I did screen printing yesterday at the AGO for the first time! It was super fun and my bee scarves came out beautifully. I’m super excited to hem their edges and (hopefully) make more in the future. These guys will be up for sale once done, but I’ll need to keep a few for my grad show in April.

I’m smitten with the screen printing process and now I hope that in the future I can have a space where I can print at home. New goal: living space with a good sink and lots of space for drying.


So, carrying on with the topic of inspiration from the last post. I would like to share with you my favorite knitters. These are people who have inspired me to try new things with my knitting. I also follow these people on most of their social media, as well as try to stay up to date with their latest projects. 

They are in no particular order, as well as each piece isn’t “my favorite” 


1. Madder a.k.a Carrie Bostick Hodge

-Found her via Pinterest. I absolutely adore her sweaters. If I were ever to knit any thing for myself, it would be one of hers. Also, props to her for her incredible photography…

2. Undiin

-Stumbled upon her knits back when Blogger was a thing. Her lace covered mittens were an obsession of mine. As well as her traditionally knit gloves. The detail and work that go into her items is stunning.

3. Tikki Knits

-I never thought I would care for traditionally bright colors when it came to knitting. But boy was I wrong. I found Tikki through Instagram. Her knits are so fun and carefree, but also flawlessly designed. They have a very professional quality to them. Also, right now she is knitting flowers and plants that are native to where she lives. They are incredible!

4. Sincerely Louise

-Can’t even remember how I found out about Louise. It was back when I was really into knitting plushies. I wanted to give up when I saw her stuff. She won. She deserves all the prizes. Currently loving the dinosaur heads… trying to figure out were to put one if I order the kit.

5. Tiny Owl Knits

-If you haven’t heard of Tiny Owl Knits… GO TO HER PAGE. Whimsical, beautiful, fairies, forest animals, Harry Potter… need I say more. If I ever lack imagination, it is straight to her patterns I go. 

6. Yokoo

-A friend introduced me to her years back. They really wanted me to make them one of the Soopa scarves. I did, but it was crochet, and it really didn’t carry the same bulk and striking quality hers do. But if I ever have a bunch of bulky yarn on hand, it is to her I turn for inspiration.

And thats it! Let me know your favorites, and if you have ever heard of these knitters before… Maybe do your own post with 6 of your favorite knitters/textile artists/crafters and tag it #6inspirations.