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Review of one of the last things I wrote for The Secret World, involving some dark choose-your-own-adventure stories.

“I have to say that these games are really well-done writing, short stories from start to end that will brutally finish if you don’t make the right choice.”

“Thanks, Secret World, for making sure I won’t sleep tonight.”

Why Kids Are Terrifying

A story for sixpenceee, figured I’d finally share this.

So my mother told me this story on the drive home from our vacation, after we’d been talking about the afterlife and death in general (morbid topic after a vacation, yes, but we only spoke of it because my mother almost became fatally injured on the rocks jutting out from the beach) and I had brought up my knowledge of demons and hell, as I’ve studied demonology and demonic possession for a long time now. (A practice I advise against, mind you.)

As I talked about possession, she visibly became nervous. She believes in spirits being able to steal bodies, as well as…well, anything having to do with ghosts really.

And she told me the following.

It was around 2-3AM and my parents were still awake for whatever reason, had a baby monitor near them, and heard movement within my room, and static on the monitor for a brief moment or two.

After hearing this, it sounded like I got out of my crib, so my mom went upstairs to see what was wrong and check on me. Normally I’d scream bloody murder when waking up in the middle of the night, but I made no sound. None.

When she saw me I was sitting in the pitch black, in my tiny rocking chair, rocking back and forth as quickly and aggressively as I could. Needless to say, this scared the hell out of my poor mother. I didn’t speak, I just kept going as if she wasn’t there.

She ended up making me stop, picking me up and placing me back in my crib, not hearing another sound from me that night. She was scared shitless, and so was my dad, who turned as white as a sheet. A similar reaction was received by my mom’s friend, making her decide that she shouldn’t tell anyone else because that really is legitimately horrifying for a child to do.

I never did it again since then.

I’ve used a highlighting filter on this particular picture so you can see it properly- The apparent story behind this one is that two brothers went exploring an abandoned building when the younger brother was spooked by something scratching above him. He ran out the room crying and called to his brother who comforted him (as you can see above). This image from a redbox security camera was supposed to catch such trespassers in the act, but this time it captured something far worse than a bit of breaking and entering: On the roof, there is a demon-like figure staring straight into the camera. This must have been what scared the young boy.


The Least Satisfying Explanation

Before my husband died, our daughter, Veronica, was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia. We brought her to countless specialists and nearly all of them came to the same conclusion. The condition is rare, but certainly not unheard of. We were devastated. The doctors suggested that we not start her on medication right away. They were concerned the chemicals might interfere with the development of her brain. At five years old, when proper brain development is critical, they didn’t want to chance it. Only if the hallucinations became severe would they prescribe antipsychotics.

Paul said it might help if we could identify the hallucinations over the course of the next year so we might know what to expect before she started school. This was pretty hard for me to agree with. I’d wanted her to start kindergarten right away. She’d demonstrated she was smart enough and more than capable, but eventually I caved. I just didn’t want to admit that Veronica needed special attention. We needed to separate her hallucinations from the normal, everyday make-believe that every kid her age does.

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HELL HOUSE by Richard Matheson 

BOOKS OF BLOOD, Clive Barker

THE HANDMAID’S TALE, by Margaret Atwood

THE GREAT GOD PAN, by Arthur Machen

JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, by Dalton Trumbo 


PET SEMATARY, by Stephen King

DRACULA, by Bram Stoker 


SWAN SONG, by Robert McCammon


Don't Fear the Reaper.

I’ll say it right now, I grew up in a broken home. Dad drank. Mom drank. That might be why I’ve never touched a drop. But I’m getting on a tangent here.

Most of you already know where this story is going. Dad used to get drunk and blame mom and I for all his problems. Mom used to lock me in my room while he… while you knock what aggressive drunks do when they’re upset. i’d say more often than not my mother’s screams and my own sobs were what rocked me to sleep.

Then my mom started drinking and became numb to the whole thing. First dad kept hitting her and left me to cry in my room. I guess he got bored eventually. Three days after my fifth birthday dad came up to my room for the first time. He had never done that before. Mom had stopped him. He broke my nose that first night. We went to the hospital and I told the doctor I fell down the stairs. He seemed to believe me.

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For @sixpenceee

This guy was photographed on Saturday morning in Merthyr, Wales. His creepy demeanour and ‘Jason-Style’ mask even stopped traffic after passers by slowed down to take a look. The man who took the photograph explained that this guy was here for hours, standing completely still, with a “suspicious” bag hanging from his shoulder. Some people were even too afraid to walk home by themselves later that night! Apparently, even the police were called, but no weapons were found, and no arrests were made. But still, nobody knows who this guy is…

that’s some crazy sixpenceee shit!!

(source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/motorists-spooked-man-mask-brings-11103826)

This image was submitted to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Their message reads as follows:

“I was playing around on Snapchat when I noticed that my front camera wasn’t working. I was home alone, in the dark, watching some re-run of American Horror Story. When I first noticed something was wrong with the camera, I tried to close the ap. all together. This only made a static kind of image appear as a video, even though I wasn’t attempting to record a video at the time…. So long story short, I gave up, put my phone down and went to get another beer. My refrigirator is not far away, but I figured it would give snapchat enough time to refresh itself. When I got back, I was kind of freaked out by the image I saw. Even weirder was the fact that my phone was in a completely different position!!!! My phone was unfrozen, and I (somehow) had enough initiative to save the image and submit it here, just so you know what happened to me in case I get possessed and killed by this thing. And p.s, the face isn’t mine. I’m a black 29 year old male, and I know I don’t look like some damn white succubus demon-woman.”

I will NEVER wear a condom again.

Show of hands: who actually likes wearing condoms? Exactly. They’re the worst. They’re uncomfortable, they destroy all feeling, and if you actually manage to complete the act without deflating like one of Tom Brady’s footballs, you have to waddle over to the bathroom to throw the thing away while it hangs off you like an eating-disordered grub. But you know what? We still wear them. Because we’re civilized people.

Here’s the thing: fuck being civilized. I’m never wearing one of those latex pieces of shit for as long as I live. As if everything I said above wasn’t enough, I had to deal with what happened last night. God knows if I’ll ever be able to have sex again.

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Life in Utopia.

Our small town could be considered a utopia. The location is great, right next to the beach, there is no poverty, no racism and crime is non-existent with the exception of some robberies that have happened. Finding a job is really easy and as long as you are willing to work hard and acquire some skills you will get a promotion. I became my department’s head in the local bank in only a year. Services like the police, the fire department and hospitals are excellent, but taxes aren’t very high.

People are generally friendly and trustworthy, nobody is religious so it’s pretty easy to form romantic relationships, and everyone was very welcoming when we first moved here.

People are strange though. Sometimes their actions will be completely out of the blue. You might get verbally abused by a good friend or get hit on by a happily married old lady. Though I kinda got used to that stuff.

Lately though, some even weirder shit has happened. A woman who was an experienced cook died in a house fire after leaving the hobs on for hours, the weirdest thing was that she had thrown away her fire alarm. I swear she had one, I saw it when I visited her about a month ago. Meanwhile some people have drowned in their pools, young, healthy, sober people drowning in their fucking pools.

My family just started acting strangely. My wife quit her job as a police officer and now just paints all day long. I bet her quitting has something to do with all the weird shit that’s happening, but she hasn’t told me anything. In fact she hasn’t talked to me at all the past three days.

Today has been the scariest day of my life. I woke up really early and I had no control of my actions. I was feeling trapped inside my body. I didn’t go to work and instead spent 4 hours on the treadmill, even though I was really hungry and tired. I only regained my body’s control a few minutes ago, and after talking to my wife after days, I was unable to describe my experience, she was also unfazed by my abnormal behaviour this morning. The creepiest thing though, was that f*cking green diamond hovering over my head.

The last photograph taken on the camera belonging to a group of nine friends, Lead by Igor Dyatlov, who took off on a hiking trip in the Ural Mountains, across the Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The group’s tent was torn from the inside out. The search party followed fresh sets of footsteps to the edge of the forest where they discovered a burned out fire and two corpses wearing only underwear and shoes.The discovery of three more corpses was made nearby, spaced around 150 meters apart.The authorities concluded that each person appeared as if they were trying to make it back to the campsite, due to the posing of the bodies. The other team members were found further away, under 4 meters of snow near a lake.

The incident is now referred to as the  Dyatlov Pass incident (<< click to read the full article)

Older and archived articles over at the blog Real Life is Horror <<click

This photograph is the subject of several urban legends that have emerged online over the years. One of the more terrifying stories is that the little girl was sick over Christmastime and ended up in hospital, where she was kindly entertained by these mystery men in suits: two clowns and Father Christmas, who seems particularly transfixed on the creepy doll. Legend has it that this girl completely disappeared and the photograph was left on her hospital bed. It was suspected that the three men in costumes kidnapped the girl and killed her, although no certain proof of this has ever surfaced.

After 20 years, my wife finally allowed me to tell this story.

Like all good stories, this one begins with a testicle self-examination. Or, as its colloquially known: jerking off. It was my last day in Guatemala and I was sitting in the hotel, waiting to go to the airport, and abusing myself to help pass the time. Things were going as well as could be expected. Until they weren’t. My left middle finger brushed against a lump on my right testicle. My erection wilted like a primrose at Chernobyl.

I did a cursory examination, hoping it might be an ingrown hair. But I knew it wasn’t. It didn’t have the itchy pain of an ingrown hair. No pain at all, actually. It had all the telltale signs of a growth I absolutely did not want anywhere on my body, especially not on my balls. Within 20 minutes, I’d cancelled my flight, phoned Renee to tell her the flight was delayed, and called an emergency clinic to tell them I was on my way.

Fast forward eight hours. Interesting fact about Guatemala: great medical care! I was examined, given an ultrasound, and told, to my enormous relief, the growth was benign. Just a cluster of fatty deposits. It’d go away on its own in a few weeks. I was on the next flight home.

I got back to my house around 10pm. It’d been almost two months since I saw my wife. Needless to say, we were both happy to see each other. I took a shower, scrubbed out the nooks and crannies, and did a bit of manscaping. The lump that had caused me so much stress only 24 hours earlier had already started to dissipate. There was a pretty good chance Renee wouldn’t even notice. I finished the process of making myself smell moderately fuckable, dried off, and headed into the bedroom.

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