Hey guys? Could you all cross your fingers for me? I have an interview with a cleaning business that is owned by a family friend. It’s on Thursday and here is the best part. It is 3 blocks from home. So if it works out, I can leave that yellow and black hell hole. Even if the pay is roughly the same, it’s not going in the gas tank.

The only scary thing is the business cleans a factory that makes medical supplies so you have to be so clean and so thorough. But my mom used to work for Kim and Tim so fingers crossed.

The Founders of Hogwarts and their Contributions to how Fucking Dangerous the School Is

Right, so we all know Salazar Slytherin built the Chamber of Secrets. Very scary business, that, stuck a giant immortal lizard down there and it’s been, what, I dunno, doing sudoku in between the murders.

But I have a theory that all four Hogwarts founders built something at the school- the other were just less secretive about it. Slightly.

Godric Gryffindor, brave, chivalrous, butthole-clenchingly insane man that he was, probably built (grew???) the Forbidden Forest. Come on, you expect me to believe that there just happens to be a forest nearby full of insanely diverse magical creatures? No way. He totally built the forest as a test of courage for students who were willing to break the rules.

Rowena Ravenclaw built the library, obviously. Giant magical library? Of course. But I think she also built a lot of the secret passageways, because there are clues to find them- not just magical maps that some people get because they’re the protagonists, but maybe hidden clues in the tapestries, and certain paintings will give you hints. 

And finally- and this is really the idea that started it all- I think Helga Hufflepuff built the Room of Requirement. Hufflepuff was kind, compassionate, and generous, and she wanted to help all young people, not just those deemed “worthy.” So of course she’d think of building a room that was dedicated to helping people in need. Which, of course, is fascinating, because the Room of Requirement is one of the most advanced pieces of magic we see- and wouldn’t it just figure that underestimated little Helga turned out to be the most powerful of the lot?

I Was Good Enough

I hated the situation we were in. It was meant to be convenient and easy going, not a giant mess of feelings and thoughts. And it’s not like I could blame him. He didn’t do anything wrong – itwas all on me. I was the one that developed feelings for him. I was the one that hated when he left afterwards. I was in this mess and I had to get out.

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some new year stories! i’ll try my best to upload some more (going to a little party rn so we’ll see!)

Your name: submit What is this?

Kaze: You look longingly out the window out of the fortress you were in. You were under orders to wait here until the King returned from his New Year’s excursion. To think, you’d finally escaped one tower only to be trapped in another one. Kaze can see the distress on your face and he couldn’t bear to see it. It would be a great risk, but he believed in skills enough that he could spirit you away, if only for an hour. He’ll be back, he says, and leaves you to your thoughts for a while.

With the permission of some trusted comrades, he slips into your room, only to find you already asleep in bed. Though he does want you to have time to rest, this isn’t the time for it! He shakes you awake, and you blearily rub at your eyes. “Wh–”

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Markiplier x reader. Home sweet home.

Ch.1 LA apartment.

I had been living in LA for a long time, but not long enough to be used to it. It was always busy and scary and there was always some creep trying to sell you stuff you don’t need. I liked it, but wasn’t totally happy.

I was so happy I was finally getting a new apartment. I had been waiting for a long time to do so, and was super happy when I finally found one I was into. I packed my stuff and was out before the day after.

I stood in the lobby waiting for my stuff to get dropped off. The day was hot, so I was wearing a tanktop and shorts, the best combo ever if I do say so myself. I looked at my watch. 2:15. I texted my friend to see the progress. She was helping me move. It would take a while.

“Are you the new one?” A voice that seem a little familiar said.

“Ya, why? Are you my neighbor?” I asked and looked over to see someone I never thought I’d meet. The one and only Markiplier. I gasped. He was greeting me.

“Ya, we’re next door,” he said and scratched the back of his head.

Now let me tell you something right now. Mark is my life. I watch all his stuff. I have merchandise. I play all the games he does. And above all I have a giant crush on this guy. We were neighbors. As this sunk in I found that I could no longer stand. I felt my legs buckle and I fell to the ground. Mark caught me in time and helped me to my feet.

“Are you ok?” His deep voice asked, concerned.

“I-I… Y-you’re… I…” The words couldn’t formulate. I was aware of my blushing, but was almost entranced.

“Oh are you a fan?” Mark asked looking stunned.

“Uh…” This was the only thing I could say or think right now.

“Well, I guess your dreams have come true then!” He said sarcastically.

“Yes…” I mumbled and got ahold of myself. “So, um, you’re my… My neighbor?”

“Ya. I thought I’d come meet you.”

“Mr. Fischbach, sir—”

“Please, call me Mark.”

“Oh. Ok. Mark, um, I am honored to meet you. I am a huge fan.”

His eyes sparkled as he rubbed his nose for a second. I was overwhelmed. I guessed I could probably calm down and I could have a conversation with him. I knew about him enough to sound like a creep, so I asked thing I knew already to seem more polite than weird.

After we chatted for a while, the last of my crap was dropped off and I smiled and said farewell.

I struggled to pick up the heavy box. “Bye Mark! I am so happy to have met you.” I stumbled away with the box, but he stopped me.

“Can I help?” He looked so kind. He was amazing. I handed him the box and we borded the elevator. I noticed how effortlessly he carried the big box, how strong he must really be.

“This was nice. You should come over and we can play games sometime,” he said once we reached the apartment. “What did you say your name was?”

“Y/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

We said our goodbyes and I went straight to work putting this crap together. Apartments kinda suck.

listen I need to talk about a local stage production of the hound of the Baskervilles which featured:

-all roles being played by three actors (so there were an astounding amount of costume changes)
-Watson getting flashed by sir Charles in a sauna and looking disturbed for two minutes
-“theatre is a very scary business, if anyone wants to leave no one will judge them, can we turn the house lights up please? ”
-“damn this fog on the moor, I hope it doesn’t get worse” *mist machine goes on*
-Watson literally blurting out “Holmes, I love you”
-“someone tweeted that the first act was too slow during the intermission so we’re doing the entire thing again in double time. this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”
-bubble gun
-Watson not recognizing Holmes in disguise and petulantly adding him to his list of suspects when Holmes tried to reveal himself
-local selling “lamb in a bag”
-Holmes making everyone applaud for Watsons solution theory
-“You know, Watson? …I love you too.”
-curtain music was “who let the dogs out”

So a story from my closet lesbian ex-ballerina mother (yes I mean her, not me hah): At this point her and Brittany (her Russian billionaire prima-ballerina “friend”) were around 17 and she had spent the night at Brittany’s house for the first time.  Brittany had a thing for, whether they belong to her or not, sucking the cream out of chocolate eclairs and leaving them that way.  So in the morning, her scary rich business woman mother comes charging in the room gripping a pastry box and just yells, “DON’T TOUCH MY FUCKING ECLAIRS!”, meanwhile my mother is stark naked under Brittany’s sheets covering her mouth and trying to hide.  Brittany’s like, “OKAY, sorry!”, and her mom just looks at the shape of the sheets around her and stares silently for a moment before just leaving the room without a word.  

Scary wreck in NASCAR ends with a driver taken off on a stretcher

(Fox Sports 1)

A violent wreck with 60 laps to go in the Go Bowling 400 NASCAR race in Kansas left a lot of people holding their breath as Aric Almirola had to be pried from his car and removed on a stretcher.

The wreck started when something went wrong with Joey Logano’s car and he took out Danica Patrick. After those two were involved, Almirola hit Logano hard, with his car shooting up into the air.

Almirola was conscious and communicating with personnel. However, rescue workers had to remove the top of his car and pry him loose.


Here is what Almirola’s car looked like after they got him out and took him away on a stretcher.


Here is the replay.

Here is Danica’s car, with Logano’s car in the background.


Here is Almirola being taken away on a stretcher. He was eventually airlifted by helicopter to a local hospital. There is no update on his condition at this time.


NOW WATCH: John Cena reveals how he stays in incredible fighting shape

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Dating Isaac Lahey would include: Isaac wrapping his scarf around your neck during Autumn/Winter.


It was the beginning of December; a light snow was falling over Beacon Hills already. No one in your house really owned winter clothes seeing you were from sunny Southern Arizona where even in winter it was 80 degrees.

Walking into school with three layers of jumpers and cardigans, your feet shoved into long socks and boots, you were still shaking from the cold.  As you made your way to your locker, you watched as everyone around you was in their warmest clothes, looking happy and at ease with red noses and flushed cheeks.  

As you rounded the corner you saw your boyfriend, Isaac, leaning against your locker, his cute scarf wrapped around his neck, hands stuffed in his pockets as he talked to Kira and Scott whom also were dressed for the weather.

“Hey, [Y/N], why are you shaking?” Scott asked as he spotted you.  You shot him a look, angrily spinning your combination into the lock.

“I’m freezing. I should have never left Arizona.” You said, not really meaning it.

Ever since you came to Beacon Hills, you were happier than anything in Arizona could ever make you. You found amazing friends, a beautiful boyfriend who loved you unconditionally and despite all of the supernatural, near death experiences you faced every other day, you wouldn’t change a thing.

All of the supernatural scary business made you grateful for those you had, you constantly thought about how thankful you were to be alive and to be breathing another day; you breathed deeper, kissed Isaac harder, and lived your life to the fullest.

Gathering the books you needed for your first two classes in your arms, you felt Isaac staring at you, something he frequently did. Glancing up, you smiled at him, seeing the love in his eyes. Closing your locker, Isaac, Scott and Kira resumed their conversation as Isaac wrapped his arm protectively around your shoulder, pulling your body into his chest and planting a sweet kiss on your lips, lingering for a few seconds; the heat radiating off of him was heavenly. One of the many perks of having a werewolf boyfriend was that he was like a portable heater in the winter.

Feeling you shake harder and harder as the four of you descended the stairs of the building, Isaac told Scott and Kira to go ahead of you guys, his hands rubbing up and down your arms, his lips ghosting over your cheeks and ear, sending blood to your cheeks, a pretty blush forming.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were cold, sweetheart?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your back, your bodies flush against each other. You could feel every dip and curve, every defined muscle he had on his body. You were thankful for how close your two were, your body slowly starting to melt form it’s icicle form.

“I didn’t really think it was important. I figured the classrooms would be warmer…” You said, eyes fluttering shut, not really focusing on his words, your mind wandering to how amazing his hands felt as they cupped around your neck, trying to warm you up. You were disappointed as his hands disappeared for a second but were quickly replaced with a warm bundle of fabric. Opening your eyes, the scarf he wore was off of his neck and was now on yours.

“Isaac, I can’t wear this! It’s your favorite one!” You cried, trying to take it off.

“Don’t.” He said, hands on yours. “You look better in it anyways.” Giving you a wink and a smile, your heart fluttered, making Isaac’s ego puff up, as it usually did when he heard your heart flutter at his words or actions.

The rest of the day, you enjoyed how warm his scarf was, your attitude much better as his scent was wrapped around you for the rest of the day.

2NE1 lyric Starters

Gotta Be You

“I still hate you. A lot.”
“You said it wasn’t true.”
“Let’s go back to how it used to be.”
“I hate myself for not being able to forget you.”
“I’m really trying to forget, but it’s not working.”
“It can’t be the end.”
“It ain’t over til it’s over.”
“You’re the only one for me.”
“A reality without you is cruel.”
“ I don’t care if it hurts like I want to die.”
“I’m okay, I’m desperate enough to do this.”
“I don’t care about anyone else.”
“Let’s go back to how it used to be.”
"I think of you even when I close my eyes.”
“Please don’t say good bye.”


“I’m every girl’s hot crush.”
“Become prettier if you like me.”
“They love me ‘cause I’m hot.”
“They love me ‘cause I’m cold.”
“They love me ‘cause I kill.”
“I have nothing to be afraid of.”
“I think of myself as scary.”
“I’m busy.”
“I’ll kill you myself.”
“This music really makes you go crazy.”
“Can you hear that? They love me.”
“I’ll do everything the way I want to.”
“Everyone knows I don’t care.”
“Don’t expect too much.”
“I’m indifferent and no one can stop me.”
“Fool, it’s your loss.”
“Even cupid is in love with me.”

Missing You

“Don’t be so comfortable like that.”
“We’re still strangers.”
“Don’t rush me like some kid.”
“I don’t like youthful love, it’s like playing with fire.”
“I’m just shaking a bit, I’m okay.”
“The truth is I still hate you.”
“I’m missing you.”
“How can I smile brightly?!”
“I know, I’ve been there before.”
“I don’t like the calculative love of adults.”
“I’m tired. but I’m okay.”
"The truth is…”
The love of my young days is ending like this
“You have to be happy.”
"We’ll still remember each other, right?”


"You’re going to hate me for the words I’m about to say.”
“I don’t have a choice.”
“I just… have to let it out.”
“You see, I’ve changed my mind.”
“There’s something different with you lately.”
“I don’t want to feel this way.”
“I’m a stranger to myself.”
“You’re so sweet, so lovely.”
“I still have to let you go.”
“I don’t know, I don’t know…”
“I gotta find my way home.”
“I’m so selfish, I’m not worthy of your heart.”
“Wait here, and watch me walk away.”
"Here’s the ending to our story.”
"We’re worlds apart.”
"I’m so lonely.”
"You didn’t create this problem.”
“All of this is my own fault.”
“I can swear to God that I’ve been ready.”
“How come love makes me weak and empty?”
"I’m tired of being lonely.”
“I can’t take it anymore.” 


September 2016 - September has been quite a busy month for me since I went back to uni. So far, I love most of my classes and feel quite confident about the rest of the semester. This month has gone so quickly, it’s quite scary !

Given how busy mondays and tuesdays are for me, it’s been quite difficult to use my bujo on these days. Given that I’ve only started using it, I thought that I’d do a theme for each month - with my washitapes and the typography - so I’d thought that I’d post a monthly spread instead of a weekly one ! (plus it gives me more time to work on them)

Process of becoming an Adult...

I’M TURNING 18!!!!!!

Wait, that means responsibility…

Well, it will be ok. I’m sure I can handle it.



I’m a horrible Adult, I’m never doing things again….

I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!!!! *squeals*



*sobbing uncontrollably*

Being an adult is a scary business….

A small snag. My old antidepressants are causing me withdrawal problems. I stopped taking them cold turkey and that was a mistake. I feel like a bus hit me. Therefore I am going to try weaning off them over a few days. 

I’m still not sleeping through the night. I just take way too many narcolepsy naps during the day. When it comes time to sleep at night, I only get 2-3 hours. The house and the internet get so quiet. I am here with the insomniacs and Australians in the wee hours. 

I can’t talk about it much, but our family is going through some emotional difficulties right now. We’re just having a heck of a time working something out. It’s been emotionally draining and I feel like I’m tied all in knots inside. My new antidepressants are going to have their work cut out for them. I just hope this situation doesn’t negate any progress the pills might make. 

The other day the water guy had to come to the house to check things out. It turns out the water shutoff valve is inside my bedroom. So my dad pops in the door with the water dude, I jump up from sleeping, and he gets an eyeful of this…


I’m not sure how to describe the face he made. It’s like the whole thing inverted for a second. And he was like, “EEEeeeEeEEGood morning, sir!”

I worry about Trump quite a bit. I don’t have a lot of faith that he would be sympathetic to the disabled. Not to mention every other marginalized group there is. But people with disabilities are already treated poorly in this country. I don’t like talking about money, but what we get is less than minimum wage. I’ve been trying so hard to save up for things I need for my photography business and each month some shit happens and I have to dip into my savings to pay for food. 

Then there is the fact that running a business is scary. They encourage you to do things to supplement your income. They know they are not paying a living wage. But be careful, if you make too much one month, you might lose disability all together. Right now I’m not even near that amount. I have been having trouble getting gigs. But if my business ever picks up in the future I might have to turn away customers to make sure I don’t exceed my income limits. The system doesn’t want you to succeed. It wants you stuck in destitution. And if Trump takes it over, it might not even exist anymore. Or they’ll accuse everyone of fraud and just take it all away. So many republicans think every disabled person is scamming the system. I wish they would let us be sick in peace. 

A Day In The Life

Written for dlvpll (Thank you very much for letting me use your idea, I hope you like it! Sorry it’s so late.) 

 It’s a beautiful morning, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the wind carries the scent of pine.
Beca is miserable.
“Why are we hiking again?” She complains to the blonde woman walking in front of her.
She squints as a particularly blinding ray of sun breaks through the tree branches.
“And why so early in the morning? Saturdays are made for sleeping in.” Luisa chuckles at the pathetic whine coating her Bella’s voice, it’s endearing.
“There’s nothing more invigorating and refreshing than a morning hike, no?” She asks, happy as a lark to be out in the open air.
“No.” Beca says flatly.
“Grumpy maus. Enjoy the outdoors.”
“I can enjoy it just fine from my car.” She grumbles.
“Then think of it as exercise.”
“I could think of a better way to exercise.” Beca says, staring at the very nice view in front of her.
Skin tight spandex and a tank top hug toned muscles.
She’s a lucky girl.
“Eyes up front, soldier.” Luisa says.
“Never, Kommissar.” Beca says, grinning.
They stop talking, Beca needs oxygen a little more than flirting.
But only a little.
After what feels like forever, Luisa veers off the dirt path, pulling Beca with her into the trees.
A couple minutes and a few tree branches to the face later, they reach a clearing.
If Beca’d had any breath to spare, she’d have lost it.
They’ve reached a lake, as smooth and dark as black obsidian, it reflects the eternal blue expanse with its cotton candy clouds above it.
A perfect mirror.
A wetter version of the sky.
“Luisa, let’s go hiking more often.”
“Whatever you say, kleine maus.”

Chloe’s staring out the window, her fingers tapping impatiently on the table in front of her, waiting for Beca.
Fat Amy is humming, stopping every once in a while to giggle at some text Bumper sends to her.
It’s not annoying at all.
Chloe’s about to either scream or rip the phone from Fat Amy’s hands, or both, when Beca finally bursts through the coffee shop door, quickly ordering her coffee before hurrying to the girls’ table.
“Sorry I’m late.” Beca says, sliding into the chair next to Chloe. “Luisa’s a dork and forced me to hike this morning. It was actually pretty cool.”
“Whoa, hold the phone.” Amy says, letting hers fall to the table. The clatter causes several heads in the shop to turn.
“Beca Mitchell went hiking? The Beca Mitchell?” She screeches, several of those turned heads shush her.
“Oi, private conversation going on here. Go back to your lonely internetting.” She says, completely unfazed by the glares. “Now, where were we?”
“Beca went hiking. And liked it.” Chloe reminds her, a more subtle disbelief also coloring her tone.
Beca scowls at their teasing, crossing her arms as she huffs.
“I can be outdoorsy.” She mutters, Chloe snorts indelicately.
“Says the girl who freaked out when we went on a tiny little retreat and had to share a tent.”
“Hey, that was not outdoorsy, that was a smelly, personal space invading hell.” Beca protests.
“Gibmer Wein, your coffee’s ready.” A barista calls, Beca stands up, laughing to herself.
“Who’s Gibmer Wein?” Chloe asks, Beca laughs again.
“It’s this thing I do with Luisa. Gib mer wein in German means ‘give me wine’ and the baristas always think it’s a name. It happened once as an accidental joke, but then we kept doing it. They never catch it.”
“Ahhhh, funny. Totally get it.” Amy says, not getting it all.
Beca leaves to get her coffee, still chuckling.
“She’s turning German!” Amy hisses as soon as she’s out of hearing range.
“What?” Chloe asks, not following the Australian’s train of thought.
“Beca, Kommissar is turning her German!”
“I don’t think you can turn someone German.”
“Trust me on this. It’s happening.”
Chloe shakes her head, red curls swishing.
“Fine. Let’s make a bet.” Amy offers. “If Beca doesn’t say anything out of the ordinary, you win. But if she says three German-ish sounding things, I win.”
“That’s ridiculous.” Chloe says. “Let’s do it.”
Amy claps her hands once in enthusiasm, earning more glares from around the room.
“Oh and when I win you owe me twenty dollars.” Amy says quickly, Beca walks back before Chloe can even protest.
“So Beca,” Amy says, winking at Chloe. “How’re things with Luisa?”
Beca ducks her head, but not before the two other girls can see flushed cheeks and a smile.
“Gut. I mean, good. Things are good.” Beca coughs, feeling awkward as Amy smiles a half-moon grin at her.
She sips her coffee.
It burns her tongue.
“Ow.” She mutters, Chloe pats her arm in sympathy.
“So what are we doing today?” She asks, changing the subject off of her.
Chloe perks up.
“Actually, it’s what are we singing today. Emily asked us to visit and jam with the new Bella’s!”
“Cool. Whipping freshman into shape sounds like fun.” Beca says.
“Are you being sarcastic? Because I honestly can’t tell.” Amy says, squinting a bit, as if trying to read Beca’s thoughts.
“No, really. I’ve um- I’ve missed the Bella’s.”
“Aww.” Chloe squeals, hugging Beca tightly.
“I just miss bossing everyone around.” Beca jokes.
“Our American Kommissar.” Amy says, winking at Chloe again. Chloe rolls her eyes.
“Ja, definitely.” Beca says.
Amy whoops in victory, jumping out of her chair and startling all the poor hipsters in the coffee place.
“I won! You owe me twenty, Chloe.”
The redhead groans, pulling a twenty out of her wallet and begrudgingly handing it over to Amy.
“What?” Beca asks, flummoxed.
“Sorry Beca, Amy made a bet about you turning German. I lost.” Chloe says, Amy nods, still celebrating her win with enthusiastic fist pumping.
“I’m not turning German, that’s not a thing.”
“It’s totally a thing! And you proved it.” Amy says, Beca shakes her head.
“Weirdos. Let’s just go meet Emily.”
“You’re the boss…Komm-”
Don’t say it.” Beca warns Amy, Amy just grins like a Cheshire.

Luisa arrives precisely on time to Pieter’s apartment flat.
He answers the door after her first knock.
“Ready to find the first American DSM studio, Kommissar?” He asks in greeting, she nods.
“We’re taking my car.” She says, her keys jangling in her hands.
“Why not mine?” Pieter asks, following after her as she walks down the stairs.
“Because, you leave the top down.”
“That’s the purpose of having a- ah- a topless car.”
“They’re called convertibles.”
“Whatever.” He says dismissively, scowling as he bends himself into her black Mercedes Benz.
He feels so small in her car.
It’s an odd feeling.
“How is the kleine maus?” He asks as Luisa pulls into the street.
“Doing well. I finally took her hiking.”
“She liked it. She asked to go back to the lake again soon.”
“The fiesty maus is filled with surprises.” She smiles at that.
They meet their realtor at the first destination, an old dance studio.
It’s too small for what they need, so they move on.
The small warehouse they visit has more than enough room, but it’s too out of the way.
Another studio, another no.
Two more places, all unsatisfactory under the scrutiny of Luisa’s hawk-eyed gaze.
They stop for lunch, the poor realtor at a separate table, needing to look for new places on her laptop, and needing time away from the two intimidating Germans.
Pieter looks on in distaste as Luisa heaps a generous amount of ketchup on her food.
“I still do not know why they are called ‘chicken fingers’,” he says, gesturing to her plate. “Chickens do not even have fingers.”
“They are the only thing I recognize on this menu other than the hamburger. Beca seems to be quite fond them, as they are the only things in the freezer besides my food.”
“I take it the little maus is not the most diverse of chefs.”
“You have no idea.”
They finish lunch, and Luisa keeps noticing Pieter staring at her curiously every once in a while.
“What?” She asks, he dives straight to the point.
“Your maus has been American-izing you, no?” She scoffs.
“See you later.” The friendly waitress says as they walk out of the restaurant.
“See ya.” Is Luisa’s automatic response.
Pieter’s expression practically screams smug satisfaction.
“Not a word.” She commands, he shrugs, unfazed by her fierce glare.
“I’ve already been vindicated.”
A punch to the shoulder.
He pretends it doesn’t hurt.
“Realtor lady,” Luisa barks, every bit of her in Kommissar mode.
Annoyed Kommissar mode.
“If the next place we see does not please me, I will be sending you to my old DSM studio in Germany. In a box.”
The poor woman nods, literally shaking in her heeled boots.
Pieter actually feels something akin to pity for the lady.
An annoyed Kommissar is a scary Kommissar.

Thankfully, the next place is absolutely perfect. Even Luisa cannot find fault in it.
It’s an old art studio the size of the first warehouse they’d visited, with Van Gogh’s A Starry Night painted on the widest wall, great acoustics thanks to high ceilings, and a half floor that still allows view of everything that happens down below.
“It is flawless.” Pieter says to Luisa, after flipping round-off back handsprings around the room, checking for enough space.
“Then it is DSM’s new studio.” She says, sharing a smile with Pieter, both of them excited to find such a place.
It fits DSM.
It fits them.
“As much as I had looked forward to shipping you in a box, Realtor Lady,” Luisa says, all business and scary Kommissar again. “I believe we will take this place.”
The woman’s sigh of relief is audible.
Luisa and Pieter start to walk away, the woman calls after them.
“Wait! Don’t you want to discuss prices?”
“Find the price, imagine saying that price to my face, then find a better price and get back to me.” Luisa says, Pieter smirks.
His Kommissar is so much fun when she’s sassy.
They walk out of the studio, tall and proud.
Like giants roaming the earth.

Beca’s already at home and on the couch when Luisa comes back.
She smiles when Luisa saunters to her side, leaning over the couch to kiss her little maus on the forehead.
“There’s my tall blondie.” She says, her hands reaching up to undo Luisa’s bun as she kisses her properly.
It’s awkward, Beca’s back is painfully digging into the couch’s side as she leans backwards to kiss her girl, but the satisfied little smile on Luisa’s face is worth it.
“Did you find a studio?” She asks when Luisa straightens.
“I did. I cannot wait to show you, meine kleine maus.” Luisa says, excitement bouncing in her eyes, even as she collapses on top of Beca’s slight frame.
“Oof! I can’t wait to see it.” Beca says, smiling at the dork currently crushing her.
“A little tired, babe?” She asks, Luisa just mumbles incoherently.
“Luisa, you speak eight languages. Use one of them.”
Her reply is still muffled, but intelligible.
“I worked out with Pieter before I came home.” Beca nods, immediately understanding.
The two Germans are so competitive, they usually run each other ragged when exercising together, both loathing to admit when they’ve finally reached their limit.
“Oh, before you pass out from exhaustion, you ridiculous hottie, I have something to tell you.”
“Am I a ridiculous hottie because I’m hot and ridiculous, or ridiculously hot?” Luisa asks, slightly loopy from fatigue.
“The first one. Both. Babe, listen.” Becca says.
“I’m all of the ears.”
Beca doesn’t even bother to correct her, instead plunging ahead to say what’s been nagging at her mind all afternoon.
“Today, Chloe and Fat Amy told me I’m turning German because of you.”
Luisa laughs, tickling Beca with the motion of her shaking stomach.
“That’s not a thing.”
“That’s what I said! But apparently you’re rubbing off on me.”
“Pieter said something like that today. You must be rubbing off on me as well.”
“What do you think about that?” Beca asks, Luisa sighs.
“Many people who spend copious amounts of time together often find they’ve integrated with the mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of their preferred other.”
There’s a long pause.
Another sigh.
“We’re very, very close Beca.”
“You can say that again.” Beca interrupts, her fingers wiggling against the curves of Luisa’s waist and hips.
A sharp fingernail pokes her in the shoulder.
As I was saying, we’re close, so it’s only natural we’re starting to blend together a little more.” Luisa suddenly pushes herself off of Beca, hovering above her.
Beca almost whimpers from the loss of contact.
“You’re ok with that, ja?” Luisa asks, worried.
Beca’s fingers smooth away the wrinkles in Luisa’s forehead, stroking her cheek, outlining the shape of her lips.
“Ja, definitely.” She relaxes at that, sinking onto the small girl’s body again.
It’s quiet for a while, Luisa starts to doze, her warm breath coming out in little puffs onto Beca’s neck.
“Luisa?” Beca asks quietly.
“Mmhmm?” She answers, half asleep.
“I am ecstatic that we are starting to blend together.” Luisa raises her head, staring straight into doe brown eyes.
“Oh, meine liebling maus… Ditto.”
Beca’s body stiffens, Luisa settles back into her former position.
She smiles to herself, she can feel the little brunette’s indignation coming off in waves.
“That’s it?” Beca says, trying to contain her frustration.
“To quote a certain brown-haired Bella, yup.” Luisa says mischievously, her lips deliciously popping the ‘p’ into Beca’s neck.
“You’re messing with me, aren’t you?”
“Yup.” Luisa does it again, Beca groans.
“You’re impossible.”
“I try.”
“I hate that.”
“You don’t.”
She huffs, which turns into a squeal when her neck receives a little bite.
“What was that for?”
“Albern maus, my affections for you are vast.” Luisa says softly, laying a ghost of a kiss on the pinkening skin.
“Oh.” Beca says, the sweet and sincere words washing over her like a gentle sea.
She tries to find a reply with the same impact.
Luisa chuckles, the sound reverberating through every bone in Beca’s body.
“Go to sleep, kleine maus. Nap with me.”
“It’s six o'clock at night.”
“So when we wake up we won’t be able to go back to sleep for hours.”
“I’m sure we’ll find a way to wile away the time.” Luisa whispers against the shell of her ear, Beca shivers.
“How am I supposed to sleep when you say things like that?”
“Because you know that after we sleep, that can happen.”
Beca closes her eyes immediately, willing herself to fall asleep.
Luisa smiles, shifting herself so that only half of her is smushing the little Bella.
Beca misses the heat of her Kommissar blanket, but she’s slightly grateful.
It had been getting rather hard to breathe.
“Goodnight Luisa.”
“Goodnight kleine maus.”

A small Yuuya, realising being a Dove agent is scary business, after accidentally ending up in the middle of a gun fight right after his training began.

Checkmate, a joker imagine (sequel to Game’s Over)

Thinking you were going to be taken from the library and to the home you used to share with the Joker like it was a sunday drive, you thought wrong. 

“Get up!” he snarled and lifted you up so you stood face to face, or well, he looked down at you. His eyes searched yours and he stroked your cheek, you couldn’t move, didn’t dare move. 

The joker was savoring every moment he came into contact with your skin, he had missed it terribly over the past few months. You were going to pay for leaving him. You played a game with him, and you lost terribly. You didn’t know what the price was going to be for this game yet, but knowing him and how he was when people disobeyed him, or hijacked the hell out of there when you had the split second moment to run as you had. This was going to be bad.

“Home.” you whispered as his fingers traced over his lips.

As you spoke, his fingers paused. “Doll, i didn’t ask you to speak yet. I’m still not happy with you. I’m happy i found you, don’t get me wrong, but you’re in trouble. You left me specifically after i told you not to.”

“I told you never to tell me what to do.” you pressed, and to your surprize, he didn’t get more angry, he stayed relatively neutral. “J.” you added to the end, hoping to keep him calmer instead of psycho killer maniac like he could easily switch to. You had to be careful now.

“Doll, when i agreed to be with you, that was one of the things we discussed. You told me never to tell you what to do and i said i couldn’t do that. I told you if your safety was in question, i’d tell you to do something out of the goodness of my retched heart and keep you safe. I’m not doing it to be mean.”

He was being heartfelt right now, you had to jump on it. “Sorry. Home?”

He tapped your cheek before kissing your forehead. “Good.” He glanced above your head and nodded to his goons. “Car. Bring it!”

“Want a driver?” one of them asked and the Joker got the psycho maniac killer look on his face, not answering the goon but he didn’t need to, the look said everything.

He was going to drive you home himself, just the two of you. No distactions, nothing.

In a matter of minutes the Joker had not only found you but now had you back in his car with the doors locked, headed for the place you had run away from months earlier. You weren’t to sure how you felt about going back, there was only one way to find out though.

“Why?” He asked about a half hour into the drive and you shook your head, you didn’t want to go down this road yet, you knew he was going to get mad and you didn’t want to face his wrath. “(YN).” His voice was more tense, his already white knuckles crunching the steering wheel. “Answer me.”

It took every ounce of strength in your body to answer him. “I was scared.”


The wheels took a sharp turn to the right, you screamed as you held onto the door handle as the car jerked this way and that. The joker slammed on the breaks nearly as fast as he had swerved the car.

Your screams had softened to little screams as his hands gripped your upper arm, not tight, but not soft either. He wanted answers.

“Scared?” He demanded and you nodded your head. “Why were you scared? Of me?”

You shook your head no.

“The business?” 

He really was just trying to get to the true answer you kept inside your heart.

“Then why?”

The tears stopped flowing, your throat was hoarse from the screams but you managed to get a good strong look at him. “You.”


“You, J, you! I understand your business is important to you, i understand you need to be a scary badass to do it, have people afraid fo you, do your every bidding so they don’t have to die. J, i could care less about all that, i understand that that is how you make a living.”

“I don’t understand.”

You bit your lip. “You don’t love me J, or you can’t love me i don’t know which but i just want you to love me. I left because i knew i wasn’t going to get it from you, and at the time, you had some seriously scary business i wanted to be away from, but normally the businesss doesn’t bother me.”

You were rambling on, everything just spilling out now. Random everything, to something truthful to something you didn’t know why you were saying it but it was just coming out anyways. You didn’t have a filter.

Neither did he.

His hands left the steering wheel to come to both sides of your face. He pulled you closer and kissed you. It wasn’t like every other kiss, this was sweet and passionate, he never did this before, you didn’t know what to do until he pulled away and his glowing eyes met yours once again.

“I should say it, but, (YN), i say it in my own way.”

“Not good enough.” you mumble and try to reach for the door but his hands grip the sides of your face harder.

“(YN), it’s not safe for me to love you.”

Your free hand came up to his face but he let go of one side of your face to stop you.

“God damnit doll, i love you, okay?”

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