Yama will torment the person for a week with her own demons and she will torment them with illusions and hallucinations.

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2nd Trial: 

Yama will physically injure the person with either scratches or burns. Yama will also show herself from time to time as an hallucination to that person.

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3rd Trial: 

Yama will confront the person before dragging them to hell for their wrong doings in life. 

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How to get rid of Yama: There is no record of how to get rid of Yama. But some say that they’ve sacrificed a bull in order to get Yama to go away. Or some have somehow passed the curse on to someone else by taking a lock of their hair and saying Yama’s name quietly into their hair. Therefore, passing the curse on to them. Or some can offer Yama a deal by convincing her to curse someone else or offering someone else’s soul to her, weather she’ll take it or not. Depending on what you’ve done in your life. The source varies. 

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