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One of my favorite things someone has told me in regards to their faith goes like this:

‘I’d rather put my faith in God and be sure of what happens to myself after death, rather than choose to NOT believe and find out that all along God was real, and I die with no second chances.’

Hell is a scary place. It’s not some rave where, “oh it’ll be a great big party!” It’s a place where undescribable fire and burning will be inflicted upon a body, and there’s no relief or break from that.

I feel pain enough burning myself on a tiny spot on my body, that I can’t even imagine my entire BEING burning for /eternity/.

Eternity is a long time. Think about it.


That’s something that I as a christian STILL can’t fathom. It’s one of very few things that continue to boggle me and frustrate me. That my life will continue past death is a thing that human comprehension won’t wrap around.

Our life as we know it is but a speck in an unending time. The choices we make in this “speck” of a lifetime are what decide our eternal life.

And THAT’S why I would rather trust and put my faith in Him and be called home at the end of my life to live with Him in heaven, than live my life in ignorance without Him.

Dying and finding myself in Hell for all of eternity with no second chances is not a choice I want to live through.

•Hunk is the person to fall asleep in the car, he starts out picking music, telling stories and stuff but about an hour in he’s out.

•Pidge is the one that stays up until their phone runs out of power and then demands they stop at a gas station.

•Keith is the one who has marked down all the weird places that have alien sightings.

• Shiro bought fourteen disposable cameras and refillable cups for coffee, he also is the one to break people’s hearts along the road.

• Lance is a social media FREAK. 17 vines of pranks, hipster photos at all the cool places “lol bet you wish you were here” on all the posts.

• Allura and Coran work at one of those “one hit wonder” places. 5 random statues in the middle of nowhere and the next town over Is the big haunted scary place run by their competitor Zarkon.

• The paladin’s car breaks down and they run out of money at “Alfor’s Castle”. Allura agrees to pay them in exchange for maintenance and terrorizing Zarkon’s


From the sign above skeletons:
“What are you - we were. And what are we - you will be too.”
Kapucínská krypta (Capuchin Crypt) in Brno is a funeral room mainly for Capuchin friars. The crypt was founded in the mid 17th century in the basement of the Capuchin Monastery in the historical centre of Brno, Czech Republic. The bodies of people buried there turned into mummies because of the geological composition of the ground and the system of airing. (x) Pictures by Morgan Davis

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Xochimilco is a district of Mexico City that contains an extensive system of canals and artificial islands, or chinampas, the most famous of which belonged to a man named Julian Santana Barrera. After he discovered the body of a dead girl in a nearby canal, he began collecting discarded dolls and doll parts, which he would hang from the trees on his island in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. Mr Barrera died in 2001, but the dolls remain, and the creepy island can be visited by boat. (source)

Nothing is scarier/creepier than horror stories based on real events and documented haunting~ (꒪⌓꒪) We’ve found an article that discusses certain places in Japan that have been reported to be gravely haunted! (」゚ロ゚)」

Check out the article here (it even has chilling videos D:):

Spooky places in the Czech Republic

We don’t really celebrate Halloween (if you don’t count that some people make jakc-o’-laterns) but since a large part of the world does I decided to make post about some of our most disturbing locations. I’m what we call in Czech ‘posera’ and just researching this thing made me scared. 

1. Jihlava underground (Jihlavské katakomby in Czech but they aren’t real catacombs)

Under the city Jihlava there are 25 km long passages which at first served as cellars that with time kept getting farther and deeper. During World War II Gestapo used them as their shelter against bombarding. Big tourist attraction are 'glowing corridors’. Later it was discovered that this was done by German Army soldiers who painted the walls with illuminating colour. In one corridor there is a niche where sensitive people feel supernatural forces. Reporter Stanislav Motl filmed here something that resembles a person’s shadow. Shadows were also seen by group of visitors, some of them also described monk in cowl, hearing steps or distant choir music. 

Assassination on Hitler was supposed to happen here but the person with explosives was arrested and Hitler cancelled his visit. There is theory that Germans in Jihlava simply wanted to gain Führer's attention by showing how well prepared they are for intruders and the person they arrested was innocent.

One researcher also managed to capture this cute bunny. He is mysterious too since this kind of bunny isn’t native to the Czech Republic.

2. Castle Houska

This castle was built by Přemysl Otakar II. and the legend says that it was made on a rock that had gap leading to hell. And just above it stands the castle chapel. 

Another rumour describes Swedish deserters of the Thirty Years’ War who robbed people in this locality.But their leader was shot by gamekeeper and since then he haunts the place. Monk in cowl was also seen in this place, this time without face.

Another mystery relates to photography. Photos from Houska apparently never come out well. Either your subject doesn’t look into the camera or the image will fail completely.

In 1836 Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha sent disturbing letter to his friend where he described how he went to Houska at night and found himself in twisted place. After meeting strangely dressed girl, he asked her where he is. She responded: “Praha”. Mácha was horrified because that place looked nothing like that and asked for a year. Girl said 2006 and rotated finger next to her head. Mácha then desperately roamed the streets of future Prague, completely terrified. Thankfully in the morning he woke up in Houska - in his own time.

3. Last Czech vampire in Žďár nad Sázavou

Legend has it that in the 19th century the administrator of the castle estate became Alois Ulrich and he was very cruel to serfs. His death was relief for people but he started to terrorize them even after his death. Inhabitants called for headsman from Jihlava to help them. He made them open Urlich’s grave. His body was completely untouched and he looked like he was just sleeping! Hangsman called him by his name and Ulrich opened his eyes and slowly sat up. Priest tried to talk to him but Ulrich only sneered at him. Hangsman finally took spade and cut his head with it. Everybody saw fresh blood pouring from the wound. After regular anti-vampire precautions he was cemented and people never saw his ghost again. 

4. Cursed homestead Pohádka

Pohádka means fairytale in Czech but that’s hardly the word you would use to describe this place. In 1828 broke out in the nearby village Strážov devastating fire that engulfed nearly the entire town. Locals accused one old lady who lived in a shack just a short distance from Pohádka. They chased their 'witch’ through the meadow and finally beat her to death just in the place where you would now find Pohádka. Since then the place acts as if it’s cursed. 

German family, Panglers, who owned this homestead (originally named Christlhof) and two other older buildings from 16th century, were displaced from there after WW2. Since then Pohádka constantly changed its owners. It’s said that one of them hanged himself there and not long after his wife went mad. At the beginning of nineties was this farmhouse in Šumava inhabited by Ivan Roubal, who infamously went down in history of Czech criminology by murdering five people. Well at least only five of them were found. Allegedly Roubal told his son that after he killed his other two victims, he gave them to his starved pigs and destroyed the evidence of his last crime.

5. Býčí skála (Bull Rock Cave)

This rock is part of the Moravian Karst and also one of the most important prehistoric sites in our country. The name can be either derived from bull figurine found in the cave or from phantom of bull burning in white light that was seen there. Other anomaly are mysterious processions that sometimes at night enter the cave. Visitors of Bull Rock often talk about stifling atmosphere and describe feelings of something alien. 

There was a dead man on a beautiful carriage and all around him dozens of shredded and freakishly tortured corpses, lacking limbs, which were located a short distance away.

More than 100 years ago archaeologist Jindřich Wankel discovered inside burial ground of 40 disfigured skeletons. The most common hypothesis tend to say that Bull Rock served as some kind of sanctuary and sacrifice place where were ritually killed people.
But science still can’t determine precisely what had happened there so many years ago. 

6. Branišovský forest - Les Bor

This place near the periphery of city České Budějovice has so many urban legends around it that it’s hard to say what is true. UFO, tall man in black coat floating above the ground, old farm with girl in the wall (there are few other crumbling houses to increase the effect), gate to other words and so one. 

Another legend is more detailed: In seventies, when the Czechoslovak People’s Army guarded ammunition depot, happened there a horrible massacre. During changing of the guards soldiers started to shoot at each other and only one of them managed to tell what happened, until he succumbed to his injuries. It’s said that he spoke about weird figure.

There is also possibility that there was dispute between soldiers or that somebody managed to steal that ammunition and they were attacked.

What we know for sure is that this could never make it to the news in socialist heaven Czechoslovakia was. But that’s another scary story.

7. Velhartice cemetery

“Spíš má panenko nebo bdíš?”

This cemetery is described from scary to downright evil and completely unsuitable for longer stay. To all who know Erben: this is where Svatební košile takes place. Shortly: Girl’s dear comes back from the war. She is so happy that she doesn’t find weird when he tells her to go to get married in the middle of the night. Girl for the whole way thinks her sweetheart is acting a little strange but only when they arrive at the cemetery she realizes that he’s actually dead! She hides in the morgue and thankfully morning comes soon enough so she survives. 

Another one: On the gable of the church are few dark spots resembling faces. These spots may under new plaster vanish but later they appear again. Some say that there used to be wooden church that was burned down by robbers and farmer families hiding there burned with it. Velhartický cemetery stands on the burial site from the times of Great Moravia and the horrific events described here apparently occurred shortly after this period. Only Erben set his poem little later in history. 

8. Quaries Amerika and Hans Hagen

I tried to pick some gloomy picture but they are actually quite beautiful and to Czech who was never in America, they might resemble Grand Canyon…that’s why the name. 

According to one version Hans Hagen was member of the Wehrmacht, trying to escape the Red Army and get into American captivity. At one point of time he needed to hide from the marching Red Army and for that purpose he used limestone mines Amerika. He had to steal food from the miners and live in extremely unfavourable conditions - in darkness, wetness and cold. Nobody knows how long Hagen actually was there but after some time in the tunnels he started to lose his mind. When miners found out that somebody is disturbing their work, they tried to catch him but in his attempt to escape Hagen threw a hand-grenade. This caused a backfill. In that moment Hagen was so desperate that he decided to end his life and shoot himself. The bullet struck the bell which gives signals to miners, later named “Hagen”.

It’s said that the ghost never left the quarries and will come for anybody who has enough courage to ring the Hagen bell three consecutive times. But not sooner than in a year. 

In another version Hagen never killed himself and after miners left he kept terrorizing tramps who were naturally attracted to Amerika. And at the same time Hagen was attracted to them. It might seem weird but shortly after war tramps liked to wear Wehrmacht uniforms - good material and in modest times you have to be resourceful right? However, Hagen didn’t know that and many times circled their camps with his distinctive insane laughter. 

Hagen was last seen by tramps as an old man in 1965, stealing canned food. He ran away laughing and screaming. In 1969 gamekeepers found two bodies with torn heads. One head was found tree years later, the other one never. 

Amerika still can be a very dangerous place, especially if you try to climb down it’s walls, and a lot of people died there. 

9. Nine crosses near Lesní Hluboké 

In 1539 travelled trough local forest a young man who suddenly passed out and felt from his horse. Thankfully one farmer from Lesní Hluboká found him and took him in his house where he was looked after by farmer’s daughter. The man soon felt in love with her. They promised to each other that after he comes home from abroad, where he would make some money, they would marry. 

But during the year the girl sent letter to her beloved that she will be marrying another, richer, man who her parents forced on her. The man was furious. He immediately decided to get home before the girl will be no longer his. He obtained gun and with another guy they attacked the wedding guests on their way to the church - you can see that exact place on the picture. They came to murder everyone beside the bride. But it didn’t go so well and soon the man saw his accomplice holding her dead body in his arms.The man shoot him and then he shot himself. 

All nine wedding participants are buried there, the bride in the middle and on her sides both of her grooms. The left cross seems to decay a lot more than the others and has to be often renewed - it’s said that it’s the cross of the murderer. These crosses can be found few metres next to the highway D1, which is by amount of accidents, pretty scary by itself. 

I got the idea from article on IHNED but I had to do a little more research to find more consistent stories to actually write about. In the end there are many other scary places but I didn’t want to scare you THAT much :D

Have a great Halloween tomorrow!

Haunted Grounds: The Devil’s Tramping Ground, Harper’s Crossroads, North Carolina

Place: The Devil’s Tramping Ground

Location: Outside of Bennett, North Carolina

Located outside of Bennett, North Carolina near the Harper’s Crossroads area, the Devil’s Tramping Ground is a barren circle of land that is said to be haunted by the devil himself.

Many myths exist about the Devil’s Tramping Ground, including:

  1. no vegetation can grow within the circle,
  2. any object left inside the circle will disappear and reappear elsewhere (if at all),
  3. anyone brave enough to spend the night within the circle will lose their mind.

One popular story speaks of some boy scouts who camp out in the circle only to wake up several miles away in their tents.

With all the stories that circulate about the Devil’s Tramping Ground, it’s a wonder anyone is brave enough to try to stay overnight!

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is located outside of Bennett, North Carolina near the Harper’s Crossroads area. As with my locations of the sort, it is a popular hangout for teens looking for a good scare.

The Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Munecas) sits in the canals south of Mexico City and is the current home of hundreds of terrifying, mutilated dolls. Their severed limbs, decapitated heads, and blank eyes adorn trees, fences and nearly every available surface. The dolls appear menacing even in the bright light of midday, but in the dark they are particularly haunting.

Not surprisingly, the island’s origins lie in tragedy. The story goes that the island’s only inhabitant, Don Julian Santana, found the body of a drowned child in the canal some 50 years ago. He was haunted by her death, so when he saw a doll floating by in the canal soon after, he hung it in a tree to please the girl. He hoped to both appease her tortured soul and protect the island from further evil.



Spooky Places | 2/? | The Drish House | Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA 

Yeah, expect a lot of Alabama stuff. I’ve lived in the state all my life, so the spooky things going on here are interesting to me personally.

Brief History 

The Drish House is a historical plantation antebellum home that was built in the center of a 450 acre plantation in the 1830’s. Dr. John R. Drish built it for his wife Sarah and later remodeled it to add Greek-inspired pillars and an Italianate tower in the 1850’s. 

According to public records, Drish was an alcoholic and died in 1867 by falling down a stairway drunk. His wife dies in 1884.

The house changed hands many times, though finally was bought by the Tuscaloosa Board of Education and was used as a public school from 1906 to 1925, after which it became an equipment warehouse for the Tuscaloosa Wrecking Company. In 1936, Depression-Era photographer Walker Evans took a famous photo of the house. It is now displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

In 1940, the Southside Baptist Church bought and used the building for worship. The church retained ownership of the house until 1995 when the church disbanded. Rather than being demolished, as proposed in 1994, it was leased tot he Heritage Commission of Tuscaloosa County. In 2006, it was added to the “Places of Peril” list by the Alabama Historical Commission. In July 2007, it was eventually deeded to the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society. The church additions were demolished in 2009, and the society has been making efforts to stabilize the structure and raise funds for restoration.


The story behind the hauntings of the Drish House is a well known one in Tuscaloosa. 

When John Drish died in 1867, his funeral and wake were held in the tower room at the top of his Italianate tower. A specific set of candles were burned at the wake and for the rest of her life, Sarah Drish made it known to family and friends that she wanted the same candles burned at her own wake. The candles became an obsession for her until her death in 1884. However, when it came time for her wake, the candles were nowhere to be found.

Since her death, many people have claimed to see lights from the windows of the tower room, said to be the lights of the candles. On many occasions, the fire department was called to the Drish House for reports of a fire, but arrived on the scene to find that nothing was wrong. 

In 2008, the Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group conducted experiments in the house. One member placed a toy piano in the room of Drish’s daughter and 20 minutes later, the toy began to play music. 


Today, the Drish House is still in the hands of the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society, which is working to stabilize the home and gain funds for restoration. 

Paranormal investigation groups continue to investigate the old antebellum home.


Wikipedia - Dr. John R. Drish House

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